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  1. I'm actually a bit worried about our depth at Safety. I like our starters, but drops off after that pretty quickly. I'm also not huge on Theo Jackson, but would be happy to be proved wrong, obviously.
  2. NFL+ will still do the full game replays too, right? Like Rewind did?
  3. Now that Tanny has finally thrown a pick, we have a legit QB controversy at last! Time to start Malik!
  4. I don't care about the media, but let's weight it all up and check what we are seeing. QB--the same. Will Tanny be able to play better in the playoffs? Biggest ? BUT for regular season, same guy RB--improved, both with healthy Henry returning and better backup WR--probably worse, on paper, but how much? This is where analysts see our weakness, I think. BUT, if Burks can contribute right away and Woods shows he's healthy, I think we are at worse the same at this position. TE--definitely improved, both at top and in depth OL--basically the same. Question at RT for sure, but that was true last year too. Can Lewan play better? Hopefully...but on paper, about the same. DL--The same, and it was awesome ILB--improved, because Cunningham, who only played near end of last year. OLB--same, which is a good thing. CB--hard to say. Probably improved, if Farley is healthy. McCreary is a VERY underrated rookie. Molden has more xp now. Fulton too. I think improved S--same, but with possible slip if Hooker or Byard start to slide (Byard is aging, but he's savvy). I think the same. K--improved, at least from first half of last season P--IDk...just don't punt it, I guess return game--always random So, I don't see the slip, other than maybe WR, and it's not like our WRs were great last year. It was easily our biggest weakness, even if that was due mostly to injury. If our starters can remain healthy, it almost has to improve, even if they are younger.
  5. He was really raw, but huge upside. So yeah, if some time with NFL coaches elevates his game, he can be a steal. I don't think he'll ever be a starter (though stranger things have happened...didn't Keenan McCardell get drafted really late? looked it up...12th round, so undrafted in today's league, yet he became a very good starter when he had the right guy opposite him). If Burks develops as he could, and McMath continues to grow...but I'm getting way ahead of current reality.
  6. Glad Burks is getting confidence. If McMath can actually be a deep threat, suddenly our offense become really scary. It's the one thing we really lacked last year. Yes, AJ can go deep, but you know what I mean...that speedy slot guy who can get behind a defense and catch the ball. We didn't really have that, and it would be HUGE. Burks on the short and take it further, with McMath taking the top off can be a bit difference.
  7. Chig blocked well at times in college, I think. I think it was noflag that showed some plays, where he was definitely showing skills at that. Almost every college TE is behind in blocking; so I wouldn't expect him to do that right away, but he has the ability to do it.
  8. It was a bit too much, yeah. BUT maybe 50/50 called. He just needs to be a BIT more subtle about it, but the fact that he can beat press already is a good sign. He's a strong dude. On the flip side, McCreary is not going to be that press guy at the NFL level, IMO...not big enough, but has other traits.
  9. Colts said they weren't interested in him. Farley has sky high potential, but the injuries are always going to be a concern. I really hope they ease him in. We need McCreary to play a bit this year, I think, just based on past experience. He's got nice skills for a rookie and should be able to play this year. Obviously. a lot of pressure on Burke.
  10. I mean it's looking like Watson will miss at least half the season at this point. He'll still get paid almost the same, which is some silly Browns nonsense. But 8 games seems minimum at this point, with full season being the other extreme. You can't make the playoffs if your starting QB can only play in 9 games. So they had to do something.
  11. Kids are gay, or they are not gay. No one is making them gay. Being gay is more acceptable now, which is great, and that's why more young people are able to come out without fear. It really wasn't that long ago coming out in HS could get you beat up, or worse. So, some people today think there is a rise of gayness among kids, when it's just that they feel safer coming out. You can't make someone gay. You can't make somone straight. It's what they are. You CAN make them ashamed of what they are, and you can make them act in ways against their feelings. But why would you?
  12. Nothing wrong with being gay, but @woolfolksunclesuncle isn't gay. He just has sex with men, like Hershel Walker's kid.
  13. Damnit! This thread is about football players dying young. Stay on target. Here's Jimmy Williams, former Vandy CB and pretty good NFL CB too! https://news.yahoo.com/former-49-ers-seahawks-cb-jimmy-williams-dies-at-43-221946127.html Sad.
  14. Keeping it real, though, he was 55? Dude looked 55 when he was playing. I think he was born in his 50s and just stayed there.
  15. It's because Phillips is a rookie. Could he be that guy? Yeah. He could be an Edelman type. But there are lots of guys like him, undersized coming out of college who got by with good technique, who just can't hack it at the NFL level. So, we aren't sleeping on him. We are just waiting to see how he plays in an actual game first. I think you are right about Woods. Assuming his surgery went well and he fully recovers (seems likely), I think he's a borderline 1 WR. If Burks can also be a borderline 1 guy, we'll be fine. Two borderline 1s is better than 1 obvious 1WR and a bunch of bums behind him. We saw that last year, when we had AJB and basically no one else on offense.
  16. Korey Stringer was like 27 when he died during camp. Being young and athletic doesn't mean you are immune to sudden death. It's rare, yes, but we also don't know that this was natural causes yet.
  17. https://news.yahoo.com/baltimore-ravens-linebacker-jaylon-ferguson-123600963.html 26 years old. * OK, title might be a BIT misleading...don't yet know cause of death. I only meant that it's very young.
  18. I'm going to laugh every time our fat, slow, asthmatic WR scores a TD on you.
  19. If the sperm can't hit, you must acquit! But really all of this is just to avoid the criminal aspects. The NFL punishment will be unrelated.
  20. Yeah, and it will likely get him in trouble with the NFL, but criminally, this admission (from the lawyer) is meant to get the press ready to accept that his client did nothing illegal. At worst, it was morally questionable (so goes the argument). That's enough for the NFL nowadays, so I think the Browns are in big trouble. But criminally, I think it will work . I do think the story Bukafax mentioned above (if it could be PROVEN) could cross the line. Watson will claim she didn't specifically say no or to stop.....but if she recorded it or there is other proof, it could be damning. Without that, it's tricky to get a conviction.
  21. Unfortunately, I don't think so. When I say he's trying to avoid criminal charges, that's what I mean. I think oldschool thought I meant that such charges would stick. I don't necessarily think they will. I think Watson's lawyer is preparing the press for a dismissal of anything criminal on grounds that there's no way to prove coercion, and that it isn't illegal to get a happy ending, as long as it wasn't specifially paid for.
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