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  1. Hey everyone. As most of you know, I just had my first son and am currently on paternity leave. We've gotten past the first couple weeks of figuring things out and I am in an okay spot to start making some nice improvements around here as outlined here: One of the things I was able to do is get a license to an NFL API (thank you to our great Patrons!) with everything from teams to rosters to schedules to stats to news and so on. I have already built most of the bones on the back-end including populating some database tables with all the goodies and scheduled updates. Soon we will have a live schedule, scoreboard, news ticker (since Elon messed up what we had), and a lot more. I also hope to bring back JTB's old salary cap stuff. Where I am at now is designing the front end to the application as it pertains the teams, rosters, statistics, player profiles, and the like. This is where I could use your help. I would like it to not be boring, so if you have seen any really great looking pages out there that cover these please let me know. For example, I like the player profile layout at https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/jahmyr-gibbs/bio/. I am already working on a pretty cool team page with filterable positions, but of course there is a lot more to do there. You can see a VERY EARLY preview here: x I know I can show statistics and results, but I am not completely sure about the legalities of team names, player photos, and some other stuff so I will have to figure that out and adjust things to stay out of trouble. Anyway, please shoot me any great examples you have seen and I will see if they can be used. This also opens up a lot of other great opportunities for some cool stuff like bringing back a better version of the knock-out tournament and stuff. I have a few weeks to do as much as I can before going back to work so I will do as much as I can.
  2. - Prize money - Signed Henry and Tannehill helmet/jersey - Donating money to Nolensville High School https://www.bounce.game/tournaments/southeast-nashville-2023 A bunch of posts on IG describing how it works: https://www.instagram.com/play.bounce/
  3. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cw1Dj53NX-z/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  4. I will be upgrading the board in the next little bit. First I will be upgrading to the latest PHP and then to the latest software. The upgrade may do some weird stuff with the layout and features that I will work to fix or temporary use a base version of the website until everything is sorted out. I tested locally and everything seems okay at first glance other than search and a few others smaller things.
  5. Sorry I know this shouldn't be on the main board but I'm sure it will fall off quickly and no 1 is on the fantasy part of the board. We have an open slot in one of the fantasy league we got going. Anyone that wants to take over the team?
  6. How do I block or ignore a poster or whatever it is called on the site? I've never done so in the past, but the idiocy of a few is too much now. Thanks in advance. pro
  7. I've found over the last few years, especially the last handful of years, that how I root for the team has changed a ton. Part of that is just going through so many different iterations of suck that the franchise has put on the field (imagine how stunted Patriots fans have been suckling at the teet of greatness for so long) and obviously a huge part of that is that the aging process has a way of clearing out and reorganizing your knowledge base, reorganizing life priorities, and just giving you an overall sense of "been there, done that too many times before" certainty. Tl;dr Less and less enamored with brand or personalities and more concerned with performances. Also less and less enamored with individual games and more concerned with how one season (or off-season) will impact on the next 2 or 3 seasons. Bigger picture view. Anyhoo... @woolfolksunclesuncle how's the sex been lately?
  8. How in Gods name did this forum ever believe that a relaxed moderation scheme would ever lead to easy going and nuanced discussion? I don’t think we’ve had a moderator since the TOMB days that stressed even a balanced moderated approach. Maybe 2000? Better question, who is the last poster to win a popularity contest who doesn’t value dick wagging? With this style of moderation unless you have an online society full of rhodes scholars every other thread is going to be straight out of tight assholes and short of common sense outside of the rare decent fan of other teams that comes once or twice every half-decade. I understand our mods have not been the best but they’ve also been thrown some god awful troll attempts. I even think CTF could have been pretty good if he were not destroyed by his own lust for weed and demanding that everyone think of him as most Powerful & Attractive. As for Jamal, as bad as he has been lately, his flames have not been all on him. He’s arguing with one eye patch behind his back minus Jonboy in a podcast. On the other hand, I’ve thought for a long time that he’s a quitter. Even in 2020 with a far better fantasy platform he was pretty horrifying dealing with commissioner tasks and troublemakers and that’s where the better commish's elevate their leagues where he cannot. We absolutely need more top-tier posters to have any success against passive aggressive mods or clown ass trollers. In the off-season the forum elite really need to be scouring the interwebs for knowledgeable football fans. Hell recruit a fairly witty podcaster/YouTuber or two who can at least post entertaining 5 minute banter that would extend discussions more often and leave less room for trolls edgewise. I said in some other thread that doesn't exist that the forum should ditch their style of moderation and run the board exactly how GoTitans does it. Even in a thread like this one, clutch mods could snipe dissenting posts at the snap of a finger with a sharp eye and quick mouse clicks.
