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  1. Ok, but can this guy play as well as Long? Yes, health matters, but skill does too.
  2. Expected, I believe. Anyway, any scoop on this guy? Anyone actually watched him play?
  3. Good signing. Changes nothing about our pick at 11. But it does provide at least a transition to a rookie LT, perhaps a backup. Perhaps a RT. Not too much money, either, for what they get. Injuries are a concern, for sure. I don't think he fits a zone blocking scheme, actually, at least not as a puller. He has the feet, but you watch his tape and he seems more like a pure pass blocker. That's not a bad thing. It's something we desperately needed.
  4. The Patriots sign guys. They don't believe in signing people for too much...and even there, they fail sometimes. They paid Jonnu too much, for example. But I would be shocked if they would have traded Brown, much less Simmons.
  5. That's a very good theory, actually. I do think there's strong interest in a coach that is going to the SB this year, whether it's Nagy or EB. They are waiting to talk to them and/or sign them.
  6. On Twitter she says she's the defensive quality control person, basically. What does that mean, exactly?
  7. Let's see....worked for the Oilers, back in the day....maybe he was racist? Or maybe he gave someone the wrong size shoes one day! Could be either one.
  8. "Happy to be here! Let's get to figuring out our first round draft pick." "Sir, I have some bad news...."
  9. And now the Chiefs might win...I'm still predicting OT.
  10. Neither of these teams is bothering with the run...just throw all over the field. We should try that!
  11. woah..he just popped through there! ah, a hold...that makes sense.
  12. This game is going against the 9ers in so many ways! So many painful ways, literally and refereely.
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