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  1. None jumped out at me as I read the list. I went Burns, but I'm sure he'll be gone by 19. Had a brief thought of Tillery. I've wanted Marquise for a while, so I picked him, but I definitely see the need for other positions. I'm picturing Simmons going to the Colts.
  2. Kiper/McShay's mock had us taking CB DeAndre Baker. Over Greedy, and Murphy.
  3. Aside from my LSU guys that I know we won't draft, I've wanted Marquise for a while. Lately I've been warming up to Burns.
  4. Went last year in Dallas, great time. Considered going this year, but it didn't come together. Probs just get lit on the couch instead of around tons of other folk this time.
  5. Twitter's going crazy about the refs. I only watched from a couple minutes left in regulation. There were two reviewed calls, both ended in it being out of bounds on Tech, the right calls from my view. VA had it and was running a little time, VA dude takes about 8 mini-steps and no traveling was called. But of course, "they" wanted VA to win, for some reason. Everything's a conspiracy now. Since the Saints game, any and every close call is this grave injustice against whoever they want to win.
  6. Jaylon's brother. That'd be cool to end up on the same team.
  7. I pretty much sailed to the finals. My buddy advanced due to post-games scoring corrections, then beat me. If I'd played the other guy, I would have won. I won last year with mostly the same people. Fools keep letting me pick Tyreek and his QB.
  8. The three guys that go after us, I really like (when SEA picked Burns). We don't need CB right now, but I love Greedy, he's from near me. He and Devin White. I'm alright with our DL honestly. I have continuing hopes for DaQuan and Austin. Now if we happened to be in the mix for Quinnen...
  9. I don't mind them. Pretty blah, but better than their old ones.
  10. Well I'm out. My worst bracket ever. I had Duke, Marquette, UNC, Nova.
  11. I'd hate losing picks. We have several areas that could be improved. But I'm all for moving up for a guy they love. It tells me they weren't settling for whoever was there, even if said guy was their guy all along. But he should go high enough to where it'd cost us next year's 1, which will need to be our QB depending how this year goes.
  12. I never liked them, but if the Texans want to wear them..
  13. He'll go to the fucking Jags 🙄
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