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  1. If we don't resign them this off-season, then our chance of retaining them goes right down. I think the 2020 salary cap is going to be the challenge because JRob will want to re-sign both of these guys before camp starts this year. Same MO he used for Byard.
  2. I think it is possible that the Titans are done with major free agent signings and are going to use the remaining cap money to sign new contracts with Jonnu and Jayon. Signing both to a multi-year deal just before camp (as is J-Rob tradition) is probably going to eat into the cap quite a bit, and having money this year to front-load those deals might give him more negotiating flexibility. I think both players are cornerstone pieces and would definitely be an issue if they left via FA next off-season. I would really like Clowney, but if we sign him, I am not convinced we have the space to lock these two guys up.
  3. Letting Sharpe go in Free Agency and replacing him with a rookie or a receiver who gets cut by another team, is the sort of move that teams like the Ravens have consistently done to manage the Comp pick formula, He is our 4th WR and by definition is replaceable. We need him to count as a FA that signs elsewhere for the Comp pick formula IMhO.
  4. Everson Griffen is an interesting veteran EDGE option. The Vikings are in bad shape cap-wise and may not bring him back. He would be a massive upgrade opposite Landry and if we don't get into a Clowney bidding war, he would be an excellent consolation prize. I want no part of Judon. Fools gold. My favourite late round RB option is Darrynton Evans from App State. Would be a good change of pace from Henry and is effective as a receiver as well.
  5. It has to be now. I'm surprised they filled this job before the DC job. If we were going external you would think the DC would want to have some say in who his assistants are.
  6. If the front office isn’t sold on Tannehill, one option would be to try and trade for Matthew Stafford. The Lions have the #3 pick in the draft and have Tua available if they think he is a franchise changer. But with their commitment to Stafford, that wouldn’t be an option. Stafford is contracted for next 3 years and is about same age as Tannehill. I think it is unlikely, but I would prefer that to signing a Brady or Rivers,
  7. The biggest gap with Pees leaving is his play calling experience. Obviously the internal guys don’t have that, and that would cause me some concern. Sounds like Bowen has been groomed for the role, And I trust Vrabel and Pees to be better judges of whether or not he is ready. Teryl Austin and Joe Woods (neither have ties to organisation) would be other names that interest me.
  8. The Titans were the last team to secure a playoff berth, so it is not surprising that national media didn’t rate them highly. They also lost 2 of their last 3 regular season games and their only win was against the Texans back-ups. On face value that wasn’t as impressive as the performances we saw actually were. i would also say that the weakest unit on our roster (Pass defense) hasn’t been tested in the playoffs because neither the Patriots or Ravens have any dominant receivers, and both have limited QBs). We gave up huge games during the year to Hopkins, Evans, Thomas and Tyreek. The Chiefs are a really tough matchup for our defense. I backed the Titans at the start of the year and I think they have a red hot chance of winning it all if we can get past KC this week, but the path for a #6 seed (winning 3 road playoff games) is very, very hard. I think history would say the odds at the start of the playoffs were about right.
  9. It’s totally pointless to use the coaches track record as a co-ordination to try and predict success as a head coach. Vrabel had one year as Houston DC and they ranked dead-last in the league. The two most important thing is (1) having a plan and being on the same page as your GM and (2) being able to identify coaching talent and filling your staff with good coaches. McDaniels has proven a disaster in these two areas, so they dodged a bullet there. Kitchens was also a disaster. Jury is out on Stefanski.
  10. I just re-watched the game and holy shit. He was so much more impressive than I even saw on first glance. He also played a lot more than I expected. His instincts are elite. You see him adjust on the sack, but there is also a screen play he sniffs out in the 3rd quarter and he has really good lateral movement adjusting to running plays. But his raw strength, technique and get off are something else. He regularly blew up his opponent and when him and Casey were together they were incredibly disruptive. He was very close to the best defender on the field today (either side). I don’t think it is hyperbole to say that he has potential to be the best player on the Titans and one of the best D-linemen in the game by next season.
  11. Typical kicker career path. The Chiefs cut Succop after a similar season before he signed with the Titans. All of these kickers are a crap shoot. Unless you have Tucker or Gostkowski, they are essentially the same guy
  12. That’s a dumb trade for the Steelers. That draft pick could be a top-10 pick now that Ben is gone for the season, and they need that capital to replace Ben long term. Makes no sense to me.
  13. Cheers. Saw that place this morning and looks like my best option at the moment.
  14. Found the same thing and was excited there might be a Titans bar, but no dice. Thanks mate.

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