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  1. He’s getting older. Will become more situational with Simmons and Jones there. The bigger issue is OLB. No idea why Finch is scratched when he gets pressure. Correa is usually a bystander.
  2. We need more pass rush beyond Landry. Needs to be an off season priority
  3. Our head coach is a fucking retard. Tannehill looks like an NFL QB.
  4. Hate watching this team. It’s just so fuckin boring
  5. Mariota is so shit. also Smiths play calling is putrid. Run run long third down. Run run long third down. SHIT
  6. Lol brutal from Winston, dude has no poise.
  7. His answers have no substance... “we have to block better” “we have to make better plays” blah blah blah. Like yeah, no shit. But give us some substance. He’s done NOTHING to warrant being so lazy with the press. Belichick is allowed to do it because he doesn’t have to prove anything. Vrabel has done nothing in this league as a HC.
  8. I won’t until we get rid of Mariota and Vrabel.
  9. He just comes across as unintelligent.
  10. Your team fucking sucks you just don’t realise it yet. I’ll catch you in a couple of years when you’re done within Allen. You barely beat a schizophrenic team with a shit QB and retard HC. Congrats.
  11. Mariota has no pocket awareness and takes way too long to get the ball out. He is who he is and isn’t going to change now. We need to draft a QB in the first.
  12. Mularkey has issues but didn’t deserve to be fired for a guy like Vrabel.