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  1. I only changed my registration in 2016 to vote for Bernie. I can't see becoming unenrolled again unless Maine became an open primary state, though. He also has at least a +5% lead among every race as well. Bernie Sanders is the unity candidate democrats have always pretended that they want. https://prospect.org/politics/wait-not-that-emerging-democratic-majority/ he's the only realistic option. If the Democratic party actually believed in their values and cared about beating Trump, this would be over after next Tuesday.
  2. the projection here is unreal.
  3. Bernie will owe a lot to Chuck if he ends up with the nomination. I'm moving the goalposts as it certainly seems that I underestimated the stronghold that Biden has there...Anything >= 25% for Bernie would be great, especially if everyone else is nonviable. I still think Biden gets slaughtered on Tuesday regardless of SC's outcome. He's barely been campaigning in any of those states.
  4. For those of you against free college, do you believe America would be better or worse if its citizens were more educated?
  5. I'm paying my debts. Others should not have to even take on that debt to begin with. Health care is a human right. You should not go bankrupt because you got cancer.
  6. I really don't understand how some of you cannot see how having an educated society would benefit all of us in essentially all aspects of life. High school is not enough anymore; the U.S. is quickly falling behind the rest of the industrialized world in education and the long-term effects of that could be catastrophic.
  7. you realize that literally every generation has said that about younger generations, grandpa? and that it's a misconception? It will be combined with making higher education free for all, so... All medical debt in this country should also be cancelled.
  8. in 2008, there were more Hillary voters who voted for McCain than there were 2016 Bernie voters who voted for Trump...I voted for her along with an overwhelming majority of those who voted for Bernie in the primary. He was campaigning harder for Hillary than she did herself in the battleground states. but anyways, the idea that votes don't have to be earned is kind of disgusting. the two people you should be mad at about 2016 are Hillary for her awful campaign and Elizabeth Warren for being too much of a coward to run against her.
  9. @abenjami https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2332284
  10. if you think a payment of $333.33 a month for 25 years is nothing, you are incredibly oblivious to the extremely privileged life that you have lived. the fact that you can't see the obvious connection is sad.
  11. only $37k!! that's only gonna trap you financially for a couple decades, no biggie! it doesn't matter that wall street is profiting hundreds of millions of dollars off of student loan debt speculation! that's totally unrelated and is sure to never have negative consequences!

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