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  1. Watched the episode again last night. There is zero chance imo that Arya kills her. They made it very very clear that she has changed and her killing days are over. Not just her thanking sandor for turning her away from her life of revenge, but the scene with the horse where she is calming it in the midst of chaos. And even before that where she is so focused on saving that mother and her child, and the pain when she sees they are dead. Arya is done with the life of the sword. If she makes the kill then that will truly be very shitty writing.
  2. You mean other than the first episode this season where she impresses gendry with her bow skills?
  3. Looks like we are removing the tariffs placed on Canada and Mexico last year. Without any sort of quotas like Trump was demanding. I applaud lifting the tariffs, but now it is even more stupid that we put them on in the first place. Once again Trump bravely solves a problem he himself created, clawing his way back to the status quo. ART OF THE DEAL
  4. Not only are tariffs a very bluntninstrument for dealing with a complex issue, the lack of any sort of unified plan or policy is what the real problem is. If tariffs were a piece of a comprehensive and intelligent plan then it would not necessarily be bad policy. But there is no plan beyond 1. Impose tariffs 2. Make it tough on China 3. Something else 4. Negotiate great deal 5. Win
  5. All you people bitching about our huge trade imbalance with China. Do yall realize Americans like to buy stuff? Lots of stuff? And we like to buy it for cheap. The trade imbalance may hurt gdp but it benefits low income people here who can buy stuff for their families for cheap. Sure there are bad parts too because we lose jobs, but people sure like being able to own a huge TV and an iPhone etc. The point is a huge trade imbalance with a shit hole country is not all negative
  6. Yeah it sure would be nice to be negotiating alongside the EU which has issues with China largely aligned with ours. Or at least have them as an ally in the trade war. But we have a smaller trade war going on with Europe as well so oops
  7. Yeah I guess the problem is I have no idea what the hell that means. The good guys defeating the white walkers but Dany and Jon both dying woild arguably fit that description.
  8. I don't think the show is going to do anything. I assume the ultimate fate of Jon and Dany and the throne are the foundational things Martin imparted to the show guys.
  9. Yeah that's the only problem. But any older Lannister still alive in KL presumably might know the truth. As I understand it the theory being tyrions mother fucked around with or was raped by the mad king who used to frequently visit kings landing.
  10. It was when tyrion was able to get close to the dragons in the dragon pit in essos
  11. Jon kills Dany. I still say Jon dies but if he lives he heads north. No way he rules imo. I think tyrion ends up ruling. Who cares what his claim is? For one all the major houses are pretty much wiped out. And for two one of the main themes of the whole thing is that rulers are made not born, and if you rule you take the throne then justify it later. But it's possible tyrion is revealed as a targeryean.
  12. Another query: If tariffs are great and bring in billions into our great country, why would we work out a deal? Why not keep tariffs permanently?
  13. So apparently trade wars are easy to win. And apparently China wants a deal "very badly". And Trump is the best at negotiating deals. So, almost a year after this trade war started... Why don't we have a deal?
  14. I dunno it seems like Jon is on borrowed time. I mean he was dead. We shall see.
  15. This looking more and more likely
  16. I don't see what the problem is with the gate scene in ep 4. It was a typical parlay. All the players involved in the parlay were high born, they aren't going to attack during a parlay.
  17. I still think Jon kills Dany with a sword through the heart fulfilling the prophecy and then dies, his reason for coming back fulfilled.
  18. It is always amazing to me how much conservatives like to talk about the details of gay sex. Almost seems like an obsession for many.
  19. GOLDMAN SACHS: “... the costs of US tariffs have fallen entirely on US businesses and households, with no clear reduction in the prices charged by Chinese exporters. “
  20. Right now it's just a bunch of guys that are "big" and "fast" with names we like. I agree on paper it looks like a great draft but it is impossible to know what the roster is until these guys will play.
  21. Yeah he has risen too high too fast. That never works
  22. So you're attacking the writing of the ending you haven't seen yet? I'm with Jamal disappointing could mean really good but unpopular or coild nean shitty. We don't know yet. Try not to be so emotional man it's just a TV show
  23. At least Trump's economic advisor didn't lie to our face and admits the Chinese aren't paying the tariffs. Baby steps https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/05/12/kudlow-says-us-will-pay-for-china-tariffs-contradicting-trump.html
  24. Ultimately the tariffs are paid by us, as the US importers will pass them along to the consumer.
  25. I still lol that people think they chose in a vacuum to shorten everything. You guys don't think there were any other pressures? The writers up and just decided fuck it let's only do half a season for no reason?
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