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  1. When will people get fed up with this shit? From bailouts to a lack of justice for fucking American citizens, what will it take? *In a completely hypothetical scenario in which no one should do* When people snap and decide to do their usual mass shooting shit, I can't understand why their targets are other American citizens instead of corporations and banks? If you get pissed enough about your shit life to murder dozens of people, why don't you attack the problem as opposed to other sufferers? Gun control of automatic and semiautomatic weapons would be enacted immediately if the victims of the shootings were CEOs and not average people.
  2. The answer is because Mariota's contract is cheap at the moment. And, between his injuries and wild inconsistency, JRob would want (and need, for his job security) to be 99 percent positive that Mary's not the answer before he cuts him. But, if Marco Highthro shows the same play/injuries this year, JRob will give him a one-way ticket back to the land of lei's and luau's.
  3. Changed my mind......trade up to make sure that we can get him!
  4. This is true.....BUT, I wouldn't fuck Mariota---so, that's gotta be the biggest indictment possible.
  5. This was a sunshine-type piece, but from what I've seen in this article and multiple videos, his mechanics and pocket presence are much better than Mariota's and he's far more consistent with them. I'm really interested to see what he can do with a good Oline. My body's ready....
  6. I'm currently at 97%. I will accept celebratory fellatio from any members who were impressed with my part knowledge/part luck performance the 1st 2 days of the tournament.
  7. I also enjoyed his work with Lady Gaga.....he's a true renaissance man.
  8. Would rather draft Christian Slater or Dominique Wilkins.....
  9. Virginia better wake the fuck up.....I fell for their hype and have them in the final. So, I at least need them to advance past the first fucking round.
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