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  1. It's always tragic when someone only gets 87 years of fame and adulation on this tiny blue marble----can anyone account for Todd Heap's whereabouts at the time?!
  2. A good lover never deep throats and tells!
  3. NICE! Here in about 2 hours, I'll be getting higher than the Mountains of Juliet.
  4. I feel like the answer here is irrelevant-----simply because if a gunman was holding a gun to your head and this is THE question that he demands an answer, you're very likely fucked either way.
  5. I feel like the db in that video is a much more natural fit.
  6. I'm not too mad....I feel like Skoronski will allow us to get a consistent 3rd and 5 for Tannehill (after Henry runs for 1 yard on first down and 4 on second.)
  7. Holy shit...not a lot of diversity in that Eagles war room.
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