  9. OK, we know this is a sad joke. But it’s Kanye so we can assume this will generate some entertaining insanity so we might as well split it off into its own running thread if for no other reason than to avoid getting it in the real presidential election threads.
  10. I thought this would lead to a more interesting and thought provoking discussion instead of the backtracking vomit going on in a few of the other threads.
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/12/usain-bolt-is-interested-in-a-70-meter-race-against-tyreek-hill-with-fairly-high-stakes/ I know Bolt is older now and Hill is about as fast as you'd want for a football player. But I wouldn't bet against Bolt even if you pointed a gun at my head.
  12. Didn't see this posted. I probably put in the wrong forum...oh well Good luck Johnny, you nutty bastard Remember Johnny Manziel? Former Heisman winner says he’s serious about becoming a PGA Tour player https://sports.yahoo.com/remember-johnny-manziel-former-heisman-014431833.html Not a bad swing, but he's gonna burn through some serious cash if he just plays golf for the next dozen years https://www.instagram.com/p/CCl-T1PB1bW/?utm_source=ig_embed
  13. damn....this kid is in some serious trouble Police escort Edinburg (TX) High football player from game for hitting referee https://www.themonitor.com/2020/12/03/police-escort-edinburg-high-football-player-game-hitting-referee/
  14. The post lean at the end was the cherry on top.
  15. Hi there to my Titans family! I come to you all in a bit of a time of need. I know this is way off-topic, but hoping you all can help! Our dog Max has been a healthy dog for much of his life, but unfortunately after undergoing some recent blood work, our veterinarian called us and told us to take him in immediately for an ultrasound. Upon reviewing it they discovered that Max has two masses in his abdomen that require immediate attention. The masses are located on his spleen and liver, but veterinarian specialist have confirmed that Max is a perfect candidate for surgery to have the masses removed and tested due to his good health and the location of the masses. The vet is giving him a good prognosis but warned us that delays in surgery can create issues as the masses can continue to grow and eventually they will rupture. This would cause Max a lot of pain and suffering that we do not want him to endure. We had our consult with the surgeon and confirmed that they would be going in to do a laparotomy and splenectomy, but once again stated that he believes Max is a great candidate for the surgery and gave him a good prognosis. As you can all probably imagine, this surgery is quite pricey as the estimate is between $7,200-$10,600. Due to this we decided to start a GoFundMe to potentially alleviate some of the weight of that price to help save our dogs life. If possible, can you all share this out on any social media forms that you have? The link to share is below. Any help and support is greatly appreciated! https://www.gofundme.com/f/hope-for-our-max Thank you!
  16. The largest accusation leveled against black people is they use drugs. Actually, Americans use drugs and a lot of them. The problem in black communities is that a lack of resources exacerbates it. Money, how do you get it? Territorial wars, who's going to sell it and where? Poverty, drugs create more poverty in the community and create even less desirable living conditions for every one. This did not happen in a vacuum. The poorest neighborhoods in America didn't have a board meeting and decide we want the plague of drugs, how can we accomplish it? I'll go into some of the how and hopefully I will not be the only contributor. I think we could have a strong argument for legalization of all drugs. Yes, those who chose to buy low costs death will suffer. Also, the legal system and the penal system would be damaged. Their opposition could be a fight larger than the war against drugs. People can be rehabilitated, if they desire. The safety of those around them should come first. Alcohol was illegal for some time. Today it is legal. No more gang wars. You can get really cheap high alcohol content whiskey and really cheap high alcohol content beer. Do the same thing with drugs, phased in. If you prefer to live under the bridge or on the sidewalk addicted to drugs, your choice. Make rehabilitation available the same as alcohol. Remove the necessity to commit crime to get high and the underground profit incentive. Cost. Many lives to drugs and alcohol. Reward. Safer streets and huge reduction in black people killing other black people. Reduction in loss to businesses in the community.
  17. A lot of people seem to dislike this @Rolltide poster. I don't really know much about him other than he married an Asian mail order bride, seems to have a learning disability, and likes to call people "libtards". I thought I would make a poll to see if there is actually anyone here that likes this poster?
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