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  1. Honestly, week 2.. no, I'm not done. There's nothing that says he could be the guy anymore, but it won't help to just cut bait so early in a season. Miami has all but locked up Tua, so what are our options? Ride Ryan to a 7-9 season at best? Just keep MM out there, see what we get. If he shits the bed, wash our hands of him in the offseason. I've thought this team was talented enough now, to risk "mortgaging the future" for a QB. And maybe we still could this year. But Miami holds all the cards. Maybe it's best to stop-gap next year, and go all-in the year after. But how many other teams are also thinking that? Idk, Marcus has made some plays that might make you reconsider, but when I watch real QBs, I think that we should strive for more. When Drew drops back, I don't put my head in my hands and think "oh here we go", bc he makes shit happen. Whoever the best guy out in the next couple years that can make shit happen... all in, baby. All fucking in.
  2. Really? I haven't had luck there the last few events. I eventually found a couple places, but not through reddit. Seems all the old subs are taken down when I've tried lately.
  3. Most of the #4 picks from the 00s are busts and/or dead. Rivers better be careful.
  4. Prob the most entertaining cast of theirs. Definitely sounds like Ramsey is down to come here, unless it's just putting the squeeze on Jax.
  6. People waiting for the crop of old guys to be done, now that golden boy Mahomes is here. They're lining up to suck his dick.
  7. Lewan is 81, #14 LT in the game. Everybody complains about the ratings, but that's fucking egregious. They'll fluctuate. I won't get it til after preseason, when the rosters settle. I usually adjust ratings at that point as I see fit, before beginning a franchise.
  8. I enjoy the show. I'd rather hear players shoot the shit than some jabronis give the same analysis over and over. But I only listen to casts if they have interesting guests. I don't give a damn about whoever Rich Froning is.
  9. Bottom of the fucking list.. of course, these assholes never give us any love.
  10. I thought the name sounded familiar