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  1. TitanJoe

    Mike Kafka will be Titans OC (opinion)

    OP is a moron.
  2. TitanJoe

    Fuck the NFL

    How about you embrace how much the world sucks and off yourself? If you don’t want to go that far at least shut off your internet access.
  3. TitanJoe

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs

    Tommy 18incher does it again.
  4. TitanJoe

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    Congrats Rams. You can’t forget the architect.
  5. You listened to that podcast? You’re a better man than me.
  6. This forum will be almost unreadable this offseason.
  7. TitanJoe

    Jeff Fisher Article

    Fisher wakes up everyday from a bj from a model in her early 20s. I feel so bad for Jeff.
  8. Love the cpt Andrew Luck twitter account
  9. TitanJoe

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    People will jump down Parkey’s throat, but a 12 win team at home shouldn’t struggle w a 9 win team.
  10. In an ideal situation we sign Vaccaro and keep Cyp. Our depth was horrific when Vaccaro had to miss time.
  11. TitanJoe

    Wildcard/Baltimore is sticking w/Jackson

    The td Jackson threw last night was a beautiful throw. He reminds me a lot of Vince Young in 06. He’s a fantastic runner and a below average thrower, but he helps the running game and their defense is the best in the NFL.
  12. TitanJoe


    Are you related to Jeff Fisher?