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  1. By the by, The annual salary of Mike Vrabel with the Tennessee Titans is $9.5 million. After joining the Titans in 2018, Vrabel signed a five-year contract extension with them in 2021. He has led the Titans to multiple championship games. Mike Vrabel has never led any team to the grand stage of the Super Bowl. Worth evvvverrrry penny, right Titans nation?!
  2. Well, I did retract the truth about our beloved Tennessee Titans just for you prometheus. Teach me oh wise one, teach me some more. Not enough said.
  3. So how about some intelligent insight Face and future prediction on how this team should be managed, coached, and improved upon rather than the millennial brat back n forth. I mean, between you, some guy from Japan, rns90, and the rest of your members only club, how about a little more than just the general bullshit above. Vrabel inherited this team, he's overrated, the offensive play calling sucks, this franchise regresses over again, simple.
  4. My sincere apology in retraction to Titans nation.... My bad, Mike Vrabel is God, all is good in Nashville, Face rules, and has taught me such a valuable lesson about prolonged post that have reached the rock of bottom historically, for he knows best and more than all of you... Spears rocks, Tannehill is average to okay, and whether or not we win or how we win only matters to the collective brilliant minds of the behind the scenes masterminds on titansreport.com aka Vrabel/Adams family members. My bad. It's no wonder this franchise will never matter or win anything significant any time soon. It's even more comforting to know nobody on this board will ever or has ever coached the game of football successfully.
  5. Out of the 17 games scheduled to be played in 2023, the Jacksonville Jaguars have 10 home games vs 7 road games with 5 of those home games being played in a row at the early part of the season. The toughest games are home games while the schedule makers also gave them the luxury of not having to travel to the west coast against San Francisco. You wanna talk bullshit without dispatching conspiracy theory notions. @ Colts H Chiefs Top Tier Contender H Texans H Falcons H Bills Top Tier Contender H Colts @ Saints @ Steelers H 49ers West Coast Home H Titans Class of Division @ Texans H Cincy Top Tier Contender @ Browns H Ravens Top Tier Contender @ Bucs H Panthers @ Titans Class of Division
  6. We establish a more than decent back with McNichols, gone. Bring in Hilliard, gone as free agent sitting at home. Draft another potential felon. The receipt to being a very average NFL franchise.
  7. Say what you want but the Ryan Tannehill decision in 2019 was the sole great decision of Jon Robinson's tenure and single most vital reason why the Titans turned their fortune around under Vrabel. Plain and simple. He'll never be appreciated or ranked as a top tier quarterback because of his name and lack and consistency built around him to withstand more than a few years tops before the walls are torn down. The DeAndre Hopkins move is the other sole reason going into this season why hope rings back true toward a successful enough season considering the Titans play in the worse division in all of pro football.
  8. There hasn't been a solid class drafted under Vrabel since his first couple years. Since 2020, the draft wheels have fallen off with exception to a few players like Fulton and Simmons. AJ Brown and Nate Davis are the other two, with Brown being the disaster move of all time. The jury's out regarding Petit-Frere.
