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  1. Stick to your 2021 mock Mr. Kyle.
  2. I’m all for it. I doubt J Rob would give up a first. Brown would give us at least 3 years of elite wr play, something we have never had.
  3. Didn’t you get booted off of here for getting called out for your horrendous Scooby Wright takes?
  4. Patriots 34-27 during the game Jeff Fisher bangs Sean Mcvay’s wife. 9 months from now the Mcvays welcome a little girl into the world.
  5. How about you embrace how much the world sucks and off yourself? If you don’t want to go that far at least shut off your internet access.
  6. Congrats Rams. You can’t forget the architect.
  7. You listened to that podcast? You’re a better man than me.
  8. This forum will be almost unreadable this offseason.
  9. Fisher wakes up everyday from a bj from a model in her early 20s. I feel so bad for Jeff.
  10. People will jump down Parkey’s throat, but a 12 win team at home shouldn’t struggle w a 9 win team.
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