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  1. Great pick. The fact that we took a speed back tells me we are keeping DH. You're an idiot. He also fills a special teams role.
  2. I'll never be mad at the team for investing in the O line. The Titans don't have many holes to fill but I'm sure they will do so today. Need a nickelback and a backup running back. Knew I'd come on here to see the rest of the fanbase whining about the pick. Sure, it's not sexy but the battle is won at the line of scrimmage. Henry is gonna love this kid.
  3. Let's fucking go!!! Need to focus on a couple of edge rushers and we're set. I'm not worried about losing Conk. When was the last time the Titans actually struggled at that position? We've always generally been able to draft well at that spot. Easy fix IMO.
  4. Is this a fancy way of you trying to offer horse cock? I'm good.
  5. It's going to be non simulation which means it'll be like NFL Street or something. That's a shame. Hopefully they can get back to simulation football. 2K5 still holds its own.
  6. You're not lying. I'm glad the pineapple Tebow express has left for good. Funny thing is I moved to Oregon right after he left college and now I'm going to do the same in Tennessee.
  7. I've been contemplating making the jump for several years, but I'm planning on moving to Nashville within the next two years. Is it a good place to live? Housing seems reasonably priced and I love the music scene. Tons of history in Tennessee so it really intrigues me. The Titans are an added bonus. Where are the reasonably priced houses, good locations of the city, places to see etc...etc.. Pros and cons?
  8. Which the Titans should do. Sign Brady and draft Love. Move up in the draft if need be.
  9. Vince is dumber, AB just has CTE
  10. That's not the rumor though. The rumor is that Gisele was...

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