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  1. Has Lonzo passed Fultz in FTM this season yet? e: lmao Fultz hasn't played since mid-November and he still has more free throws on the season
  2. I haven't listened, but I'm sure this is good. e:
  3. As a fan of the Titans and the 76ers, I've learned way too much about shoulder/neck injuries over the past year.
  4. Derrick Henry is going to carry me to the (consolation) championship!
  5. The Titans have 28 team passing TDs for the past two seasons combined
  6. lmao I'm pretty sure Lewan just flipped off the skycam
  7. Damn, I wish I had left work early so I could have seen that Henry run live. Incredible.
  8. The play calling is questionable, but that's not the biggest issue with the offense. They can't run the ball. At. All.
  9. even bad teams are entertaining in the NBA watching a bad team in the NFL is depressing. I fell asleep halfway through the 4th last night.
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