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  1. Haha....everyone knows that Jameis is shit. It's just a long-running joke that Scine's racist and only loves white QBs.
  2. Haha...Why am I not shocked that Scine hates Jameis! I bet he only half-likes Patrick Mahomes.
  3. Haha....Yes. He joins "Lis Franc Sinatra" and "Ruptured Spleen Martin" to form the Inactive "Scratch Pack."
  4. Good? Yes. Legitimate Super Bowl contender? Nope.
  5. I didn't even know that we had a player named Jack Crawford on our roster.....
  6. Both of these things would improve it's appeal!
  7. Well, either way, I won't be supporting any dickhead that drives this abomination.
  8. My body's ready----I've got a Steinberg audio interface and a Shure SM7B fired up and ready for the call!
  9. Haha...it's hilarious seeing these dudes act health conscious when most of them shrug off CTE concerns that will leave them debating whether to put a bullet in their mouth every day for the rest of their post-playing lives.
  10. Maybe he died alone from Covid weeks ago and has just been rotting in his apartment, Layne Staley style!
  11. Haha...nope. Not even Shazier is douchy enough to wear an eye patch.
  12. I'd love for a team to give him another shot.......just so I could hopefully see him paralyzed again. What kind of fucking idiot would try to come back after such a life-altering injury? ----An idiot that wears only one eyeblack, that's who.
  13. Insolent fools.....bow down to your name overlord!

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