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  1. That’s a dumb trade for the Steelers. That draft pick could be a top-10 pick now that Ben is gone for the season, and they need that capital to replace Ben long term. Makes no sense to me.
  2. Cheers. Saw that place this morning and looks like my best option at the moment.
  3. Found the same thing and was excited there might be a Titans bar, but no dice. Thanks mate.
  4. I am stuck in Dallas this weekend. Anyone know a good bar in the DFW area to watch the Titans game tomorrow?
  5. The Browns blitzed CB and S off the edge as much as I can ever recall seeing in a game. Great adjustments by Smith to counter this with the screens. On a couple of those screens (one to Lewis and one to Walker) we left big plays on the field due to execution. Mariota’s decision making and ball placement was actually very good for the most part. He missed on a couple of throws, including a key one to Sharpe, but hard to tell if that is an inaccurate pass or a timing issue. The greater concern is Mariota scrambling left when the pocket doesn’t hold up. That never ends well. You can’t overstate the value of having Delanie back in the lineup. You can see the connection they have and it makes a massive difference to Mariota’s game.
  6. I agree and that sounds about right to me. Henry is only 25 years old. A 3-4 year extension still is before he turns 30 and if structured right should allow for the team to cut bait after a couple of years with minimal cap impact. Dion Lewis is due nearly $5m next year, but only carries a $1.2m cap hit if he is released after this season. He gone. Henry is clearly not in Elliott's league. Two recent contracts that set the margins are Gurley ($14.3m p.a.) and Devonta Freeman ($8.25m p.a.) I'd peg Henry right in between those two at around $11m per annum. The salary cap is so big these days that it really is no impediment to any team. Signing Henry to a contract like this is hardly going to sink the franchise or stop us signing other players. Not re-signing Henry and relying on a total make-over at RB, with visions of Chris Brown, Chris Henry and Bishop Sankey coming in and replacing his production is a risk that I'm not sure this offense can sustain.
  7. Correa is a major liability against the run. Less of him we see the better.
  8. If you have holes all over your roster, the Dolphins/Browns paths are viable. But unlike the NBA, you can re-build around a QB without having the #1 overall pick and remain competitive. The Chiefs are an example of this.
  9. Don’t forget the Texans used their first round pick this year on someone they hoped would be their LT only to move him to guard. So essentially Texans have used 3 first round picks to upgrade at LT. If they had moved up in the draft by two picks (traded a 4th) they could have grabbed Andre Dillard and this would not have been necessary. Total botch job by their front office.
  10. Nearly called the first part of this. Will be interesting to see if the second part happens!
  11. Moved some money around to free up Salary Cap space this year. First domino in trade for Clowney.
  12. I am generally optimistic but I admit that I think this is the best team we have assembled since 2008. QB is a question, but we are starting to assemble more potential blue chip players that can make big plays needed in the 4th quarter to win games. The Titans have been devoid of star talent for years, but Henry 2.0, Davis, Landry and Evans all have the ability to singlehandedly win us a game or two this season. I also trust the head coach a lot.
  13. Good news: No major injuries. Pre-season is meaningless. Bad news: This forum will be unreadable for the next 2 weeks.