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  1. My guess is that he likely hates Lafleur for the draft and for being a pussy on that 4th down with the game on the line and that Rodgers wants even more control over playcalling and decision making for the offense. I foresee Arod pulling a power play of some type this offseason to show Lafleur that Arod's the Alpha and most important piece of the Packers franchise. If his power play happens to fail, I could see him requesting a trade. Either way, it's hard to see the Packers continuing in their current form from here on out when it's obvious that Rodgers doesn't respect his coach.
  2. Pathetic.....Bills talk all that shit and try to fight dudes, then get punked on a 3rd and 10 with a run on an obvious run down.
  3. Hahaha....holy shit, he does! I could totally see him on PCP getting raped by wild dogs.
  4. Football fights are so fucking lame. They should amend the rules to be closer to hockey. You want to square off with some other HGH-fueled behemoth, no problem.......but, you have to do it without helmets. Pussies.
  5. Cole Beasley----warrior on the football field---sells you skunk weed in the offseason.
  6. Holy shit....an onside recovery! It's like seeing a unicorn, now-days.
  7. Hey! There's a Diggs sighting------he's imploding on the sideline...
  8. Man...the Bills Head Coach is a pussy. No wonder Andy Reid fired him years back.
  9. Man, they need to put out an APB for Stephon Diggs...
  10. Cole Beasley looks like he double fists Milwaukee's Best after a rough day...
  11. LaFleur, in proper Titans tradition, finds a way to grasp defeat in spite of overwhelming momentum.
  12. Haha...everytime that they show the replay of the "hold" the ball's not even in the frame.
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