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  1. I think there is some truth to the Mariota injury story that's being passed around. It obviously wasn't a serious enough thing to prevent practicing or playing. I also have a hunch the Mariota camp is going to leak their version of the story at the end of the season to try and save some face.
  2. His contract is pretty reasonable. With a year+ to get healthy, he has a ton of upside and acquiring him would not be the worst idea ever IMO
  3. It was on a podcast - he does a lot of them so I'm not sure which episode it was specifically. I'll try to dig it up.
  4. Buck has indicated that JRob has gotten visibly enraged at some of Vrable's decisions during road games this year (apparently the media and team staff sit in the same box on the road?). We can only hope JRob is seeing the light.
  5. I fully support starting a rumor that the Titans are signing Grasu to keep MM from going public about forcing him to play with an unreported injury.
  6. Meanwhile, Corey Levin is just chilling out on the Denver PS...
  7. Buck Reising has been insinuating MM is injured all day. He may not be going to IR but there may be something up.
  8. He liked tweets as recently as 8 hours ago, so it's unlikely
  9. I have no real evidence for this, but I feel like JRob has built the offense with the 2020 QB in mind. Vrabel (like every other coach MM has had) doesn't trust MM to air it out, so we're running a 1920s offense. I don't think JR or MV expected even more regression from MM this year.
  10. How many TDs to Corey Davis has MM missed up to this point? I feel like it's in the 4-6 range based on these recaps from Mike.
  11. Who wants to get the CONKLINSDAD account setup?
  12. Listing Fromm as your #2 QB choice and then describing him as "Alex Smith without the wheels" is WILD
  13. Landry has 4 sacks and is top 10 in pressures.