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  1. Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones says he will sit out the NFL season if he doesn’t get a contract worth $20.1 million a year. Chris Jones something to consider. Would be a better fit than clowney
  2. Here's a good one... how would you rank our wide receivers? AJ Brown 1st Tier- Top 20 (11-20 in the league) Corey Davis and Adam Humphries 3rd Tier- Top 100 (71-80 in the League) Khalif Raymond 4th Tier- Top 100 (81-90 in the league) (dude catches bombs)
  3. Replacing an all pro OT with a rookie could be trouble especially in the early goings of the season.
  4. Think we will be at 9-6 going into week 17 at Texans
  5. Anyone looking to start a league?
  6. I doubt this cus the year before we whooped them in the regular season and our offense clicked
  7. Blaine Bishop as of now. But if he keeps it up Byard for sure.
  8. I still think Romeo Crennel for DC isn’t a bad idea and getting a young guy as an assistant to do like QB spy stuff since we gotta go through Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson for the foreseeable future ITS HAPPENING!!!!! Vrabel is God
  9. explain this. Scheme and philosophy for defenses have been the same with minor changes dating back over 50 years.
  10. Lol defense schemes get outdated huh? DLB used the same scheme for how many years? How about Pees? Jesus you are one of the dumbest nerds. Probably should stick to computer games and magic cards, leave football to people who actually understand it.
  11. yea man gotitans is cool but I wanna know what mitch ferkins and his buddies think sometimes so I come here.
  12. Kris Richard and Rex Ryan also options. Funny to hear the guys always hating on any option but never having any opinion of their own you ignorant cock gobblers. grow some fucking balls and have an opinion instead of just hating everything you see and thinking you’re so smart lol nerdy faggot fuckheads

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