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  1. I figured, we beat them once. We don't have anyone that can properly cover Hopkins, Watson has done well against us. And as gratifying as it would be to beat them in Houston to go to the SB, it would be more sickening for them to beat us in Houston. So yeah, I sightly preferred the KC matchup.
  2. jphardy


    2nd biggest witch hunt in the history of the world.
  3. For real.. we have a great secondary overall, but nobody can really consistently cover Hopkins.
  4. That one they returned to the 47, I was like, "why don't they just kick it out of bounds every time?". That one they downed at the 1, I was like "oh, okay".
  5. I'll just say that our road is favorably tough. We beat New England, so we should be capable of beating anyone. If we contain Lamar and beat Baltimore, it could be a good practice for Mahomes/Watson.
  6. I could see a PA pass to AJ, but they might be expecting it. So... a run up the middle.
  7. Loudest crowd I've ever heard for an extra point
  8. I loved Walker coming out, even hoped we'd move up to get him earlier. I'm an LSU homer, but I love Chaisson. Tore his ACL in the first game last year, but he's good.
  9. Some rough guys from Baltimore, man, they got tattoos and.. they some hardcore hos.
  10. The Mariota flows strong within him. I'ma play it safe and pre-order that sworded #13 jersey.
  11. I got excited for a minute.. "we're going forward?!"

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