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  1. I have no idea...he was referencing players. But, IMO coaches and OC are mostly at the mercy of the GM's moves, unless they're obviously incompetent. On teams with (at least) average talent---coaches, OC's/DC's, and GM's should be evaluated much more quickly than 3 years.
  2. I agree...it's mostly the elitists and critics that turn up their nose at his writing. I'm also a fan of Kurt V (a bit) and Hunter S (a lot), and you're right that they're similar to Chuck in the creativity and crafting of their unique styles, but also different. It's pretty difficult to explain. He really is his own thing and is a true artist.
  3. This thread is awesome......we have TitanHead trying to trigger everyone, some decent arguing, and even a fucking Bongo drive-by! Although, I am kinda concerned that TitanHead is trying to post up in my territory-----just to be clear, sir, I'm the only one that supplies the head to our beloved Titans! As for the topic, I think Mariota is unexceptional and it kinda annoys me that we'll be using this season as a tryout to see if we should franchise him. Nothing Cian says can pull me to the other side....he's been a biased Mariota homer from the jump---in an attempt to maintain any credibility, he'll continue to drive that wagon in hopes that Mariota will succeed until the wheels fall off. Bill Parcells best summed this up with his 3 years theory. To summarize, he basically said that after 3 years, you know exactly what you've got, or what you don't.
  4. Man, Chuck P. gets a ton of hate in the literary world, but I love that dude's writing.
  5. Is there a sub-category in the database for "only contact me if my organs will go to a famous athlete, musician, or actor?"
  6. Jerry should definitely pay him more...he, at the very least, needs enough to pay for the rest of his shirts.
  7. This is a solid theory.....maybe the reason that my dick resembles a sweet gherkin is because the other 99 percent of it was absorbed by my head? Bingo.....when I take my pants off I look like a Ken doll with a skin tag.
  8. True....I've called his offices repeatedly to attempt to set up some head as I really like the job that he's done!
  9. I can't understand why we don't play in the entire baby blue Oilers classic uniforms/helmets (with logo) every fucking time we play the Texans....especially in Texas.
  10. Ahhhhh....so that's where the TOMB members flocked to!
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