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  1. Finally got to watch ep 4. Really nice episode. Great to see tyrion and varys back to their old ways. Still think it ends with Jon shoving a sword through danys heart and then he dies cuz his purpose is fulfilled.
  2. Mayor Pete is going to have no trouble dealing with Trump. Gay men in flyover country have dealt with bullies their entire life.
  3. It's the exact same playbook they used to perfection against Obama. Label Obama as a radical socialist and Un American (wink wink) and then everything he proposes automatically becomes leftist and socialist. And the thung is obama presumably had Biden advising him and handling senate negotiations the whole time as he made this mistake over and over again. Now Biden isn't black and doesn't have a scary foreign sounding name so I don't think that dog will hunt with him to the same extent. But at the same time Biden won't inspire the Dem base as much as Obama did. It's a real concern
  4. Lol I had a feeling my last post would shut em up. Sometimes you gotta just shine the flashlight on that cockroach
  5. What's with the jacking off and zombie shtick? This is reminiscent of Me and his fistshaker obsession.
  7. Trump has been obsessed with this issue since the 80s. Of course you are right, but to the extent Trump has core beliefs, lowering trade deficits and tariffs are among those he holds dearest.
  8. lol owning the libs by drastically raising taxes and then have the government use the new tax money to by farm products and fund large government programs. Now imagine a democratic candidate for President proposed this. I think that might be too socialist even for Bernie.
  9. The Republican Party is in favor of higher taxes. The Republican Party has always been in favor of higher taxes. And we have always been at war with Eurasia.
  10. Did I? Gonna have to see the math on that
  11. He's back on ignore and I couldn't give too shits less. I wish him the very best. But the fact that out of the blue for no damn reason at all, when I haven't addressed him in years, decides to bring up my career in this thread of all places, tells me he is jelly. Who knows?whatever issue he has I hope he works through it.
  12. Well that's the thing I have no idea how this shit even came up. But for the thread I started in the off topic forum I haven't talked about what I do for a living here in years. And have all the haters in ignore. I blame isn't life funny for pointing this particular hater out. You know I try to stay above the fray and try to be cool and all but I am a human being too.
  13. See this is why I put folks like this on ignore to begin with. It depresses me to know that people are out there that are so envious and I guess dissatisfied with their own lives that they pursue these tired and lame cut downs. I mean it's obvious this guy has logged in his notebook every aspect of my life and it drives him crazy. @LongTimeFan a bit of advice. Stop being an asshole and you may meet a wonderful woman like my wife. Stop being an idiot and the woman may be brilliant like my wife with great earning potential. And then of course her genes, if she is such a woman, even
  14. Much like with North Korea, the Great Negotiator has put himself in a position of needing some kind of "deal" - any deal will do - so that he can claim victory and get himself out the mess he created. ART OF THE DEAL
  15. The Bloomberg Agriculture Spot Index, which tracks prices of nine crops, hit its lowest point since July 2009 this morning. WINNING
  16. I'm sure it is but those Johns downtown can't suck their own dicks now can they?
  17. Yeah I always knew going in I wouldnt do this shit until I'm an old man. But lots of guys do it. Stress is too much for me at times. Quitting on my own terms after 20 years at the highest level of law with zero money owed to anyone for anything and a fat stack in the bank is a hell of a way to fail. Lol haters be hatin
  18. Good thing I'm a smart motherfucker and badass lawyer. It helps make up for my mediocre penis.
  19. I almost never toot my own horn here professionally but my boss at the current job, who is a notorious hothead asshold among the bar around here, told me, and I quote "You are the finest legal mind we have ever had in this office."
  20. lol yeah right like I'm going to read something by LongtimeTitanFan. lol Been on ignore for years, and sounds like there is no reason to change that. I use to love it and eat up the delicious tears of haters who thought they could get to me by making fun of me being a lawyer. Then it just got old, mainly because the jokes got so lame and I sort of felt bad because it was so obvious how jealous the haters were. Poor haters
  21. BTW not sure if I posted it but here's the website for my new job: https://www.mgajustice.org/
  22. Huh? You talkin about me Willis? If you are talking about me of course I am coasting through my last week. Actually, weekend before last I was in here working on a fucking brief. And this week I finished a Court of Appeals brief. Why because I'm the man and no one else can do it like me and I'm a professional and am not going to burn a bridge going out the door. Today they took me out to lunch for my final day and got me a cake, and the Judge that is President of the new job came in while we were eating. lol was just a little bit awkward. The Judge was dunk
  23. Nope. Personally I'm a wait and see follow the evidence kind of guy. Which is why I haven't jumped to any conclusions. Ya know?
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