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  1. I was just looking through the contract structures and they are curious. Saffold and Humphries deals have much bigger cap hit in 2020 than 2019. We will have a number of extensions to issue next year, so surprised that they aren't saving more cap space for that. Also, Suh ended up signing a one-year $14m deal last year. Not out of the question that we could get him for a similar deal this year (or slightly less). I certainly don't see another 3-4 year contract for someone, but wouldn't be surprised if we dish out a 1 year deal to someone that is a potential difference maker on the D-Line.
  2. Will be interesting to see if Humphries replaces Adoree as primary punt returner as well. I still want wither NKeal Harry or AJ Brown in the draft as another outside receiver, but love the Humphries signing.
  3. I don't buy that Houston's price is going to be that high. His salary with the Chiefs this year was $15.25m and if he had a market for that price point, someone would have been able to trade for him by swapping 7th round picks or something. In the end the Chiefs cut him because no-one would take on that salary. He also had no guaranteed money this year or next. I would be surprised if Houston didn't sign for about $10m/yr (with a decent chunk of guaranteed money) for the next two years.
  4. Houston is now #1 on my wishlist for Free Agency. We need to draft an edge rusher as well, but having Houston opposite Honor is a major upgrade to our 3rd down defense.
  5. I know the Raiders have the most to offer, but I still don’t understand why the hell they would make this move. By the time the Raiders are in a position to compete Brown is 34 or 35. They are much better off investing all that draft capital in rookies and let them grow together. But Gruen. i have always thought two teams that would make logical landing spots are the Seahawks and Eagles. Not sure either one is in on the chase, or have enough capital to make a compelling offer, but they are two teams that are looking to get back over the hump and Brown might make enough of a difference for. Titans kind of fit that boat as well, but obviously we are rumoured to be out now.
  6. I think the Redskins cut ties with Smith and draft a QB early. Signing Keenum just gives them a placeholder starter until the rookie is ready. He has an inflated contract, but the compensation to acquire him is insignificant.
  7. And here I am thinking I clicked on a thread about Corey Davis.... ffs.
  8. McLaurin would be a massive departure for JRob from his wide receiver selections to date. Sharpe (averaged 98 receptions/yr over last two years of CFB), Davis (avg 93 rec) and Taylor(avg 92 rec) were 3 of the most prolific WRs in college football over the last decade. McLaurin averages just over 30 receptions (less than 3/game). That would be a significant departure in draft strategy for JRob. If prior form is a factor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us target Andy Isabella.
  9. Foles to Jacksonville would be a good outcome for us I think. He has had some big games in big moments but over the long run he is streaky as fuck. Hopefully he signs in Jacksonville to a large, salary cap crippling contract and shows enough flashes for the Jags to not fix their QB position properly, but overall is a disappointment. He’s kind of like Bortles on steroids.
  10. If we take a late flyer on a QB and do by take one early, the two guys I am interested in are Rypien from Boise State and Ta’amu from Ole Miss. Did you review either of them Mythos27?
  11. His lying knows no bounds as well. He even consistently lies when he doesn’t need to. He said the players ate over 1000 burgers. 1000! Presuming that as many as 100 players and staff made the trip (probably overstated), this means each person ate 10 burgers at least. WTF???? The report is that he originally said there were 300 burgers and then that number escalated to 1000. He ia a fucking joke.
  12. Khalil Mack went for two 1sts. A QB surely would get more than that. I would think two 1sts and a 2nd would be starting point.
  13. What is the market for Wentz? It;'s obviously at least two 1st round picks.
  14. I agree that is what it sounds like from the Eagles, but what if Foles takes Philly all the way to the Super Bowl again? It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Eagles go back-to-back. If he wins back-to-back Superbowls, surely they have to think long and hard about keeping him and making him the starter.
  15. If the Eagles hold on to win this, then I would suggest the 4 best coaches in the NFL made the final four. In big games, coaching matters. A lot.
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