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  1. the Democratic establishment absolutely is dumber than Trump
  2. Biden might not even crack the top 5 in terms of money at this point e: and he's also at the highest percentage of donors that are already maxed out
  3. Polls do not and have not reflected reality. You can't cite a single poll with a joke of a sample to understand what's happening. CNN's poll 2 weeks ago had Sanders at 21% in NH with no one else above 18% (Buttigieg was at 10%). They're meaningless noise designed to set a narrative. You can look at the polls, or you can look at the number of volunteers, campaign organizers, and number of donors/donations. Sanders has the lead in all of those by far.
  4. Mayor Pete (who has never received more than 9k votes in an election) is not a serious candidate. I'm starting to feel like Bernie will run away with the nomination once he takes the early states. He continues to pile up more money from more donors than anyone else (including Trump), and his opponents can't stop embarrassing themselves.
  5. Wasn't there a separate Vince Young subforum on titanscentral?
  6. Tannehill certainly proved yesterday that he's more equipped to take advantage of bad defenses than Mariota is, but I doubt that he will do much against quality pass defenses. A few multiple turnover games are inevitable for him. This team will still be buoyed by the defense though, so I hope that Tannehill will do enough to steal some more close games.
  7. I have 158 more PF and I'm 1-6 thanks to you beating me last week e: I also have 143 more PA than the next closest team. This is unfair and clearly rigged against me!! I have 822 PA while 5-1 TitanJoe has 460 lol
  8. Tannehill was no better than Mariota this afternoon
  9. Bernie in a coma would be more coherent than Biden He'll be fine. It's good that they caught it.
  10. lmao 70% of the people they polled have a college degree and 34% have a post-grad degree. Only 36% of NH residents have a college degree. What a terribly unrepresentative sample. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bernie will win NH comfortably.
  11. The left is also upset with the WFP and going after them for not releasing the member vote totals this time. In 2016, 87% of WFP members voted to endorse Bernie while the leaders wanted it to be Hillary. This time the party leaders said "fuck the members" and endorsed Warren*, and are now refusing to release the vote tallies. The Colorado WFP chapter already broke away from WFP to endorse Bernie for this reason. *Which may have had something to do with the company her daughter works for donating $45k to WFP, and Warren's campaign treasurer also having his company donate a large amount of money to WFP.