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2020 Titans Report Dynasty


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2020 Season

Per Jamal, we'll be playing on a different platform from Yahoo this year and potentially from now on. The two options I saw that would be the best fit would be either Fleaflicker, which not everyone likes for whatever reason, or the Sleeper.app platform. I went with Sleeper.app. It's got a nice modern streamlined design with more features and provides pretty decent granular control over league settings for the league commissioners, far more than ESPN/Yahoo/etc. And once it's set up I think it's a lot less hands-on.

An overview of the platform can be watched below in the video.

Downloadable App


You can manage your team on their website, but I assume most will probably want to use their app.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sleeperbot
Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sleeper-play-together/id987367543


You can create your account with either email or ph #.


TR Dynasty League URL:




EDIT: Go to THIS link:




Rosters & draft


I have the rosters set up from how they were left last year on Yahoo. I just need everyone to create an account and join the league so their team can be assigned to them and so that the draft order and any other settings regarding the draft can be set.




Draft picks that were included in trades last year have been added to the appropriate teams so you should have them once you've been assigned to your team. If not we will fix it before the draft.

FYI - Players, draft picks, and FAAB can all be traded between two or more teams.

League rules & scoring

I've set everything up the same as it is in Yahoo. If you notice anything different or have questions about anything else league-related speak up.

Why is this retard the one in charge of setting things up? Is this Ninja's league now?

@Jamalisms asked me in the other thread to set this up for this year so that's what I'm doing. As far as I know I am not taking over the league. The league's been going for a while now so it'd be good if we can keep it going because even if it winds up being in 2021 football will eventually get going again. And there are a pile of 2020 rookies to sort out. I brought up using Sleeper last year (and Fleaflicker a year or two before that) because it seemed to me to be a trip to the dentist getting this league up and running through Yahoo's platform every year. And this year has been an extra pain in the ass due to... whatever.


I'll keep commish powers to help out for as long as they need/want me to, but as far as I'm concerned and until I'm told otherwise this is still @Cyrus's league with Jamal as commish.















@Cornrow Wallace

@9 Nines

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Clearly, I picked the best year in the 1900's and the answer was 82.   @heyitsmeallen picks his team first, then @TitansFan23 and (fittingly) the worst guess came from a Mariota supporter. Y

Thanks for setting this up tyco. Yahoo sucks. Glad we are moving to a different platform.

I prefer the fight in the mud pit ? 

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4 hours ago, Bink said:

@NashvilleNinja--I joined. User name is Binktitans


What do I need to do to join the league? 


2 hours ago, wiscotitansfan said:

Am I missing something? The league URL just leads to a completely blank page, I've cleared my cache and all that jazz too,

Try this:



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1 hour ago, 9 Nines said:

-problem resolved-


1 hour ago, 9 Nines said:


-problem resolved-


41 minutes ago, 9 Nines said:

-problem resolved-


Good movie. I especially liked the plot twist in the 2nd act of the story.

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Looking at the draft order, it is not currently correct.   The draft ranking ever year was  reverse order of the previous season non-playoff teams ranking after week 13 (how those teams performed during the consolation post-season games did not change that order)  and then then the reverse order of the post-season play of the play-off teams (how they finished the overall season.) 

It looks like the current draft ranking is based on the ranking of all 12 teams after the post-season.  Based on how week 13 and post season ended consistent with all previous years, the first round, not  considering trades, would be the following with tied teams ranked by lowest total points:

1. Bink 4-9
2. 9Nines 5-8 (total points 1251.86)

3. Cornrow 5-8 (" " 1414.48)
4. Wiscotitansfan 6-7 (" " 1231.64)
5. Gurus 6-7 ( " " 1323.44)
6. Cyrus 6-7 (" " 1338.44)

Then reverse of how teams finished post-season:

7. Notsolegato
8. TitanJoe
9. Ninja
10. Jamalism
11. Abenjami
12. Real Old School

Tied record teams in the 1 through 6 spots rotate the next rounds I think. 


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