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  1. Foles to Jacksonville would be a good outcome for us I think. He has had some big games in big moments but over the long run he is streaky as fuck. Hopefully he signs in Jacksonville to a large, salary cap crippling contract and shows enough flashes for the Jags to not fix their QB position properly, but overall is a disappointment. He’s kind of like Bortles on steroids.
  2. If we take a late flyer on a QB and do by take one early, the two guys I am interested in are Rypien from Boise State and Ta’amu from Ole Miss. Did you review either of them Mythos27?
  3. His lying knows no bounds as well. He even consistently lies when he doesn’t need to. He said the players ate over 1000 burgers. 1000! Presuming that as many as 100 players and staff made the trip (probably overstated), this means each person ate 10 burgers at least. WTF???? The report is that he originally said there were 300 burgers and then that number escalated to 1000. He ia a fucking joke.
  4. Khalil Mack went for two 1sts. A QB surely would get more than that. I would think two 1sts and a 2nd would be starting point.
  5. What is the market for Wentz? It;'s obviously at least two 1st round picks.
  6. I agree that is what it sounds like from the Eagles, but what if Foles takes Philly all the way to the Super Bowl again? It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Eagles go back-to-back. If he wins back-to-back Superbowls, surely they have to think long and hard about keeping him and making him the starter.
  7. If the Eagles hold on to win this, then I would suggest the 4 best coaches in the NFL made the final four. In big games, coaching matters. A lot.
  8. Carpy

    Kyler Murray now expected to enter the NFL draft

    Please be Jags. I’m not sold at all.
  9. Carpy

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    I’m pretty confident that Pete Carroll is mandating that volume of running plays. And that is about the same as they have been doing all season.
  10. I agree. If they pursue Coleman, it means Lewis is gone (which would be a big call after 1 year). I think a rookie is more likely. Coleman would be amazing in this offense though.
  11. You left Tevin Coleman off your FA list. If we go the FA route, he would be the most likely in my mind. Offers the speed to the edge on this stretch plays that neither Henry or Lewis have got.
  12. Carpy

