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2020 Titans Report Dynasty

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Clearly, I picked the best year in the 1900's and the answer was 82.   @heyitsmeallen picks his team first, then @TitansFan23 and (fittingly) the worst guess came from a Mariota supporter. Y

Thanks for setting this up tyco. Yahoo sucks. Glad we are moving to a different platform.

I prefer the fight in the mud pit 😂 

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19 hours ago, abenjami said:

Someone should email Cornrow Wallace.  I think we usually have to ping him around draft time because he's not around much after the season ends.

Yeah, he hasn't logged in on the site here since March 10th. Almost 5 months. TitanJoe hasn't logged in since April 4th.

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On 8/4/2020 at 3:30 PM, NashvilleNinja said:

What are your thoughts of the app so far just in looking around and seeing how things are laid out. Yay? Nay?






Honestly haven't even poked around besides to figure out which team was mine before it was assigned. It seems to be head and shoulders above anything Yahoo can imagine to put together which is all that matters to me.

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5 hours ago, abenjami said:



Can the past league champions be added?



I asked the help desk through the app and they said:



Hey there! We are working on building features to add league history to Leagues retroactively -- things like top 3/last place, as well as standings, although it may need to be manually input once released.


Right now the only platform you can merge into Sleeper is ESPN, but I'm not sure how that process goes or the end results. I had to populate a draft board and re-create our rosters through a draft.


The good thing about Sleeper is that won't have to be done again. Roster management can/will be done by each team owner from here on. Even FAAB can be traded without having to get the commissioner to do it.


For now we can just reference this screenshot whenever we need to revisit who the past champs were up through 2019, at least until we can merge the league's history from Yahoo.




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Trades on table:


1) All my 2020 waiver dollars for all of someone's 2021 waiver dollars.

2) My 1st and 2nd this year for a better 1st.
3) Any of my 2021 picks for any 2021 picks and I am willing to do a 1st next for 2nd this year depending on position, or my 1st and 2nd next for a 1st or high 2nd this year. 

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