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  1. Only way you sign Brady over Tannehill is if you are planning on drafting a QB early this year.
  2. Wyatt reported the field was resodded this week.
  3. From an article in 2017: TENNESSEE TITANS GM Jon Robinson has set this up very much in the image of the Patriots’ operation—scouts and coaches are responsible for integrating data into the work. And the belief in Nashville holds that the data has been effective in making the personnel staff and coaches more efficient, and creating a backstop against decisions when the scouting and analytics don’t match up. So are they believers? Enough so to the point where two scouting assistants with analytics backgrounds were recently hired. Since the Patriots are referenced in the Titans section, here's what they do: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS The Kraft family’s business-driven approach to running a franchise encompasses analytics—evident by the advent of the Jessica Gelman-led Kraft Analytics group—and the team has been analytics-heavy in cap management since they bought the team. Bill Belichick uses 64-year-old ex-Wall Street trader Ernie Adams in that area. And while the team is seen as an innovator, it’s not like there’s a large football analytics staff. Rather, the coaches and scouts are all responsible for integrating data provided for them into their work. Belichick is known for giving members of his football staff projects that would fall under the analytics heading. https://www.si.com/mmqb/2017/06/28/nfl-analytics-front-office-old-school-approach-draft-game-planning-charting
  4. I'm not so sure Wilkins isn't explosive. I've watched a lot of Clemson football and I was impressed by Wilkins, Ferrill, and Lawrence. All 3 could be major contributors at the NFL level. I even like Austin Bryant, who could be a solid depth guy in the league. Notes on Wilkins from nfl.com draft profile: Instant snap reaction with fast hands into contact Lateral quickness to disrupt in gaps Short area agility of a linebacker
  5. Fox Sports NFL is doing a Twitter vote for Best NFL Fan Bases, and we are up against the Cowboys in the first round. Underdog story... lets win this one.
  6. If Conklin continues on the trajectory he was on last season playing RT, he won’t be able to get a job in the league. He was awful, injured or not.
  7. Perfect time to try Conklin at RG and at least see how he does.
  8. I mean, the timing fits because his job is done after today.... who knows what this team is doing.
  9. I think we take an interior offensive lineman in one of the first 3 rounds.
  10. Aaron Wallace is currently on the Bengals practice squad and knows the defense. Maybe worth going for if Finch is out.
  11. Have to believe that the Titans tried something other than to just make a PS move like this. Now that Batson is back in the fold, does he handle KO and PR? If so, where does that leave Jennings?
  12. Interesting that they currently have an open roster spot.
  13. This is a very good point. He’s making the most of it so far.

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