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  1. With the way the offensive line played last year without him, rotating his tackle position for what are considered veteran role players, the move was to cut him instead of several others that will inevitably cost the Titans this coming season. I love how some commented about setting up another Super Bowl run. What run? We got lucky during week 17 in 2019 without Watson and played are two best games rising to the occasion like many teams have done throughout the years as overlooked underdogs. Be that it played out, players like Casey, Ryan, Smith, Davis, Correra and Vaccaro were all major facto
  2. Yeah, he was my mailman back in the day when he played at Mississippi State. I think he played for 1 or 2 NFL teams or something. Great signing. Real great. Great stuff in Nashville. All good. Feeling the flow. That positive flow.
  3. I can promise all of you stating this today and looking back at some time later that when this team begins to struggle losing games in a row, the truth about Vrabel and his ego/stubborness will begin to self destruct the locker room and key veteran players. Another draft and free agency off season that once again proves why this franchise will never win a Super Bowl anytime soon. I'm also willing to bet most of you can do a better job playing the role of front office as I said before.
  4. Uh, yeah, see my Titans - Draft Prospect Tracker posting to answer that best.
  5. Since the gift given and start of franchise turnaround from the 2016/2017 draft classes, a total of (6) players out of 17 (Conklin, Henry, Byard, Davis, Smith, Brown) correlated with 2018/2019 (Evans, AJ, Landry, N Davis, Simmons & Hooker possibly), makes a grand total of (9) players out of 27 draft picks still on the team with an almost Super Bowl appearance to show for it and four straight 9-7 seasons. Out of Conklin, Henry, Davis, Smith, Brown & Byard all but (3) are still on the team after duel first round picks and multiple seconds ,losing out on players like: Michael
  6. Considering 2020 to be the worse draft class since 2013 - 2015 (and more of a complete throw-away), the front office should do everything and anything to move up for DeVonta Smith! Miami has two first round picks with room to negotiate two 3rds and an extra sixth. Whatever it takes, do it and get it done! We've already sent half of this team packing for ridiculous signings with only two making sense (maybe, we'll see), might as well go for broke being how well late round picks have worked out for us.
  7. I think Nashville should hold a draft selection contest amongst the fan base, just like they did in choosing the name of an inherited football team so long ago. Considering the great progression of disaster picks the RV Show demonstrated last year.
  8. Oh, allow we to retort my stupidity. Maybe not the cheapest, as of late, maybe more redneck dumb and stupid. At least Tannehill and Henry got paid along with Clowney and Dupree since one will be around for at least 2 seasons at least.
  9. Yup. See the comment above in proving why we haven't. And just to make sure it's all alike, that's a pun toward not winning a Super Bowl. Go Titansfans!
  10. It's funny the time I waste in just typing that along with barely watching and knowing. Thanks for pointing that out. What a Super Bowl run we've been on since the better decision making coach and front office has been in place. Maybe one day, I too, can learn a thing or two. Dude just needs to make sure the cool nerd agree.
  11. How did the pursuit to upgrade the Marcus Mariota project in the failed luring of Josh McDaniels project find a one year average Joe D-coordinator that ran just as average during his NFL days, and become the unsung hero of the franchise to this point in his coaching knowledge and decision making with the front office? I think some of you could've coached this team with the talent and locker room already stapled in, a short ago, for another rebuilding project before winning anything other than an average AFC South. Maybe it's not about coaching, after all... See Bill Belichick in 2020.
  12. Cheapest and most stupidest front office, NFL franchise. The Tennessee Titans/Beloved Houston Oilers. How sad, how sad, no matter who's playing the role of GM. It was a nice turnaround for the eye blink moment, but no more. Bye, bye, the entire team seemingly, just like the old days and yesterday. Tear those walls right down, starting with the Casey decision last year. Nice move swapping for another aging corner like Joseph in Jenkins.
  13. Let's put Mike Vrabel with Arthur Smith in NY (Jets) with Patrick Mahomes. Derrick Henry and Ryan Fitzpatrick under Reid and Bieniemy. Ryan Tannehill with Belichick and McDaniels in New England and Aarron Rodgers under Urban Meyer in Jacksonville. Same rosters from 2020 with these magic wand moves. Who has the most success going into 2021 and 2022, giving the experiment two years? At least we'd see the real LaFleur stand up and out the Rodgers comfortable shadow of winning. Maybe the real worth of coaching vs player talent.
  14. Nope. Not going anywhere this year. Enjoy the Derrick Superman 2K, folks.
  15. We're not winning the Super Bowl anytime soon or a playoff game this year. Sorry.
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