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  1. Ahhhh...using a move out of my playbook!
  2. If you haven't had a good shower cry due to feeling sexually unaccepted/inadequate.....have you really sexed?
  3. Geno Smith is a fucking idiot. He might have 1 more brain cell than VY.
  4. As a connoisseur of several sexual orientations (and anything else for the right price), I vote freedom of speech!
  5. I may enjoy a good goober more often than probably anyone you know.....but, even I knew that gif was from Kickboxer. I just didn't want to soil the flawless greatness of Bloodsport by putting Sho's whore name in the same post as an amazing Bloodsport gif.
  6. Fuck Sho Kosugi---he wouldn't even make it through the 1st round of the kumite!
  7. Stop acting like a noob! You've been here far too long to have a positive emotional connection to this franchise---or to even act like this is your first rebuild. Now, come on over here and let me massage your taint....
  8. I was hoping you'd come back to bed! I'll let you call me mom...PM incoming!
  9. Can definitely confirm....eight men in a single box is ALWAYS a tight fit.
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