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  1. Russinni on SportsCenter said that we're OUT on Ramsey now---price too high. I agree with the decision as our defense is very good....we NEED a quarterback.
  2. Haha....now, now, trauma is pretty subjective. One man's mental scars are another's sadistic fantasy!
  3. No....but, I was actually trying to be romantic with myself for once----I actually jacked it on the working toilet with the brand name crisco while lighting a few birthday candles in my trailer. I have feelings too----no one cares about the tears a pervert sheds in his crusty kleenex's....
  4. Ummmmm....please tell me that you're single OR that your real dishwasher is making an incredible buffet of delicious food while also washing, drying, and neatly folding your clothes during her break of constantly alternating sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming!?
  5. Can't a guy have some sensual masturbation to nut conversation without interruption!?
  6. ....Or a 6 if you're on the other side of the stadium.
  7. Good....out of everyone in Nashville, Delanie is the one person respected enough by teammates, fans, front office, etc... that Vrabel/JRob would legitimately sit, listen to, and consider their complaint.
  8. It likely won't show in the box score why our kicker had to kick a 45 yarder------because our stupid fucking quarterback took a sack when he had plenty of time to throw the ball away and keep it a much shorter kick.
  9. This is the same shit with Vols fans and Guarantano-----he's 100 percent trash, but morons point at his completion percentage, when he throws the same dink and dunk shit as Mary. You can't change people who are so homerish and delusional that they deny things that are completely obvious.
  10. I've read this book AND seen this movie before------the Colts own us, BUT we own the Jags. We'll dominate those bitches and their fanbase will feel Thursday night exactly as we do right now.
  11. Lol....anyone who tries to argue with ManningEnvy is a moron----there's no debate that he and the Colts own every hole on our franchise's corpse!
  12. I actually love Vrabel as a coach/leader......but, each week he lets Mariota play makes me wish that he develops ALS.