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  1. Swanigan ballooned up to like 500 pounds. I would imagine it has something to do with that.
  2. Urban Meyer went undefeated with 3 different colleges. Whether you like him or not, he's one of the greatest college coaches EVER. Vrabel promised to be much more aggressive than our previous coaches, which he has. Sometimes it has paid off and other times it has bitten us in the ass. See Chargers game in London or even the Bengals game last year by not kicking the extra point. Is he the greatest coach in the league? No, but he's consistently put us in a position to compete for a ring.
  3. You ain't lying, scored the game winning walkoff touchdown against the lions and retired a winner.
  4. Always thought this fight was overblown. Johnson got like one good punch in and Cortland was a midget. Held his own pretty well to be honest.
  5. For Tannehill straight up? No, but I do think Baker is a bit underrated and gets a lot more hate than he should. I'd throw a 7th his way to be a backup.
  6. This. Mason never had the intangibles of AJB but he did more with less.
  7. No, you didn't. How am I a "fraud". I've been straight up.
  8. I said i don't believe in left or right dichotomy and you got "republican" out of that. You're a fucking dumbass bro.
  9. Right I follow mainstream ideas. Goddamn you're a dumbass.
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