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  1. I'm not sure if in the last two episodes they will go back and break down exactly what went wrong. If you haven't seen it, the series basically starts at the moment things start getting bad. But I woild recommend an excellent episode of "Seconds from Disaster" on chernobyl that goes into detail how it all happened. I saw it several years ago and now it is cool to see the aftermath broken down.
  2. Personally I think its not a good one to binge. After each episode it has been good to sort of mull it over and break it down with my wife. It helps the gravity of it all really sink in to give some space between episodes.
  3. 3 so far I think but not sure how many total. I doubt there will be too many more.
  4. OK that addresses the first part, and which I all but conceded, but doesn't address the main point I made.
  5. If you grew up during that time it is so powerful. I guess we about the same age.
  6. As long as certain posters are so easily baited he will keep right on doing it.
  7. I still maintain the rushed time line did not happen in a vacuum. They say HBO did not pressure them. Ok fine but I doubt there wasn't some pressure. But at the very least I think everyone involved from actors to writers etc were burned out. If nothing else I feel like they limited the last two seasons b3cauwr the major players were totally ready to be done with the show and move on. It is amazing how they were able to hold everyone together for that long as it is. Other than the guy who played the mountain I don't think a single other character had to be replaced with a different actor. That is very remarkable given the huge cast.
  8. There's another thing the conspiracy qanon fuckwits can't get around TRUMP WON THE FUCKING ELECTION AND HAS BEEN PRESIDENT FOR TWO AND A HALF YEARS
  9. So Oman what's the alternative? You keep ducking that. The election may be fixed but you think we will get a fair result from the impeachment process with a republican controlled senate? Russia doesn't decide who our president is. That's loser talk. Russians we're able to put their thumb on the scales because Americans are weak. All they did was exploit divisions that were already here. If we just fucking vote and volunteer and out work Republicans we will defeat them. We did in 2018.lets do it again. And yes, an election is sort of the standard way you hold a politician accountable in a democracy.
  10. Nothing demonstrates the extent to which these Trump followers are brainwashed than this idea that good ol Trump is taking on the big bad IC to make them accountable and end IC abuse. Poppy cock. Trump bashes the IC for one reason only - to try to protect himself and his own image. He doesn't give a shit about anything else. He's not some crusader against Big Intelligence - he's a child and a fraud and a cheat with a fragile ego and everything to hide.
  11. Trump also referred to the investigation as an "attempted coup." an investigation started before the 2016 election. So Obama was trying to overthrow... Obama?
  12. What does this have to do with pelosi or impeachment or Trump?
  13. The qanon fisa truth ers never have a good answer for a very simple question. If Carter page was improperly surveilled under a fisa warrant, Carter page (and only Carter page) has available a remedy in the courts for the wrong that was done him. Yet Carter page has never once attempted to avail himself of this remedy. Why is that?
  14. I'd have to see what dinner was like that night to judge this man's actions.
  15. If I could play one video to demonstrate how Trump solves problems...
  16. The funniest thing is Dotard talking about "treason" while investigating the fisa warrant. Uh, that happened before Trump was president. That would be a very novel interpretation of the term "treason. "
  17. Man I bet Obama is scared shitless! {checks news article from yesterday to see check in on Obama} Oh..
  18. Exactly. And Pelosi knows more about electoral politics than you or I ever did. Glad we all agree now.
  19. Exactly. Impeaching Trump will energize his base and rank and file Republicans. It also may have the effect of somewhat letting a little air out of the balloon for democrats, as some will have their blood list satiated a bit and feel Trump has been "held accountable". People in this very thread are saying impeachment t is a way to "hold Trump accountable." If we can't count on Pelosi and fre and fair elections then we are toast anyway and no amount of crying about impeachment will change that. I do find it curious you have no faith in 2020 elections but do have faith in the much more rancorous and politically divisive impeachment process. If we can't beat Trump at the polls what in the world will impeaching him accomplish? Settle it on the field of play, I say. Use all this impeachment energy to get out the vote.
  20. Finally! Now Trump will be declared the winner of the election, and a great historical injustice undone.
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