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  1. This. I think reasonable arguments can be made both ways but at the end of the day, when it comes to cold political calculus, I'll trust Pelosi instincts over mine or anyone on this board.
  2. The consternation over the Arya scene is nothing more than a vestige of puritanism. It's that simple.
  3. Yeah I don't get it. And I have a daughter.
  4. Damn I just thought about the fact that Westeros has been at war for YEARS. There are thousands and thousands - tens of thousands - of dead as you get further and further south. If the NK isn't stopped now, he could raise all of them. Dude could start fresh from this battle and still have a zombie army in the hundreds of thousands. But yeah, like SK said they have set it up to where taking out the NK is enough to kill his whole army.
  5. Lol - it is a testament to how awesome this story is that stuff like that keeps being revealed to me. I've read the books three times over, and watched the show, and never made that connection before.
  6. This is super cool and I am totally with it for the books but would be hard for them to work that into the show.
  7. BTW, doesn't the Night King HAVE to be defeated at Winterfell if humans are to survive? Because if he isn't defeated at Winterfell, his army will be super huge and unstoppable with all the dead he will pick up. And then it will just gain and gain as it marches south, essentially comprising 90% of every man woman in child in Westeros. I mean, I know they could withdraw and retreat from Winterfell, but still there would be a ton of deaths under that scenario. Winterfell, to make any sense at all to me, feels like man's last stand.
  8. True, and they were just biding their time this whole time making more little white walkers and waiting for the perfect time to strike.
  9. True, and I left out the full explanation of my theory. The White Walkers got all WOKE because of the rise of magic in general - dragons, red priests and priestesses, etc. But what caused them to really start to go on the move and want to wipe shit out is due to the ending/violation of some ancient pact/magic, that somehow involves the Starks. And that the dragons being born is a reaction to the White Walkers rising and going on the move. Because at the end of the day, the White Walkers never went anywhere. They were always up there chillin, and taking babies from that weird wildling and making more white walkers. But then all of a sudden they got stirred up and went on the march towards the wall, and that arguably coincided with shit going down at Winterfell. Something I just thought of too it seems fitting Theon is going to be with Bran to confront the Night King - Theon may be the one responsible for the White Walkers being stirred up or whatever, by causing the sacking of Winterfell.
  10. Yeah I agree, I think folks are just pushing back on the idea that the army at Winterfell RIGHT NOW wouldn't be able to take King's Landing. That army against King's Landing would be a total slaughter. Dothraki and unsullied would barely break a sweat
  11. Any theories on the weapon Arya is having Gendry design? From the brief look at it, it looks like something that would maybe shoot a spear. My thought was, her being a Faceless Man assassin, her number one goal would be to identify the strongest enemy asset, and then devise the most effective way to eliminate it. Strongest enemy asset is the ice dragon, and so I'm wondering if this weapon of hers is a way to shoot a deargonglass tipped spear long distance to take out the ice dragon, similar to the way the white walkers took out Viseryion.
  12. And therein lies the other, practical reason not to impeach. Impeaching Trump, and then him "winning" the trial in the Senate, greatly enhances his chances of re-election, and thus his chance of never being held accountable for what he has done.
  13. I finally watched this episode last night. Much better than the first episode. Tighter writing and just a better episode altogether. I have no idea what is getting ready to go down next week. You guys have intrigued me with the idea of the NK going to Winterfell, but it does seem like he would go after Bran. Really don't know. Whoever talked about the idea that Dany has to make the decision to ignite all the wildfire to save the world but in the process destroy the iron throne she has sought is very good and would bring a lot of things full circle, re her, her dad, prophecies, etc.
  14. Huh? All the unsullied plus all the dothraki plus the dragons and whatever is left of the northern armies. That's a lot of assets.
  15. There is no doubt in my mind that the Night King is a Stark and that there is some sort of ancient truce/agreement between the Night King and humans/the children/etc. And that the Night King being on the move now has to do with Ned being killed and Winterfell being sacked.
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