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  1. yeah...Cosmo is nothing like that but they do have a few seats with TVs for betting horses and again easy to get a bet in which is kinda key as a horse bettor.
  2. would've been a lot nicer if Wentz could have just put up some kinda fight. Only scored 10 pts...pathetic
  3. been going to vegas for a long time...about 15 years..once a year with group of guys we used to stay at Mandalay Bay but it got kinda dated and we moved I recall it was a bigger sportsbook and more rowdy (which I kinda like) but that was about 10 years ago...would assume it's been updated since then Cosmo is small...few sofas and chairs.. and this year they were actually some open and not reserved on Sun. Easy to get a bet in if you don't wait till last minute but basically an afterthought as far as sportsbooks go. They aren't trying to compete with anyone. I went to the Venetian once and that one was pretty nice and big but we just were kinda passing thru. sidenote: i stayed at a place called "The Jockey Club" It's a small timeshare apartment building that apparently never sold and the cosmopolitan basically built around and over. You get a kitchenette with a full sized fridge and oven...dining area..large living room with pull out couch and separate kingsized bedroom. 4 nights for $550...and you go down to front desk and there is an elevator right outside that takes you straight to the casino in the cosmopolitan. It's not swanky and you pass alot of old people on scooters with oxygen tanks but you cant beat the price and we fill the fridge with some deli meats, cheese and bread...couple frozen pizzas and that shit hits the spot at 4 in the morning. me and my buddy stay there for $275 each.
  4. Actually more than that 4 of us start with 1000...$250 ea Agree on bets and try to keep it going up till sun night game where we bet it questions asked and no backing out. Really only made it to sun night game one other time. So we had $4500 on boys and over. Talked long time on just betting the cowboys and no parlay but the alcohol and other shit got in the way and we went with the parlay. Other than that I came home ahead about $500 Heavy on jags and colts.
  5. just got back from vegas...go with 3 other guys I went down to place some of our bets on 4 oclock games 3 team ML parlay on all the dogs was one of the bets saints...ravens...and chargers...payout was right around 3 Gs I couldn't do it and changed chargers to the titans without telling them. other 2 games were pretty much wrapped up and we were sitting waiting on titans game...they were bitching and I was thinking that I'll be the hero when I whip out the winning parlay tix...then the failed 4th and 1 and then the easy march down the field by Rivers to what of course seemed like the end for me and my relationship with my friends. They were going crazy and planning out our sun night bet. that was the most stressful ending to a game I have ever experienced and then to get to whip out the winning parlay tix. long story short rolled all our winning on dallas and over. if anyone else had the over in that game you know how that one hurt. 34 pts in the first half and dallas just rolling...fuck Wentz...he sucks
  6. I think it will look different but it will be because Mariota wouldn't attempt alot if the throws that tannehill will. I felt like Mariota limited himself moreso than the coaches
  7. not really evaluating him...just questioning will it make a difference in the long run. I've watched enough NFL to know that what a back-up does for half a game or one game or even a stretch of games just doesn't really speak to what will happen long term. They generally get to play loose and sling it with nothing to really lose. I am looking forward to evaluating over the remainder of the season. You never know in this league who may just take off and ball out. As far as the QB position goes leave no stone un-turned.
  8. It would have taken simply a slightly better offense to win a couple more games. A slightly better offense could easily get us to 4-4 with next 2 games at home. If we can get the next two then I'd like to take a look around the AFC and see where we are. Whole lotta inconsistency in the AFC
  9. If tannehill lights it up he ain't signing a one year deal so that shoots down one of the two things that could happen. Tannehill will be playing for a multi year deal I would assume...not a stop gap QB. But regardless I don't think you worry about that stuff till the off-season rolls around Right now I think you start tannehill and see what he can do.
  10. That's some deep state trolling right there Call me impressed
  11. I'd take Oak...+200 on the ML vs chicago in Oak. seems like some good odds to me
  12. pick a bet or 2 and load up on it...making too many bets...JMO
  13. watching the game live I felt the same way...thought he played well I have only watched the 1st half again and he was pretty damn good but overall the offense was really good which to me is a good sign moving forward. I'm guessing his grades dropped off heavily in the second half but who gives a shit... you put up 24 pts in the first half vs 7 by the other team...the second half is always gonna be a little off. I thought the first half was an elite performance..but that aint saying much...any QB can give you the occasional elite performance. I liked what I saw and hoping to see more of it.
  14. other than 6 or maybe 7 QB's you are pretty much dealing with QB's that aren't gonna beat you on their own every week in the NFL. In the AFC we got the chiefs and the pats...other than that it's a whole lot of inconsistent sucking / not sucking so much. I think we set the bar too high (patriots high) and because of that we see everything else as sucking...I don't think the Titans will only do anything because the AFC south sucks. It's the level of play that is out there. We are right in the mix other than the top 2 teams. Fuck... half the games come down to shitty calls by the refs anyway. That roughing the passer call the Jags got yesterday was ridiculous and totally changed the game. The ball was on the ground for christ sake...what do you expect guys to do.