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  1. I’m still shocked Watt hasn’t been busted. Every mf’er on the planet knows he has been on PEDs his entire career.
  2. I’ve tried Ostarine and I thought it was weak. Some of my friends have gotten good results off of it. Rad140 is legit and works.
  3. I was 30 when this draft started.
  4. Urban will be a much better addition than Sly Williams and Bennie Logan.
  5. This is why Mike is the best mock draft guy on titans report. Kudos sir.
  6. Stick to your 2021 mock Mr. Kyle.
  7. I’m all for it. I doubt J Rob would give up a first. Brown would give us at least 3 years of elite wr play, something we have never had.
  8. Didn’t you get booted off of here for getting called out for your horrendous Scooby Wright takes?
  9. Patriots 34-27 during the game Jeff Fisher bangs Sean Mcvay’s wife. 9 months from now the Mcvays welcome a little girl into the world.