    2019 Roster Analysis - DEFENSE

    What about my British? No mate. I am not British.
  13. D-Line Losing Casey was a massive loss in the Colts game. The rest of our DL rotation are solid starters and nothing more. Logan won’t be back, but I don’t see a need to replace him with another big body veteran. Jones and Johnson are both average starters, but we don’t have anyone else with the sort of quickness inside that Casey does. Getting another pass rusher inside is a priority. Run stoppers can be picked up in the carpark on game day. The pursuit of Suh showed that JRob would be willing to make a splash here if the right guy was available. Not sure there is one this year, but certainly represents a priority. FA CHANGES – Unless a true stud becomes available, not a priority DRAFT – Look for Titans to scout quicker interior lineman and could be mid-high pick. Edge Landry was a home run. He had a rookie season where he had some quieter games than others, but he is a difference making pass rusher on the edge and those players are incredibly hard to find. Another building block. Rak has retired. Morgan is a Free Agent and I expect Titans to let him test market. Finch and Correa had flashes but are best as rotational pieces rather than starters at this stage. We need another two quality edge rushers, because when we had them all healthy our defense was amongst best in league. FA CHANGES – The pipe dream here is Clowney, Dee Ford or DeMarcus Lawrence don’t get re-signed/franchised but that is unlikely. If any of them become available, I could see Titans being players. DRAFT – Alongside WR is our #1 priority. 1st or 2nd round priority. Inside LB The strongest unit on the team. Jayon Brown is better than any of us thought he could be. Evans came on in the 2nd half of the season and should be even better with a full off-season under him and Woodyard had another good season and is a great leader on Defense. Depth here is about ST contributors more than anything. FA CHANGES – NIL DRAFT – V.Low priority CB We may not have one of the top 5 CBs in the league, but Jackson, Butler, Ryan and Sims are more than good enough to win with. Continued improvement in the pass rush can only help this unit. Presuming Ryan makes a full recovery from his broken leg, we are only adding depth/ST contributors to this unit. FA CHANGES – None likely DRAFT – Low priority. Maybe late round flier SAFETY Signing Kenny Vaccaro was a great addition late in Free Agency and he is the #1 priority amongst impending Free Agents to return. With him and Byard we have a well above average starting safety duo. Cyprien is still under contract and would be great depth if we can keep him around, but at his current contract he would need to re-structure. Certainly an upgrade from Kendrick Lewis. Cruikshank showed a lot on Special Teams when he was fit and I would be really interested to see how he develops at safety. Certainly not ready for live action yet, but encouraging pick. FA CHANGES – Re-signing Vaccaro should be priority. If Cyp won’t re-structure we would be in the market for depth DRAFT – Low priority
  14. 2019 Roster Analysis - OFFENSE QB Mariota and Gabbert are both under contract for 2019. Mariota on his 5th year option and I fully expect him to be back as the team’s starting QB. They obviously can’t sign him to a long-term deal before the season, so he is playing for his future next year. Gabbert has one year remaining on his contract, but could be let go with minimal Cap impact. They will sniff around for a similar (and upgraded) backup, but they aren’t plentiful. After having a crack at the draft with Falk last year, I’d expect them to have another shot at a mid-round QB this year. FA CHANGES – Potential backup to compete with Gabbert DRAFT – Potential mid-round pick to develop RB Henry proved he is worth building around in the last month. He is a building block going forward. Dion Lewis proved that he can only handle a 3rd down back load and that he doesn’t have enough speed to complement Henry as a runner on outside plays. He is still a valuable player on 3rddowns as a receiver, but they need to add a true speed back to share the load with Henry that can also be used as a receiver (think Nyheim Hines type). Tevin Coleman would be ideal, but he will command too much money (and touches). Rookie is the likely path here. FA CHANGES – Unlikely DRAFT – Early to mid-round pick (priority) WR The weakest unit on the team by some disctance. Taylor and Sharpe didn’t make any sort of leap and Davis remains shy of being a true #1. The potential is there, but he needs more consistent QB play, as well as some natural maturation of his own to be considered a #1. Best case scenario this offseason is that we upgrade at WR to a point that Taylor and Sharpe are battling for reps as a #4. J-Rob has shown a willingness to make a big splash here as it was rumoured we have pursued both Cooks and Cooper over the last 18 months before missing out. I would expect us to be players again if any big-name free agents become available. We need a peed guy and a true slot-guy. Would also want one of them to double as a punt returner! FA CHANGES – Likely to be active if any really good fits become available, but don’t expect us to chase every name in the market. DRAFT – Very high priority and expect at least one of top 3 picks to go to WR. TE Presuming Walker comes back for one more season. And presume Jonnu fully recovers. With Walker, Smith, Stocker, Firkser and Pruitt we have good depth. Jonnu showed enough development in my view to put faith in him being our TE1` of the future. The rest of the guys are all “upgraded Supernaws”. Good depth that can play in a pinch and serviceable blockers. If Walker can’t come back that may change things, but I would be happy going forward with this group as is. Can wait another year before investing in a replacement for Delanie FA CHANGES – Unlikely to be a player DRAFT – Unlikely to be a priority O-Line Tackles are set again with Lewan, Conklin and Kelly. Interior is a question mark. I don’t think Spain comes back. He was the first OL benched when they gave Levin some snaps earlier in the year, so it probably shows where coaches see him. Both Jones and Kline have contracts that we can get out of. Jones in particular has very little dead money, so if there is an upgrade available, I could see them moving him on. Kline has a bit more of a cap hit, so may stick (even as depth). I think they see Levin as ready, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he opened the season as our starting C. But we would definitely be in the market for Gs. Takes some time to develop rookies on the interior (with some exceptions), so planning for the future probably means we look late in the draft at O-Line. And try and find starters in Free Agency FA CHANGES – Expect us to add at least 1, probably 2 Gs to compete for starting spots. DRAFT – Late round only
  15. Carpy

    Which QB do we go after for 2019?

    I want no part of signing some veteran QB who has a ceiling of being around the 20th best QB in the league as our presumptive starter. That’s precisely what the Broncos did with Keenum this off-season and look where that got them. Foles had one year wher he threw 27TDs, but hasn’t thrown more than 13 in any other season, nor has he started more than 11 games in a season. For most of his career he has been MORE injury prone than Mariota. And Foles demanded a trade from Rams when they drafted Goff, so I have a hard time believing he isn’t going to sign somewhere expecting to be the starter. Every playoff team with the exception of Saints (who traded For Brees years ago) has a starting QB that they drafted (Foles starting for Wentz only exception). We have our long term Head Coach. It is no use finding a short-term solution at QB. Stick with Mariota, draft a rookie in the mid-rounds to groom behind him and put more pieces around him to give him every chance to be successful.