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  1. Tannehill signed a one year contract as a back up. So if the Titans dump MM8. What will the Titans have to pay Tannehill as a starter. 30Mill?
  2. Look I don't know you , and that's a good thing. You are trying to come across like you are a bad ass that's great. I don;t have time for this Internet bully bullshit. Because if you met me you would be nice and sweet like the little sissy boy you are. Git your face out of Oilerman lap.
  3. You calling me, a cunt! You just proved that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Like must of the posts you reply to.
  4. The hater on this board act like they have the insight and the the football knowledge to critique every play MM8 makes. Some of the shit heaped on MM8 is ridiculous. Like i said before, every Nfl Quarterback looks good with a clean pocket and a receiver who beats his man. Even the great TOM Brady had a bad game against us because of pressure and no where to go with the ball. MM8 has to play better I,ll give you that. But so do a lot players on this team.
  5. I am letting you know, by jumping on every post and turning it into how much you hate MM8 is getting old. Pick another guy to shit on. We get it, you are a HATER.
  6. Don't put words in my mouth. You are a hater.... (you must be a miserable person).
  7. Any NFL quarterback look good with a clean pocket and receivers who can beat his man.
  8. Haters will always hate. Mariota will go from good to great this coming season.
  9. Followed the Oilers from 1969, grew up in Houston. I got to play two high school football games in the old Dome 1977,1978. My family were Cowboys fans I hated them! I lived in Foster Place about 10 miles from the Dome. As a kid I would ride my bike to the Dome for Oiler games. The team was so bad people would give tickets away at the door.
  10. We really don't have a single thing we do really well. At least in 2016 & somewhat in '17 we had a dominant OL. We were seen as a tough, blue collar, power running team. Now you're exactly right, all we do is pull out some tight wins. The Eagles game was the only one where we looked impressive & exciting. I thought we were going to have a dominant tackle pair for years, but they're basically just "good". The OL is basically average now. I thought maybe the secondary had a chance to be a top unit, but they're far from special. They're also just "good". I thought our pair of backs was very good, maybe the lines killing them, but aside from Dion last week, they've done nothing.I think there's some systemic problems overall on offense that have held them back, in fairness. But the bottom line is it's becoming obvious to me that the talent level on this team is not nearly as good as I thought it was. Even Byard is down this year. The only legit, elite player we have right now is Jurrel Casey. Jurrell Casey, Brett Kern, and Delanie Walker before the injury. Lewan and Conklin were dominant last year and both thought to be elite, but have regressed. Obviously injuries have played part in that. Besides that, nothing. On paper the potential is there, but nobody so far has fulfilled the potential. I do think Landry will be special. We will have a big order to fill come FA and draft time. Interior line RB WR QB Secondary Our OC has NEVER called a NFL game before this year and we play like it!!!! Jurrell Casey, Dion Lewis, is a beast. Marcus is a max effort guy, on doubt about it. (did you see him truck that safety on the side line) Logan Ryan,Wesley Woodyard,Tajae Sharpe, play maker. The rest of this team needs to have a fire lite under their ass. (Head coach). I've watch the Charger game three times now, and i like what I see out of Luke Stocker. I hope we come out fighting after the bye.
  11. Bruce Arians mentioned early during the game broad cast , that the Titans need to pass more on 1st down. In order to git Marcus in to a rhythm. The only time we see this is after the Titans fall two scores behind. Marcus looks great in hurry up offense. But our typical offense flows is run on 1st down 2nd down short pass on 3rd, do it again. Titans need to play no huddle,hurry up offense right out the gate. Spread the D out and attack, this offense could be so much more. DROPS what drops, bad Quarterback play, NO. Predictability is Marcus and this offense problem. Play calling, no up tempo is killing this team!
  12. OK I've been reading this and other threads about how bad MM8 played Sunday and he is destroying this team!!! Call me a homer but this kid has been the savoir of this team with11 comeback wins. He has won against all the top QB's (not name Brady, Rivers). He runs the no huddle offense with the best of them, Did I say I'm a homer! I thought it was a major mistake to fire the previous coaching staff. Change needed to be made to last year Offense, but that staff had this team moving in the right direction We made the final 8 last year. SO MM8 is struggling!!!!! What used to be one the best Oline is struggling, and this team is horrible. But what can you expect from our new coaching staff. Vrabel retired on July 10, 2011 to become the linebackers coach at Ohio State. On December 21, 2011 new Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer decided to keep Vrabel on as part of his coaching staff as defensive line coach. Houston Texans On January 10, 2014, Vrabel was hired by the Houston Texans as a linebackers coach. In January 2016 news outlets reported that the San Francisco 49ers offered Vrabel their defensive coordinator job; Vrabel declined the offer and remained in Houston. In January 2017 the Texans named Vrabel as their defensive coordinator, moving previous coordinator Romeo Crennel to assistant head coach. Tennessee Titans On January 20, 2018, Vrabel was hired as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans on a 5 year deal. How is this guy with no head coaching experience going to make this team better!!!! LaFleur's coaching career began at his alma mater, Saginaw Valley State, in 2003 where he served as an offensive graduate assistant. During which time Matt also substitute taught in the local highschools, specializing in math. He proceeded to Central Michigan University where, from 2004–2005, he assisted the offensive staff. In 2006, he coached quarterbacks and receivers at Northern Michigan University. He was the offensive coordinator at Ashland University in 2007. In 2014 he served as the quarterbacks coach at the University of Notre Dame. Houston Texans LaFleur then was hired in 2008 by the Houston Texans to serve as an offensive assistant. He assisted both wide receivers and quarterbacks during his two-year stint there and developed a close relationship with coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Washington Redskins When Shanahan's father Mike was hired by the Redskins, Kyle brought LaFleur to Washington to coach the quarterbacks. A primary responsibility of LaFleur's for the 2012 season was to mentor rookie quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, whom LaFleur was particularly fond of. Atlanta Falcons On February 5, 2015, LaFleur was hired to be the Quarterbacks coach for the Atlanta Falcons working under offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, whom he previously had worked under when with the Washington Redskins. Matt's brother, Mike, was the offensive assistant with the Falcons as well. In the 2016 season, LaFleur and the Falcons reached Super Bowl LI, where they faced the New England Patriots on February 5, 2017. In the Super Bowl, the Falcons fell in a 34–28 overtime defeat. Los Angeles Rams On February 8, 2017, LaFleur joined the Los Angeles Rams coaching staff as the offensive coordinator, working under Head Coach Sean McVay, whom he previously had worked with during his tenure with the Washington Redskins. Tennessee Titans On January 30, 2018, LaFleur left his position with the Rams to take the same position with the Tennessee Titans. Joining new head coach Mike Vrabel, LaFleur now has the opportunity of calling the plays for the Titans, essentially being a promotion from his former position as offensive coordinator with the Rams. I don't believe this guy is ready for this job. His play calling is going to git MM8 killed. This guy is not ready. The way this team look so for with this coaching staff, it will be a long season.
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