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  1. It isn't a lazy analysis because I never claimed that he worked with Vrabel and co. I just said they can't resist former Texans which is true, whether they worked together previously or not.
  2. Vrabel and co. just can't resist former Texans
  3. You can't be scared to sign free agents because of a bad string of luck. We need a receiver. A real one, and if we have any shot at it they need to make it happen.
  4. What's his upside? Throwing a single touchdown pass?
  5. Not sure how reliable this is but figured it was worth a discussion.
  6. Don't forget saying we weren't going to be running into stacked boxes anymore.
  7. I can't sit there and drink the kool-aid anymore. When they continually sit up there and lie they need to be called out. Let's not forget Vrabel lied and said AJ Brown would not be traded as long as he was head coach too. (Yes, I realize he wasn't GM) Then he whines and says who are we going to throw to and we completely ignore the receiving position when it matters most. It's absurd and when you continually lie people get fed up.
  8. What schtick? Calling them on their bullshit?
  9. True, but as Paul has pointed out it probably isn't a very good strategy to completely ignore a position of need through the Free Agency period and the draft. Especially after he whined and got a guy fired for now having anyone to throw it to.
  10. I just pulled a Will Levis autographed card so I hope this dude pans out.
  11. I get that but it was just a basic catch against one on one coverage. Any receiver should be able to make that play.
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