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  1. People thinking blue votes don't matter in red states is how Republicans also end up controlling state congresses so that they can be in charge of drawing districts and passing shitty laws that supress votes. It isn't so long ago that Clinton won Tennessee. Now democrats consider it a lost cause and not even worth fighting for. That didn't happen by accident.
  2. Yep. There is nothing wrong about voting on pure principle. Just know that Republicans are going to vote for their nominee every single time. So if you are willing to accept the consequences of losing by refusing to vote for a Democrat you don't think is pure enough, that's your choice. It just pisses me off to see the same people bitching about Trump and Republicans. They way you defeat Trump and Republicans is by winning elections. period. marches won't do it and the courts aren't enough. So if a progressive purity test is important to you then so be it. I just don't want to hear a goddamned peep out of you when the republicans win and start systematically dismantling the progressive policies it took decades to enact. And I really don't want to see any fucking marches. You wanna March? March your ass to the polls every fucking election and vote for the Democrat.
  3. I thunk you may have missed the point of what I said.
  4. Yeah, like the guy just invented an alternate reality for himself where everything was OK and did it seamlessly. They did a very good job on showing an example of Soviet disinformatsiya when it came to the issue of the outside world finding out about the accident.we think about it offensively now but there's a reason the soviets were able to perfect the art and that's due to the importance of controlling information in those days.
  5. Damn you're right the gun coulda jammed. Damn, checkmate for me I guess. Oh oh but wait what if he had a second gun? Say some sort of smaller one that could be carried in a pocket or some sort of carrying device. Not sure if that's a thing but just spitballin. But yeah I guess the fact guns sometimes albeit rarely jam is certainly a very good reason why we don't need any gun control. The risks are totally minimized, cuz the guns could jam.its brilliant, really.
  6. Agreed. But in fairness I thought it best to stick to the theme of the thread.
  7. Also saw that in a new book coming out soon, Hillary was "estatic" when she learned Comey was being fired. That seems like a really strange reaction given they were conspiring together with the Deep State to take down Trump. It's almost as if Hillary feels like SHE was the one wronged by Comey. Huh, weird.
  8. I searched for stories about Obama again today to see how he is spending his last days, as he awaits the sword of damacles. But all I could find was a story about his daughter going to prom and Obama giving a speech and interview in Columbia and riffing on soccer and other stuff. Almost seems like he's living his best life. Guess the poor fool has no idea of the power and fury about to rain down upon him.
  9. Should be fairly simple to replace all of the sales that were lost to a country of over a billion who eat more soybeans per capita than almost anyone.
  10. Oh I don't doubt that. But they know how to troll us over this stuff.
  11. I wonder if this attack would have been any more deadly if the assailant was armed with a high-powered rifle with an extra large clip, instead of a knife? Naw prolly would have been exact same result.
  12. I have to hand it to Putin and his administration on their troll game. It is A+ level.
  13. First it was the clownish length of his ties, then in the winter he started wearing just an overcoat, no suit coat, for some damn reason. Now this. It's fucking embarrassing. Now keep in mind I am not outraged and triggered like Republicans were when Obama wore a tan suit. On se level I really enjoy laughing at how bad he looks in suits. But then I remember he represents the whole country and I am just embarrassed at ow ridiculous this guy looks in his clothes.