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  1. What some call center/moderate, I call realistic. Now, you don't want another Obama. Obama always took the progressive option totally off the table. But I don't see Klobachar as doing that. We are not going to get free 4 year college for all, and I'm not even sure it's good policy, even if we could afford it. She's for the public option, but not Medicare for all. The public option is what should have been in Obamacare. And if it works and is efficient, it will lead to medicare for all anyway, or something very much like it. There are alot of things we can do environmentally without running on the full Green New Deal. Forget policy, it was just good politics to distance herself from the Green New Deal because the rollout was a disaster.
  2. I hate to throw facts into this discussion, but ... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/former-doj-spokeswoman-cnn-political-editor_n_5c6c3b9ee4b0867082dee6ad
  3. And I'm not a Bernie guy, but I do recognize his appeal. If he runs through this slate of candidates, instead of being able to just run one on one with Hillary, and wins the nomination, the dude will have earned it. I will say this - anyone hoping for a very progressive nominee, I would think you would want Bernie. He is the only one who can pull of going full on progressive without being dismissed by moderate/middle America. Whether it is fair or not, it is just a reality. Maybe others will emerge that can toe that line, but if you want the most progressive candidate possible that can also win, I would think Bernie is your guy.
  4. People still don't get it. CNN has one concern - ratings. It cashes in big time on presidential elections, and it's simply trying to milk the cow for all it's worth. Of course Rolltide, as usual, goes much much further down the stupid train when he says "you realize your candidates are a joke, and desperation is kicking in". As if CNN is a political party that is running candidates. I know you guys see CNN as the devil and in the tank for Democrats, but surely even you guys are not such a joke, and so desperate, that you believe it is actually CNN that is running the candidates.
  5. She has a unique ability to "tell it like it is" or "speak straight" without being whacky on the one hand, or being vanilla moderate on the other hand.
  6. If Bernie knocks Warren out early he will have done us all a great favor. And, to repeat, I like Warren. But she makes a lousy presidential candidate.
  7. This guy is slowly becoming my favorite candidate. I don't know if he has a chance in hell, solely because of all the big names. He's going to have a hard to getting noticed. But I could see New Hampshire and Iowa voters liking him and helping to elevate him.
  8. I forgot Ethan is at UVa law school now. This is the profile of a dude who corporations pay to make their taxes go away. This is the smartest person I have ever hung out with, and maybe the smartest person I ever met period: https://www.law.virginia.edu/faculty/profile/ey6n/1223318
  9. Damn, for the first time in months I read one of your posts and I'm glad I did, because this is spot on. I don't even know if it will be Socialist Populism, just Populism in general. Populism got Trump elected, and who knows where it will lead us next. Populism never ends well. A little populism (i.e. folks being "woke") is not a bad thing, but straight on Populism leads down a dark path, historically., People don't know exactly what is wrong and why, but they know they are getting fucked and that rich guys are making out like bandits. If they ever realize just how badly they are getting fucked, then yeah you're probably right we will have Socialist Populism, or maybe even outright pitchforks in the streets. People will only take so much.
  10. I'm totally with you here. I'm not sure where you are going in the second part, as you seem to be suggesting we shouldn't tax corporations at all. That doesn't really make any sense, unless you jack up taxes on shareholders. I mean yeah, I'm with you that you can't eliminate the incentive for people to make money and pay taxes, but if take away all of corporate taxes it doesn't matter how big the pie is. The biggest problem I have with the tax system is the inefficiencies it creates and rewards. This latest tax bill, which was passed under the lie of simplifying the tax code, did no such thing. Yeah for working stiffs it simplified things because there is no longer any benefit to itemizing deductions. But it is a joke to say it simplified things. Any idiot knows how to plug in his charitable contributions and his mortgage interest into turbotax - that's not where the complexiuty in the tax code is. But the rubes ate it up, because most people can't fathom how utterly and completely complex the tax code is and the corporate transactions that take advantage of and exploit the tax code. It is enormously complex. Not only to most lawyers not understand it (I sure as hell don't and I graduated near the top of my class from Tulane), most TAX LAWYERS don't understand it. You know who understands the tax code? My best friend from law school, Ethan Yale. Last I checked he was a professor at Georgetown Law now. That guy was the valedictorian of our class, and tax law gives him a hard-on. He did a year clerkship for a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judge, and then his first real lawyer job was at the preeminent transaction corporate tax firm in New York, Wachtel Lipton. This was almost 20 years ago, in 2000, and his salary as a first year lawyer was $150,000+, and he got a 100% bonus. So the dude made over $300k his first year, 20 years ago. Because he is a badass and he eats that shit up. So back to my point, the tax code encourages very inefficient economic decisions, because corporations employ armies of Ethan Yales that bill $1,000 an hour to find the hidden secrets in the tax code and unlock them like a fucking puzzle in an escape room. The new tax bill actually made some of that stuff MORE , not less complex. It ought to be called the Lawyer Full Employment Act. Almost everything corporations do is tax driven, rather than driven by pure economics. Find a way to fix all of that, and tax corporations in a straightforward manner (like a flat tax sort of deal - this is what you pay, period), or totally go to a consumption tax (like the Fair Tax or whatever) to capture that economic activity in a different way. Raising their tax rate will do nothing. They will call up Ethan Yale and just pay him to find a way around it.
  11. You can say NY missed a great opportunity, but you can't say it was a "huge blow" to its economy. All of that just existed on paper. The economy of NY is exactly the same today as it was a weak ago.
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