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  1. Haha....this is the cockiest I've ever seen anyone who may win a 15 dollar payout.....nice!
  2. Sorry, I don't have any fun Cheesecake Factory stories----their clientele is WAY above my pay grade. I can usually rub and tug the occasional Shoney's customer, though!
  3. You're looking at it all wrong......we're gonna get him at a massive discount (after his 20 year stretch at Guantanamo Bay or wherever they put dangerous weed people!)
  4. In the offseason, I work hard to try not to spread my AIDS to my many partners, but I'm only human and no human is perfect. I've had 100's of men, women, children, pets, etc...over the years come to me crying about blood test results and their shortened lifespans.....yadda yadda. But, I can only tell them what my dad told me when he gave me my first dose of HIV, "there's no crying over spilled milk....now, put down your see-and-say and get daddy a Zima!"
  5. That's a HUGE package.....but I could definitely handle it.
  6. Can we start calling this dude Patrick Mahomiota, yet?
  7. And that was the only pass that he's hit anyone in the numbers with all night.
  8. Mahomes and Andy Reid (per usual) are shitting the bed.
  9. I'm wasted, but, goddamn, this game is boring.
  10. You're just being a lazy lover.....with your head up an ass, you still have both hands free to fondle multiple balls!
  11. Also just announced in conjunction with the likely Dak franchise tag: Cowboys likely to miss postseason again next year.

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