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  1. I can't believe those assholes filed the lawsuit-------I apologized!
  2. Probably.....I mean, if you haven't been fired atleast once for exposure, why even go to work?
  3. I will definitely watch-----as long as I'm not busy doing literally ANYTHING ELSE.
  4. Sox, quit playing dumb. You obviously know that I manage Andre at that Taco Bell as you're the janitor. Ps---you have a write-up coming for posting on the board during work hours.
  5. Man, I'd talk football, but there's been nothing that interests me. This has been the most boring offseason football-wise that I've ever seen. Not to mention, I've been busier than shit with work. But, here are my Titans thoughts for this offseason: --I'm glad we resigned Tannehill. --I'm glad that we have Henry back. --I hate that we gave Casey away, but I'm glad that Simmons will get to shine more. --I'll be glad if we get Clowney. --I'll be sad if we don't get Clowney. --I'm glad they didn't exercise Corey Davis' option. --I'd like to thank Logan Ryan for his time here, but he can feel free to go fuck himself. --I hate that Vrabel is going to be the the defensive coordinator this season. --I loved Vrabel's draft room (especially the dude taking a shit on camera.) --I feel like we had a great draft, but I honestly can't remember the name of anyone that we drafted at the moment.
  6. Please do a documentary on Todd Heap and ask him about his daughter. I could use a good laugh...
  7. Fuck Mariota....I can't tell you how many times his shitty pocket presence, backbreaking turnovers, or missing wide open receivers killed my D...
  8. I hate to see a great player in our division unhappy. If they can't work out a trade, I fully endorse him leaving the Texans via suicide.
  9. I don't know why anyone would be banging the fucking table for Jonathan Taylor. His production is terrible and he only looks the part. He hasn't done shit since Home Improvement.

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