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  1. Packers Chiefs. Maybe Bucs Chiefs NFL wants Rodgers Mahomes or Brady Mahomes, they ain't gonna let a Josh Allen super bowl happen.
  2. I see your point but the balance can’t allow us to have 99% employment and $15 minimum wage. increasing minimum wage decreases number of jobs. A capitalistic society is survival of the fittest.
  3. AJ Brown got the heart of a lion. Now what happened with Corey Davis? Should be getting some kind of surgery as well if he was really hurt....
  4. Well, that's just not true. Average Per month income in Europe: 1,695 Euros / Month Average per month income in US: $3,714
  5. I’d rather have millions of low paying jobs available and unemployment at around 4% (as it was pre covid) than to have thousands of $15 per hour jobs with unemployment around 20%.
  6. I thought we were trying to get corporations to create more jobs in America.
  7. ok in layman’s terms if they increase the minimum wage to 15 then companies will not hire as many positions and there will be less jobs. More people will be unemployed with less jobs, and that will cause the disparity between upper and lower class to increase.
  8. Sure, glad you asked... One of CBO’s most important findings is that only 12 percent of low-wage workers (defined as those earning less than $19 per hour) belong to families living in poverty.
  9. Increasing minimum wage only makes the gap between the upper class and lower class wider. middle class loses big time if we make min wage $15.
  10. Making college free helps more than increasing minimum wage. Increasing minimum wage will cause more people to not want higher education and better jobs and have a negative impact long term. Who will want to go to school for 8 years to get a PhD and be a professor and make 60-75K a year when you can make 40-50K out of high school at McDonald’s.
  11. The ten countries with the highest minimum wages (in USD) are: Luxembourg ($13.78) Australia ($12.14) France ($11.66) New Zealand ($11.20) Germany ($10.87) Netherlands ($10.44) Belgium ($10.38) United Kingdom ($10.34) Ireland ($9.62) Canada ($9.52)
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