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  1. Update? We ever catch the terrorists that burned the notre dame?
  2. Legaltitan

    Why US?

    While you're over here baiting and trolling people, you ever find the terrorists responsible for the notre dame fire?
  3. Geez, maybe I'm all turned around on this tariff thing. I wonder what the folks over at Fox are saying about it. Oh ... https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/trump-tariffs-small-business-plea Small businesses, economists and others are sending stern warnings to the Trump administration that hiking tariffs on Chinese goods will raise costs for U.S. consumers and impair the ability of companies to hire workers or expand operations. After what officials say was an attempt by China to renegotiate already agreed upon items in a trade deal between the t
  4. Duck kinda triggered today. I think we should lay off him a bit guys.
  5. Intolerable, even. Stealing money from our children, as I recall. Greece! Portugal!
  6. I have been assured by my Republican/conservative friends that raising taxes on Americans is ALWAYS a bad idea. Yet they seem to be all over this thread and the media, supporting the tariffs.
  7. Thanks man! Start my new job Monday, although I have lately been spending more time over there than at my current job.
  8. Good god enough MMA kung fu nerd talk. Take it to the other board please.
  9. Well yeah, but other than all the Republicans, it's ALL TEH DEMZ FALT!!12 PELOSI CORTEZ SOCIALIZMS
  10. The one thing Donnies Twitter fit may have accomplished is that ha may have made it politically impossible the Chinese to negotiate a good deal at this point. Yes Donnie has managed to fuck up china's economy which is a big problem for Chinese leadership. But there is absolutely one thing that regime cannot afford to do, and that is to lose face and bow to the will of America. The more Donnie talks the more he makes economic pain more palatable to Xi than the alternative. We will see. Honestly I hope Donnie gets his win and this all works out because the alternative coild be very
  11. To answer my own question, poorly. Now we know why Donnie pitched a little fit this weekend over China. He got cucked. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-china-backtracking-exclusiv/exclusive-china-backtracked-on-nearly-all-aspects-of-u-s-trade-deal-sources-idUSKCN1SE0WJ Got it is just fucking embarrassing at this point. Is there a single world leader that takes Trump seriously anymore?
  12. I'm pretty sure she is a respected and liked member of the Senate. By definition, that makes her connected to the establishment. Huh? Consumer Protection Bureau, just for starters. Quite a bit. I think Warren is more in favor of free market solutions, and in fact fixing the imbalance in the market and making it more free, than Bernie.
  13. Yeah when I say she isn't presidential material it is as much a compliment as it is a critique. That said, I am warming more and more to her as a candidate. The further the Native American debacle is in the rearview mirror, and the more Warren just does Warren, the warmer I get. She is a hell of force, there's no doubt about it. What I am really starting to like about her is I think she can be a good compromise for the Bernie crowd. I would bet most of the Bernie supporters (other than the Bernie Bros) have he and Warren 1 and 2, or 1 and 1a. One good thing about Warren
  14. lol to each his own. there's shit that's important to me that doesn't make any damn sense either.
  15. Ok I thought you were talking about when HOF type players change numbers. That always throws you for a bit of a loop.
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