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  1. I mean, the timing fits because his job is done after today.... who knows what this team is doing.
  2. I think we take an interior offensive lineman in one of the first 3 rounds.
  3. Aaron Wallace is currently on the Bengals practice squad and knows the defense. Maybe worth going for if Finch is out.
  4. Have to believe that the Titans tried something other than to just make a PS move like this. Now that Batson is back in the fold, does he handle KO and PR? If so, where does that leave Jennings?
  5. The “Karma” game! Britt was suspended for part of the first quarter for getting into an altercation earlier that week at Karma Lounge in downtown Nashville. Incredible performance.
  6. Interesting that they currently have an open roster spot.
  7. This is a very good point. He’s making the most of it so far.
  8. Not true. Coach Ellis with MT, a friend of JRob’s, told him that he needed to keep an eye on KB and JRob did. DLB became enamored by KB during a private workout. Robinson has said on several occasions that Ellis was "in his ear" leading up to the draft, telling him what type of talent he had in Murfreesboro. “We talked and he was really high on Byard,” Robinson said after The Daily News Journal's All-Sports Banquet in late May. “I’ve known Steve for a while so I know if he sees something, it has to be true.” https://amp.dnj.com/amp/86134940
  9. For one of their 6ths, yes. They have 7 picks in the 6th, so why not try to get multiple of them?
  10. Might as well offer next years 4th for a few of those 6th round picks that the Rams have.
  11. I trade a third rounder next year to get into the 4th right now for him if I’m JR.
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