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  1. I only recently heard of this podcast. I didn't know too much about the details of Steve's death, just that a crazy mistress killed him, then herself. But per this podcast, that might not be true. I only finished the first episode. Interesting, though conspiratorial, including one crazy rumor toward the end of epsode 1. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/steve-mcnair-fall-of-a-titan-podcast
  2. A lot of scandals hang over their heads. Not saying they're all 100% BS, but whatever, not to get into all those details. Mostly personally, as a fan, I want to see something different. The Patriots and Alabama winning feels like a wasted season. I know I'd feel differently were it my team, but it isn't. It isn't spite, it's the monotony.
  3. Most people don't like draft-day trades. They usually involve giving up "too much", but if it's a guy they really want, I say go for it. I'd rather have Landry than two meh guys.
  4. jphardy


    Get this man some sworded shoulders today. That's got MM all over it. Gimme it, all day.
  5. If the guy is down. The ref got really pissed. Guess it shows his inexperience.
  6. I'd do it. I'm leaning towards a first round WR anyway, so trade it for him. He shouldn't be a problem here, he'd have his big deal. It'd leave Marcus with no excuses in his final year.
  7. I don't know the numbers, but I'm more bothered by runs on 2nd and 10. It's like giving away a down most of the time, giving us only one more pass attempt (which fail often), before the inevitable punt.
  8. They're making these video graphics, touting their o-line, but not noting the holding in every damn one of them.
  9. I was trying to figure out if they were crooked or just shitty, since we haven't had the ball enough to notice
  10. Should be, why it's always down when the stadium clock is malfunctioning.
  11. It has to be that blatant for those fuckers to call holding
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