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  1. The best part is PK getting triggered at the very mention of Pacman's name!
  2. OOooooooooooooo shit! Don't get me started on Mariota's fragile ass! He's the ultimate JAG at quarterback. Fuck that guy. But, you do make a very valid point. How in the fuck could we really evaluate any receivers/pass catching tight ends (except for stone-hands Taylor---fuck that guy, too) when we have "malaka liki dickhead" shot-putting inaccurate rainbows all over the field in between rare periods of health.
  3. That's understandable.....but, my main point overall is simply that Cookie and Jonnu are JAGs. Neither make a significant difference and are replaceable with multiple dudes around the league. Jonnu has the athletic ability and potential of a young Delanie, but he VERY rarely shows it. Maybe shit will click for him this year....
  4. Close....Kellen was trolling the area for some hot, ancient snatch. The kind that when you remove them panties, it smells like you just opened King Tut's tomb. Scine, on the other hand was trolling the area to find the perfect black dude for his wife. BTW, this didn't turn out so bad for him. Yes, he's abusive and has a fetish for chicks that appear they were born during the Paleolithic era, BUT word has gotten out that he has a hammer that was prodigious enough to strike fear into a lady that survived the black death!
  5. Well, that's when you'll have to be a bit more creative. Tell him that you're also friends with Andrew Luck and that Luck was calling Gerald a punk bitch who was afraid of playing in the AFC South. Tell him that Andrew mentioned that he'd have an especially hard time playing in Nashville due to being a part of an inferior race (let him know that Luck is a closeted Nazi sympathizer)----you can really get in there and improv on the country music/race/rednecks thing. It really doesn't matter what you say, the goal is to enrage. Or.....we could try inception.
  6. Lol....I'm much more of a nerd than a dork. Dork's LARP wear eye patches, Nerds are your boss, pirate fag.
  7. This story and completion is well done and far better than anything D&D could conjure. But, holy-fucking-medieval-fair-masturbation.....what a fucking dork.
  8. Yes, it's because Robinson knows that 1 of 2 things will happen----1. Mariota will continue playing at an average level and crowds will boo him to the point that he swims back to Hawaii. or 2. (Most likely) he gets a boo boo and is out for an extended period of time. As far as Arthur Smith, fuck that guy until further notice. When your daddy can (and will try again) buy the franchise, you'll need to prove that you didn't Billy Madison your way into your important job.
  9. Ha...uncertainty about events with huge implications is the cornerstone of great writing!
  10. So, they forego their independence at the meeting and agree to be ruled under Bran? That seems entirely counterproductive and would be a huge step back from the amount of freedom and power that they had just minutes before......
  11. Like I mentioned above, D&D fucked themselves when they showed that Bran could travel back in time and make moves that could affect the future. So, why didn't he go back and make Tywin Lannister sterile or kept the Night King from existing. That's the problem with letting time travel enter the storyline well beyond the point that any viewer could consider it feasible. It's a total copout that explains any past events that do OR don't make any sense, BUT it also fucks any future storyline that you create that has any type of conflict. The question will always be, "why doesn't he just return to the past and fix it before it even begins?" It's terribly lazy and is total shit writing.
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