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  1. Lewan is 81, #14 LT in the game. Everybody complains about the ratings, but that's fucking egregious. They'll fluctuate. I won't get it til after preseason, when the rosters settle. I usually adjust ratings at that point as I see fit, before beginning a franchise.
  2. I enjoy the show. I'd rather hear players shoot the shit than some jabronis give the same analysis over and over. But I only listen to casts if they have interesting guests. I don't give a damn about whoever Rich Froning is.
  3. Bottom of the fucking list.. of course, these assholes never give us any love.
  4. I thought the name sounded familiar
  5. Decent at LSU, overshadowed by some bigger names like Arden Key. And he was a Patriot, so no shocker here. Probably won't make it.
  6. "I'd love to have a top three, top five defense" Yes, Kenny, that's it.. demand that trade.
  7. Of course, I'm just curious to see who gets excited over whom and whatnot.
  8. I'm probably not as concerned as I should be with their class. Mostly just relieved they didn't get Greedy. I'd love a video of our war room.
  9. If Lock was the pick, you couldn't give these away.
  10. Like, we found out about it 3 days ago. Like, how like, long have they been like, planning this? A lot longer than your whore parties, bitch.
  11. Well, you do draft for the future. You definitely want the right guy instead of a guy that's close, but can go right now. What's his beef with Walker? Did he think there was a starter on the board there? Can't comment on Davis, I'm far from well-versed in small school mid-round guards, so I may give him that one.
  12. I feel like most will grade us a B, partly because our first pick won't play right away, and mostly because we're us.
  13. Very nice. I thought it was he we were trading up for earlier.
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