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  1. he's also the unity candidate:
  2. for a large portion of his supporters he is.
  3. rasmussen is not a reputable polling agency and Bernie is already a compromise candidate. He does not need to move to the right.
  4. what's really lol is that if Biden wins like everyone expects him to, it'll be the first state he's ever won in 30+ years of fecklessly running for president
  5. Bernie is on track to tie or win SC and then possibly win every super Tuesday state. Bloomberg might be the only one left after next week.
  6. I suspect you haven't had much interaction with the public over the past twenty years. you're as out of touch with reality as oldschool. you're failing to get the point, once again. you learned absolutely nothing from 2016.
  7. Bernie is the only real option to defeat Trump.
  8. lmao, it's incredible that this is the worst they've got on Bernie. don't you understand that there are a LOT of people who would agree with him if he came out and said this tomorrow? and that most every one else doesn't give a fuck?
  9. yeah, it may be like putting lipstick on a capitalist pig, it's the best we can get right now. I take it you'd prefer full-scale communism?
  10. lol. I really hope Donald is not too much of a coward to debate Bernie because it would be incredible

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