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  1. Oh, I definitely do! I just charge more. Lol...I'm not nearly as pathetic or stupid as the dude in your avatar that has the arm around him.
  2. It may take a few more seasons and a shit ton of luck, but I believe that DH can ultimately be better than Gurley.
  3. That sucks, Stan. But, you've got this. You'll have better odds to beat this than your flawed 1st half betting strategies. Also, the real sadness came flooding in when I double checked the OP name and saw that this wasn't Jake.
  4. Jared Goff is a tiny-handed, useless piece of shit that I hope dies painfully of natural causes very soon.
  5. We should definitely have more slow developing pass plays on 4th and 2.
  6. I'm surprised he kept running....he had to think that he missed a false start whistle or something.
  7. I'm ready to trade one of Jrob's useless 2nd rounders for the best FG kicker in the league. This shit is GARBAGE.
  8. I don't recommend sexual relations while Mary's on her period, but I don't judge.
  9. I'm rooting for someone to 9/11 the fucking Space Needle.
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