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  1. No more pees the bed.....Titans got better
  2. Pees was a terrible old man who lost touch with football a long time ago. I am glad to see him leave. When teams get 9 yards on first down time and time again its time to quit which is what he did. If any team has one fast receiver his entire defensive scheme doesn't work. Rush 3 lose game should be on his license plate for life.
  3. The Ravens team is one player, thats why you won't amount to shit...
  4. WRs are still garbage except for AJ. AJ as a rook is heads and tails better than everyone else. That shouldn't happen, I mean it isn't even close. CD is average, Sharp is average, Raymond is a 1 play a game guy, Humphries is a 3rd down guy. Our TEs are the real receivers. The problem begins there but its the complete lack of a defensive line and a shutdown corner that ruins everything...
  5. He is not a HOF QB....He is a gimmick with gimmicks around him and the rules are made just for these types of players. Just run and throw but no hitting, thats KC bunch of little pansies that are fast. If it was still real football none of these child beaters would be on a team because they small and weak. The rules were made for these type of people....So seeing Mahomes flexing is funny, he has no muscles and the rules protect his stupid ass from getting hit....Sad part is more and more of his type are coming now that they can't be hit. Watch him walk and you'll see whats wrong with him...pretty easy to spot
  6. If your an NFL player you can beat your kids and nothing happens...
  7. Mahomes proved he can hit targets with no pressure and run when he was bored past the pathetic lineman all stuck together in the middle of the field...He also acted like a child on every play. I can only hope San Fran plays them, because they will show you why you have to have a pass rush and I'll enjoy watching his complete failure. He failed as a person now lets see that on the field...
  8. This guy needs to fired as soon as they arrive in Tenn. Rushing 3 line is moronic especially when those three are just average there is no great guy in there, Casey is done now, too old, too slow, too fat and lost his ability to earn a paycheck. Any QB given time, is awesome in the NFL. That is exactly what Pees did, give him all the time in the world. Knowing we can't handle their speed what did you do? Give them time to get open, play soft off the line. YOU DID THE WORST THING POSSIBLE for your players and you should be FIRED for being a fraud. This is why you don't have old has-beens in charge, they have no drive or ability to learn they just stuck in their old pitiful ways. Leave this team you dinosaur, you are the ONLY reason this team lost. You don't deserve to have anything with a Titan's logo on it.
  9. I agree, not one of them wan't to hit,tackle, or fight someone off the line. When did football become sit back 10 yards off the ball and hope for the best...
  10. Trust me there is someone somewhere that can guard a midget...one hit and he is done.....You'll notice he runs to the sidelines almost every play
  11. https://clutchpoints.com/chiefs-news-tyreek-hill-claims-that-nobody-in-the-nfl-can-guard-kansas-citys-receivers/ “I feel like nobody in the NFL can guard any of us, and that’s no disrespect to nobody,” Tyreek Hill said, via Kevin Patra of NFL.com,. “That’s just the confidence that I got in myself and the wideouts I’ve got around me, including the tight ends and the running backs. I feel like no DB unit, no secondary unit, no linebacker, any defense can guard any of us. So man-to-man is just easy for us to beat. If you just allow us to run through zones, it’s even easier.”
  12. I would spit in a Raven's face anytime anywhere
  13. When you are a running QB don't look around when you get hit u dumb pos...Do they teach that in practice hey everyone try to get the ref to throw flags for playing football. A second year guy is even screaming for a flag what has the league come too
  14. We really need both of them..They have to pay them all!!! We've been cheap now its time to pay them all because you have to keep this intact. Ryan is like your field general and Adoree is your best captain...Just think we could still have Butler who is also really good(at times)
  15. I still remember that fumble....it'll be on my grave stone. Alge I'll never forgive you

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