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  1. Agreed but there's plenty of time for this. Obama had the exact same criticisms, even deep into the primary campaign.
  2. I know you guys are sick of me saying so, but check out Buttigieg. I find him to be a very pleasant mix of the two, combined with being a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, a guy who has been successful in the corporate world. Not quite as charasmatic as Beto, but very personable and relatable and connects, and he may be the one guy in the race that is as smart as or smarter than Warren, although not with quite her depth of knowledge on the issues.
  3. Yeah. I had never much heard of her until about 6 months ago, and thought wow, she seems great! But I agree, the more I learn the weirder she gets.
  4. Not sure if we heard the same interview, but I think I heard her on Morning Joe say the exact same thing. I was very impressed. They were going around the table going from topic to topic with rapid-fire questions and she was handling it all like a beast. I'll say one thing, and I'll directly contradict what I said about her maybe losing to Trump. If Warren can make it through this deep and talented field, she will prove she isn't awkward enough to win, and could end up being someone who really fires up the base and could really drive turnout.
  5. The reality is Marx did not write one single thing remotely similar to what you claimed in your first post. You could backtrack and say you misspoke but I know you won't do that. Likely the response to being exposed will be more anger and petty insults. It's ok, we've come to expect it.
  6. No, the thread was created in reaction to someone, rightfully, pointing out that we didn't have a standalone thread for any of the female candidates. So since none of the Warren fans felt compelled to start one, I went ahead and did so.
  7. Is it purposeful, or are we just talking past each other? Because I'm not saying she should "stay in the Senate," I'm saying she makes a lousy Presidential candidate, but could still have a lot of power in the Senate. How is my answer in any way directed at her supporters? I'm not telling her not to run, and not telling anyone not to vote for her.
  8. Especially when none of these right-wing uranium truthers appear to even know what Uranium is.
  9. Yeah, the idea that a bunch of egghead scientists could get together and rig the public policy debate against the interests of the biggest and most valuable corporations in the world is the biggest flaw in the "global warming is a hoax" trope. We can all agree scientists are capable of falsifying data, pushing agendas, etc. etc. And we can agree that they could do so for the purposes of enriching yourselves. But the amount of all grants ever written to study climate change would probably be a rounding error on the books of Exxon.
  10. I am relieved to see so far they've dug up a DUI from 20 years ago, and some rambling poetry and crazy writing from when he was 15 or 16. If that's the worst there is, seems like he's in pretty good shape.
  11. Two things with those numbers: (1) Beto had a very good list already before entering the race, but then again so did Bernie. Money doesn't equal votes, but folks that donate are obviously hardcore and are going to get out the vote, so it certainly is indicative of support at the polls. (2) While Beto is one of the most exciting candidates, I think the huge numbers, overall, reflect the excitement and energy on the Democratic side in general. But yeah, at the end of the day, cash is king. Not only does it indicate you deep bench of excited supporters, but of course a lot of money early on allows a candidate to spread a message further, earlier. Beto's got about as good a head start as anyone. Let's see what he does with it.
  12. And also for the record, because I can hear the incoming attacks, people that prefer Warren should definitely support and vote for Warren. Vote for who you believe in and who inspires you. If that's Warren, great. I am not lecturing, just trying to handicap and analyze. In short, I am trying to be a wonk when analyzing Warren's chances.
  13. She is very awkward. It amazes me I can type the same fucking phrase 1,000 times but people think I have something against Warren as President. I will repeat what I have also said before, it is a COMPLIMENT, really, to say she is a bad presidential candidate. She is not enough of a political whore, not enough of a showman. She's too substantive and cerebral. It just doesn't work. She'll do great in the debates, to those scoring on their official debate scorecards, but I just don't think she connects to the average person well. Her "negatives," to the extent they are there, are negatives as a Presidential candidate, only. I'd much rather hang out with her than most of these guys, because I'm an awkward nerd too. Unfortunately, I am not typical of the voting public. Buttigieg is a guy who is also cerebral and substantive but he can connect. I think being Mayor helps him, and having been a management consultant. Warren has been in academia and the Senate. I love academics - I'm married to a career academic. But my wife would be the first to tell you that academics are awkward as hell. And they spend their days talking to other brilliant people. In the Senate she spends all day wonking out with other wonks. That's awesome. God bless her. But that isn't a great proving ground for a public that just voted based on "Build that Wall!" and "Lock her up!" I'd love to hang out with Beto too. He's just super cool and dreamy.
  14. Or maybe used a little more political tact than saying she wants to put coal miners out of a job. Kind of like the baskets of deplorables. Hillary was right about that, too, but she just had no feel for politics. So yes, Hillary being Hillary, she would have been better of lying.
  15. I don't see the parallel. And why twist what I said? I didn't say should shouldn't be president, I said I think she would make a bad candidate for President. I would love to see her as President, but it isn't going to happen for her. But I do think she could probably more effective in that role.
  16. Nothing that has happened recently has made me think this, so I am not reacting. I actually thought of posting this last week. I am calling my shot again: if it is Biden vs. Trump in a 1 on 1 match-up, Trump will win a second term.
  17. I like Warren, and especially like that her main issue seems to be one that NOBODY is willing to address - the imbalance between consumers and corporations. And she does it in just the right way, and is very thoughtful about it. Her position (which is correct) is that if you are in favor of capitalism and free markets, then you have to regulate and monitor large corporations and keep them from using their dominance and power to crush competition and hurt consumers. I think Warren will/could make a hell of a Senate Majority leader one day, or some other very powerful position. While she is uniquely qualified and capable and intelligent, she is also uniquely terrible as a Presidential candidate IMO. And I think she is a very bad match for Trump. She doesn't seem able to resist the urge to take his bait. That could end up really handicapping her in a one on one with Trump. And I think Warren would have a real chance of getting Trump re-elected. I love her on the sidelines, throwing bombs and getting under Trump's skin. But as she enters the realm of presidential politics, I fear it will be him dragging her down.
  18. Can't figure out this one, and what her angle is, but it does not appear that Democrats are buying any of what she is selling. I could see her running out of funds pretty quickly and dropping out.
  19. And utter silence from Graham as Trump goes on Twitter to trash his great friend, a man who was almost like a father to him in the Senate, on the anniversary of his release from the Hanoi Hilton. All to maintain political power.
  20. I should have clicked on that story and read further. The freaking guy taught himself Norwegian so he could read more books by an author he liked. That's incredible.
  21. Is McCain distributing the Steele report to people supposed to be something positive for Trump people?
  22. This guy must be clean as a whistle because they keep going after him for stuff that makes him look like more of a badass
  23. Not really imo. Since I've started all the standalone threads I'll explain. Warren is a weak candidate, Harris is a little out there. I've spoken highly of klobachar but no one else seems to much like her and I've frequently stated my side eye about booker. The ones that are really intriguing me right now are Beto and Buttigieg and klobachar Actually I take that back I think it Does say something about us. There is a Harris standalone - it's an ugly one saying she f***ked her way to the top started by tuxedo. There's 9nines standalone making fun of Warren about the native American thing. And then one about klobachar being a big meany. I think this is all pretty telling.
  24. Damn, apart from him as a candidate, can the dude get any cooler? He's like all the cool Gen X stereotypes came to life.
  25. I started all of them. If there is a particular candidate you want to start a thread on have at it
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