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  1. Exactly it....ice cold is the best way to describe him. I love the dude
  2. Gage lol.... Pinkens, Moulds, Moss, Gage, Johnson... We were the king's of signing washed up WRs....glad that era is over
  3. Both parties have rigged the system to avoid challenges and stay in power. In the startup world, we call this building a moat. Behind citizens united, I think this may be our biggest issue.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.com/magazine/amp/story/2019/09/03/america-gerontocracy-problem-politics-old-politicians-trump-biden-sanders-227986
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strom_Thurmond In October 2000, Thurmond collapsed while lunching with a staff member and an acquaintance at a restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia and was admitted to Walter Reed; his spokeswoman Genevieve Erny stated that the collapse was found to have been unrelated to previous illnesses.[396]
  6. I've always joked with friends that people over 65 shouldn't be allowed to run for office....congress at least. Now I'm seeing that Diane Feinstein is 87yrs old and I cant understand why anyone would vote for an 80+ yr olds to represent them in government? Pretty sure I wouldn't vote for anyone that old...regardless of party. This stuff would never work in corp america....once you hit 60+ your either pushed out or get the golden handshake. But we're stuck with a bunch of senior citizens and we're the ones paying the price.
  7. I'm pretty sure Davis hated how yesterday went....lol.
  8. I said it last year and this game reaffirmes my love for firkser. He has some of the best hands on the team and continues to be a go-to in the clutch. We may have the best TE group in the nfl.
  9. I agree with the optimism on defense. Stats aside we've had a bunch of core players miss time (adoree, simmons, evans) and a few that have should make more impact as the season goes on (incl. Clowney). Personally I don't like to read too much into season stats this early in the year but the pass rush info is interesting. I also think our def coaching is exceptional. Lots of reason to be optimistic
  10. One of the things that most impresses me about Vrabel is his ability to get production from the bottom half of the roster. Whether it's Chris Jackson, Kalu, Correa, or journeymen WRs, he maximizes whatever potential they have....it's a sign of great management. It's a quality he shares with Belichek
  11. LMAO....I know! It's the craziest thing ever. It's just about finding loopholes to try and win arguments. They're brainwashed
  12. I'm just catching up on all this....if true I'm speechless. Unless these types of punishments were laid out in advance, it seems like massive overreach.
  13. VaTitan

    VP Debate

    Don't see why everyone can't see through Pence.....he's such a phony.
  14. Yeah, I think they agreed a while back that this wouldn't happen before the election. Still....it's coming. Trump's life after the presidency is going to be horrendous!
  15. Get the choppa! Trump is gonna need a lift back to walter reed when the chest pains come back!
  16. https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/519962-trump-cannot-block-grand-jury-subpoena-for-his-tax-returns-court
  17. Remember when trump was selling "clean coal" to these poor suckers??? LMAO
  18. There aren't enough words to describe the incompetence... It's just embarrassing...
  19. Yeah, the bear is definitely whipping the gorilla.
  20. I'm glad you are so confident....wish I was there. There's a chance both of them come out of it looking like bumbling idiots. A push is a win for Biden I think.
  21. I'm going to give him more time based on how the off-season played out. Could be a combination of conditioning and learning the scheme. Still think he'll be an important part down the stretch, but he needs to improve his play.

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