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  1. Meh. Don’t love any of the picks and don’t think any make a significant impact next season.
  2. I wouldn’t mind us moving back and accumulating some more late picks. This draft has quite a bit of depth despite its weakness at the top.
  3. This is why I don’t watch ESPN. NFLN referred to the video obviously but were actually pretty fair about it. Sjws and leftist politics is pit of stupidity.
  4. Agreed. Dumb move. JRob is given a free pass on here a lot but his high picks have kinda been duds tbh. Conklin had a good first season but has started to struggle a bit more, Davis right now is a bust, Evans looks good but isn’t a game changer. Adoree is the only guy you can say was a great pick at the position he was taken at this point.
  5. Big men struggle to come back from ACL injuries and he’s likely to miss a year. I thought his tape was good but not close to “top 5 talent” that some people have mooted.
  6. It wouldn’t shock me if we took a QB early. And if the right one fell to us at #19 we’d be stupid not to take him. Mariota has not shown he’s a franchise QB and doesn’t deserve to be the assumed starter. I’d like him to have genuine competition. We’ve got that to some extent already with Tannehill. Why not make it a three-way contest?
  7. We'll most likely lose but if we can put up a good fight I'd be happy.
  8. Jayon Brown and Wesley Woodyard are the most important players on our defence. I hope Evans can develop quick cause we missed Woodyard BAD when he was injured. But yeah we have a nice young group on D. We just need the O to get more consistent.
  9. Yeah Henry just hasn't got it. I'd get Bell in or draft someone.
  10. I get the call, but at that point I'd run the ball. Especially after that AWFUL first try by MM on the throw, which was luckily flagged.
  11. Our replacement personnel have been so bad. Makes me question JRob. Our backup ILBs are awful. Lewis is awful. Butler is awful. Mariota has no TE. Interior Oline is awful.
  12. MM has regressed massively since 2016. Let's get someone new.
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