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  1. So you think our offense is as explosive as the saints...chiefs...Texans? Ravens I ignore cause they have a QB that is a RB...they are doing something different than anyone else.
  2. vikings and niners are good teams just like the Titans but I still don't think they are as good as teams with elite QBs and passing games. down the stretch last season we lost to the texans (game that actually mattered and at home), saints and then the chiefs in superbowl. Three teams with great QBs and passing games. I like what we got especially with the physical attack of not just Henry but Brown and Smith. Three guys that given an inch will make you pay and take a mile from you. It's just that the NFL is geared to promote scoring and big plays and if favors the likes of Mahommes and Watson.
  3. win the division...I don't think that not making the superbowl is a disappointment. I don't think what happens in the playoffs is that important. We need to control the division for a few years and get those top seeds to maximize or opportunities to win it all.
  4. Can't wait till this back and forth comes t a conclusion and we find out who was right and who was WRONG I'll wait till it's over then binge read the rest!
  5. For 3 yrs straight he threw for 4000+ yards so we can expect him to do that again He also threw at least a dozen pics those years...17 pics one of those years but why should we expect that. Ok got it Pic the stats you want and shrug off the rest
  6. I think if he gets over 4000 yards your gonna see 12+ pics from tannehill. I think it's premature to just say he's better now after just over half a season. Tannehill is still a gunslinger. Not afraid to take chances or hold the ball too long waiting for something to open up...that's still what scares me about him. Especially since we can't seem to pass block and don't see us being much better at it this year.
  7. Dudes a baller! Bet on Hawaii in Vegas...love that late game. He gave it everything he had on every play...like it was the final play and your down by 4 pts. Just gotta polish up that other stuff...like throwing the ball
  8. Tannehill was the QB last year as far as most are concerned. I don't take that into consideration when deciding if the roster is better this year as opposed to last. If you do than it's no question the roster is better.
  9. Well you factor in other games that will possibly make it to TV Titans / Ravens very likely to be top game in my area...cause of Ravens. Titans / Steelers also. Anyway Im thinking I'll be able to watch 7-9 games this year without the package.
  10. For some it's the ability to see the games... without having to dish out $$ for NFL psckage
  11. Mularkey got fired cause he wasn't JRobs pick to coach team... In other words I don't think he was let go because jrob thought he could get a better coach...or that mularkey had reached his peak... Jrob knew the type of gm / coach relationship he wanted and that pretty much requires him to hire his coach. In most instances mularkey is praised for what he did and given a pass for a couple years as a coach...or couple chances to do it again..but he just found himself in a no win situation with a gm that had a much bigger plan in place. Damn I love jrob. Titans are a sound organization that appears to be on the same page top to bottom. For all us long time oiler / Titan fans when was the last time you could say that??
  12. Until the deal is done I don't think it's fair to judge. He's getting 30+ mill this year regardless by signing the tag. Players like dak need to negotiate big deals for themselves and the next guys coming along. Owners would love it if every guy that saw 6 figures came on themselves while rushing to sign on the dotted line. That's why the get agents.
  13. I'm assuming any offer is pendy s physical so just wait till then and then negotiate

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