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  1. This guy is a fucking Moron!!!! He don't know what the fuck he is talking about! (SAD).
  2. So are you saying the Titan look ready to play, smart guy? coached up and ready for any team!
  3. Yes! I think he needs to improve but like I said very clearly, how can he when he is the only one on offense that recognize its coming. This is a team game. coaching!!!!!!
  4. Even good OLs will struggle if the QB can't make the defense respect him. No QB can make a blitzing team respect him when, he is the only one on offense who recognize the blitz. If you watched this team last year, none of the receivers made them self available as in, being the hot receiver. Knowing your opponent, knowing what you are good at, and knowing how to put your players in a position to succeed is lost on this team.
  5. I would blitz the Titans to, until this Offense is coached on how to handle the blitz, DL stunts CB jumping routs. It's not just MM8 who look bad in this game.
  6. Why are we talking blitz on this play. We got beat with the DL stunting right up the middle. He was hit in less then 2 seconds. Poor execution by the OL. This safety is on the play caller and the OL.
  7. Calling a pass play when your QB is going to be in the EZ is asking for the defense to hand you, your ass! I said it once before Coaching? Run the fucking Ball!!!
  8. If Tannehill is this great QB why is Miami paying part of his salary to go play somewhere else. He's a back up period!
  9. you guy's can make up your own facts, and say it with such passion but most of you haters are full of shit!!! Thank god for Utube.
  10. Yes your lame ass come backs
  11. Some time the QB makes the WR look good with accurate passes, and some times the WR makes the QB look good by catching inaccurate passes. Most analyst make a big deal about a WR catch radius. Last years group of WR couldn't catch a pass unless it was a hand off. Tannehill is learning this as we speak.
  12. Man you took the words right out of my mouth. thank you!!
  13. I am a moron thank you, no wait I am a Houston Oiler/Ten Titans fan since 1965 to date!!!! So if I act like a MORON you have to bear with me I've been thru a lot of ups and downs with this team and I am not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You left out an S in my name it's Bosss50 you moron!