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  1. I have a nephews' nephew that's ready for the call!
  2. I'm a Vols fan and this statement shows me that you've never read the morons that post on the Vols football forum.
  3. Haven't read shit in this thread.....not going to read shit until later. I just wanted to drop in and say that I hate this fucking franchise.
  4. Why?! All kids who swing by will receive candy---and those without parental accompaniment will be receiving a free sex-ed class in the back of my van!
  5. He's not even the most legendary human in his own family. His cousin, Al, invented the fucking internet!
  6. I've got such a VD immunity built up, that I would never succumb to such a plan.
  7. I never even went to trial! I was released on a technicality!