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  1. If I was to bet unbiased, I would take the Texans at +400. Hopkins, Watson, Miller, Fuller, Watt, Clowney, Joseph. I just think we're too inconsistent to be able to win the division. We play down to teams skill levels that are below us.
  2. We have the third toughest run defense schedule so not a very smart start by Arthur Smith. Also saying that he doesn’t want to change the offense for mariota from last year another mistake. Not happy with Arthur so far!
  3. Keep Mahomes, regardless of what it cost you. Learn to spell Mahomes as well. But keep Mahomes as long as you can regardless of cost!!!!
  4. Tyreek Hill Celebrating No Suspension from NFL with Wife
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-shockingly-decides-not-to-suspend-chiefs-wr-tyreek-hill-following-investigation/?ftag=SPM-16-10abi8e NFL not suspending Tyreek, I don't understand how after all the investigations and all the findings he doesn't get suspended at all. At least 2 game suspension would have been fair given all the findings that were made public.
  6. It looks great, but as a team with the nickname 2 tone blue this really doesn't fit the mold. Plus in my opinion I think the red is too bold, stands out way too much.
  7. Here is our schedule, please copy and paste to show which games you think we will win and which ones we will lose. Also can say winnable games but might not win. Here’s a look at the entire 2019 regular season schedule: Game 1 Date: Sunday, September 8. Opponent: at Cleveland Browns. Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Loss Game 2 Date: Sunday, September 15. Opponent: Indianapolis Colts. Winnable: No Win/Lose: Loss Game 3 Date: Thursday, September 19. Opponent: at Jacksonville Jaguars. Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 4 Date: Sunday, September 29. Opponent: at Atlanta Falcons. Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Lose Game 5 Date: Sunday, October 6. Opponent: Buffalo Bills. Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 6 Date: Sunday, October 13. Opponent: at Denver Broncos. Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Loss (Tough to play in Denver) Game 7 Date: Sunday, October 20. Opponent: Los Angeles Chargers. Winnable: No Win/Lose: Loss Game 8 Date: Sunday, October 27 Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 9 Date: Sunday, November 3 Opponent: at Carolina Panthers Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Lose Game 10 Date: Sunday, November 10 Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs Winnable: No Win/Lose: Lose Game 11 Date: Sunday, November 24 Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 12 Date: Sunday, December 1 Opponent: at Indianapolis Colts Winnable: No Win/Lose: Lose Game 13 Date: Sunday, December 8 Opponent: at Oakland Raiders Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 14 Date: Sunday, December 15 Opponent: Houston Texans Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Win Game 15 Date: Sunday, December 22. Opponent: New Orleans Saints Winnable: No Win/Lose: Lose Game 16 Date: Sunday, December 29 Opponent: at Houston Texans Winnable: Yes Win/Lose: Lose This puts our record at 6-10. Could be a couple games that could swing either way, such as in Denver or in Carolina. Opener against Cleveland could probably swing either way as well and the game in Atlanta. Very hard to see us with 9 or more wins. Tough schedule! Wish we got the games against Denver Atlanta and Cleveland at home. Instead our home schedule has the top teams in the league: Chargers, Chiefs, Saints,
  8. Predators just traded PK Subban to Devils. The club has acquired P.K. Subban from the Nashville Predators in exchange for Steven Santini, Jeremy Davies, one second round pick in this draft and another second round pick in next year’s draft.
  9. I think it's straight up blasphemy that Drew Brees has never won the MVP for all the records he has broken. Hope he wins it this year or at least once in his career, he deserves it!
  10. Might be lame but good to start a thread to applaud just how much better our Women's National Team is compared to the rest of the world. The celebrations on the 13 goals were a little excessive but scoring goals is not something they should apologize for. PS Who's the hottest on the national team? I vote Alex Morgan
  11. Davis is 26 but yea should be great and I think it would be smarter for Lakers to get better depth rather than 3 max guys. I think Davis Lebron JJ Redick Patrick Beverly Danny Green would be better than Davis Lebron Kemba.
  12. It's not the defense I'm worried about, it's everything else. Starting defense is great, could use a little depth at the LB position but main issue is putting up points. We were 27th in points per game last year and that is not a playoff caliber team, plain and simple.
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