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  1. Why is this guy still on the team? We are trending downwards and fast. I like Vrabel and J Rob but they have made some terrible decisions this season which might cost us a playoff spot.
  2. Absolutely idiotic. Allen punted well and you only give him 1 week. Meanwhile Shankowski continues to get chance after chance with no threat of competition.
  3. Easy when you play 10 yards off the ball. This line has no chance to get to the QB. They need to play up, jam the receivers, and if you get beat deep so be it. Pathetic coaching scheme.
  4. You can't be physical when you play 10 yards off the receiver.
  5. Well, 9-7 again this year boys but unfortunately it swings towards no playoffs this season.
  6. This isn't an individual player issue, it's a scheme issue. So fucking stupid to play off the receivers that much and then drop back.
  7. The guy has been lucky to come this far. Could have cost us several games but he came through. Now he is costing us. He isn't the sole reason for the loss but it's inexcusable to miss that many.
  8. Why shouldn't they? Because he might turn it around? He'd be fired multiple times in the real world. He's a lazy privileged slob. Odds of him getting it are slim and none. You don't just gain work ethic, especially not at that age. They won't cut him, but they should. Logic tells you he's not going to work out.
  9. I hope he turns it around but the kid has been an absolute bust and doesn't seem to be putting in the effort. He's also a complete idiot.
  10. Honestly I'd just admit my mistake and cut the guy. He can't even make the practice field. 1st round or not, the kid can't make a good decision to save his life.
  11. Mason was a reliable possession receiver. Raymond is a speedy deep threat. I don't see the comparison.

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