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  1. I'll take Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia Eagles. @Cyrus you're up.
  2. it's him. you can go to his verified Instagram and look at it right now along with a bunch of funny stuff about the Jets
  3. I'm disappointed in anyone who's upset that the Titans picked an injured player. The entire point of the draft is to build for the future, so you take the best available talent. If you need immediate help, you sign a free agent. Drafting for immediate needs and relying on rookies to produce right away is a terrible strategy. I'm really glad that the Titans have a GM that's interested in actually building something that will last. "Some would have us go out and buy apples. But we want to build the whole orchard."
  4. Has Lonzo passed Fultz in FTM this season yet? e: lmao Fultz hasn't played since mid-November and he still has more free throws on the season
  5. I haven't listened, but I'm sure this is good. e:
  6. As a fan of the Titans and the 76ers, I've learned way too much about shoulder/neck injuries over the past year.
  7. Derrick Henry is going to carry me to the (consolation) championship!
  8. The Titans have 28 team passing TDs for the past two seasons combined
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