  9. Simply highlighting the horrid quarterback class of winnable games, I'm fairly sure as some of you more genius fans already know to anticipate the Titans losing so very winnable games and winning some very tough and close games as is the general custom of our Jeckle/Hyde franchise. What's even more pathetic going back to that word "horrid" is the quarterback class of the NFC going into 2023. By and by, the end result should be another division title and at least winning 10 or 11 games worse case. There is no way in God's green world of NFL football that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the new class of the division or super upstart in professional football, and head and shoulders from top to bottom afar more superior team talent wise even with the backward steps taken on behalf of the idiot show called our front office. 2023 Schedule REGULAR SEASON @Saints Winnable 9/10 1:00 PM CBS Vs Chargers 50/50 or Lose 9/17 1:00 PM CBS @Browns 50/50 or Lose 9/24 1:00 PM CBS Vs Bengals Lose 10/1 1:00 PM FOX @ Colts Winnable 10/8 1:00 PM CBS Vs Ravens 50/50 or Lose 10/15 9:30 AM NFL NET Vs Falcons Winnable 10/29 1:00 PM CBS @ Steelers Winnable 11/2 8:15 PM @ Buccaneers Winnable 11/12 1:00 PM CBS @ Jaguars Winnable 11/19 1:00 PM CBS Vs Panthers Winnable 11/26 1:00 PM FOX Vs Colts Winnable 12/3 1:00 PM CBS @ Dolphins 50/50 or Lose 12/11 8:15 PM ESPN Vs Texans Winnable 12/17 1:00 PM CBS Vs Seahawks Winnable 12/24 1:00 PM CBS @ Texans Winnable 12/31 1:00 PM FOX Vs Jaguars Winnable 1/7 TBD [5] 2023 LOSSES: Chargers Browns Bengals Ravens Dolphins [12] 2023 WINS: Jags T. Lawrence Jags T. Lawrence Colts Gardner Minshew / Anthony Richardson Colts Gardner Minshew / Anthony Richardson Texans David Mills Texans David Mills Saints Derek Carr Seahawks Gino Smith Steelers Kenny Pickett Falcons Desmond Ridder Bucs Baker Mayfield Panthers Bryce Young
  10. 2020 Tennessee Titans Offense: QB Ryan Tannehill RT Dennis Kelly* RB Derrick Henry RG Nate Davis* RB Jeremy McNichols* C Ben Jones* RB D’Onta Foreman* LG Rodger Saffold* LT Taylor Lewan* WR AJ Brown* OL David Quessenberry* WR Corey Davis* WR Adam Humphries* *2020 #2 Ranked Offense in NFL! WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine WR Khalif Raymond* TE Jonnu Smith* TE Anthony Firkser* TE MyCole Pruitt* 2021 Tennessee Titans Offense: QB Ryan Tannehill RT Dennis Quessenberry* RB Derrick Henry RG Nate Davis* RB Jeremy McNichols* C Ben Jones* RB D’Onta Foreman* LG Rodger Saffold* RB Dontrell Hillard LT Taylor Lewan* WR AJ Brown* WR Julio Jones* WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine TE Anthony Firkser* TE Geoff Swain TE MyCole Pruitt* 2022 Tennessee Titans Offense: QB Ryan Tannehill RT Nicholas Petit-Frere RB Derrick Henry RG Nate Davis* RB Dontrell Hilliard C Ben Jones* LG Aaron Brewer LT Taylor Lewan* OL Dillon Radunz WR Robert Woods* WR Treylon Burks WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine TE Geoff Swain TE Austin Hooper* *Simply Denotes the Obvious in Titans Players No Longer With Team: Also Note The Many [*] All Throughout, Indicative To Almost Every Season Since 1994.
  11. Drafting the offensive linemen in the first round wasn't the worse move, but passing over Hendon Hooker for Levis and not even acknolwedging the opportunity to draft AT Perry and instead, some Tulane running back like so many others similar to past drafts who are eventually released or unable to make the team to begin with. Stupid is as always does, as history always repeats itself over again in Nashville no matter who is playing GM and head coach.
  12. One of the worse hired since Ruston Webster in franchise history! Watch the beginning of the end unfold moving forward. Sorry fans, but this team needs new ownership desperately.
  13. And the Titans hire Lovie Smith as their new general manager and head coach! Annnddd.... this is the day n age we live in, sadly............................................................(((((((((((((((((( Great move to keep the Cardinals even-keeled at 7-10 for the next five years.
  14. Exactly my point about fan stupidity! This comment alone has less value than a 300-pound girl begging anyone to fuck her on prom night. Good luck unwished supporting Dobbs for franchise President in 2023 who comes cheaper than Tannathrill genius.
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