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  1. Lol are you a bot? The vaccine was never designed nor does it claim to stop transmission. Matter of fact your more likely to get it with the vaccine and even more so with the delta. But hey since we got communists like you here then I'll give you proof....Here you go SIMPS real doctors....Stop repeating what mainstream tells you too and actually do your research for a change. If you don't know what VAERS is please log out as you don't can't even discuss the topic. 15k dead from the vaccine and you probably don't even know that. This is the FDA so have fun disputing the facts and lying to
  2. So your want them to risk their lives for money and don't care what it will do do to them....gotcha. Why don't you play Russian roulette and they can watch you?
  3. The vaccine is causing people to die and responsible for the variants. Educate yourself, start with yesterdays FDA meeting where actual doctors went thru the data.....The vaccines only worked against the the original strain rofl. Simps like you are the issue
  4. Oz must be a be a mask wearing Pedo...go get your 5th jab and save the world some oxygen
  5. Should be about 42-0. Henry will be tackled for negative yardage the whole game as he can't break any tackle whatsoever. The line will give up 9 sacks at least. TEs won't even be a part of the game. Every Titan CB will give up a TD come Sunday. Tanny will throw 2-3 picks. Jones either won't be open or will drop it. It'll probably be over after the 1st quarter. Enjoy!!
  6. Because its true? No team worth a crap runs on 1st down every series....No real coach tries to kick that FG. No real coach has the offense in run formation 98% of the game. Soon as you see Henry losing yards and not wanting to get hit you go the air and get someone in there who wants to run the ball....
  7. Derrick Henry has no YAC today....runs like he doesn't want to get hit. Not sure why he lifts weight because clearly it doesn't help. When you continue to lose yards and go down after first contact its about the money and not the desire to win. I guess Eddie has to come back to the locker room and tell him to run like a grown man again...How many times to people have to tell him to stop being scared....
  8. Derrick Henry said that....because he had no yards after contact and ran like a little flower girl. Clearly lifting weights makes you weaker when your tackled by one guy every time you touch the ball. Dude has no desire to fight for yards and goes down on first contact. Any RB in the league is better
  9. “We got hit in the mouth.” Now it’s about how we respond, D Henry. NO D Henry you got hit in the mouth and went down on first contact every play. Why do you lift weights? You sad excuse for a man was stopped by small CBs on every play. I bet $100 I could tackle you in the open field without breaking a sweat. Probably don't even need pads to tackle your soft candy butt....
  10. That is the result of a low talent, low IQ tight ends coach
  11. Mahomes makes play, Tanny needs plays designed to work
  12. The OL is full of low talent, early round, never will be's. Brady is 100 years old but doesn't get touched, Tannehill needs a second because he is a 2nd tier QB with low intelligence and doesn't see the defense. He is killing franchise time and next year we have to find a real QB
  13. When a player can't even stand up when the ball is hiked and is a starter its time to get rid of said player....Taylor is an absolute failure. What did he rehab?? He can't stand up without being off balanced. Roids is the only way he is decent. Needs to go the gym and actually work on himself. He'll be retiring at the end of the year...
  14. are you high? The defense was a joke and stopped no one. They were out of position most of the game and confused many plays.. They had to take a TO because he couldn't hear the play call which shows he has no ability to lead. The defense can't tackle, can't cover, and is low IQ. This will be Jenkins last year as he is washed up and should be shot
  15. Dude fell down soon as the ball was hiked on one play. He has no strength or athletic ability. GTFO and retire. Dumb washed up pos
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