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  1. Hahah OMAN getting an early start on his 2019 agenda
  2. Oman simply isn’t a Titans fan. This has been going on for years. Need to stop feeding the troll similar to the way we got rid of Berger
  3. Arnt you done with the team for now? Come back in the off-season with this garbage.
  4. OMAN or Berger as worst troll this board has seen?
  5. Why is any of this a surprise to you? OMAN has and always will cheer for his agenda over this team. This has been going on for a decade. Mariota was OK today. What’s frustrating is when he gets into a rhythm, he looks awesome. We want that from start to finish and we haven’t gotten that. No no he wasn’t terrific, the INT killed us, he takes too many 1 read drops and you generally don’t feel that secure when he drops back. However the drops were absolutely inexcusable and he was in the zone at the end. Made some amazing plays with his feet and really does feel like you’re watching McNair. My issue is OMAN immediately after the game looking for all the reasons why he sucked (lmao at that screen shot of an “open” Lewis). He’s 24, let’s cheer the kid and OUR team on and stop feeding this fucking troll.
  6. Can you imagine Vrabels speech if we pull this out!
  7. OMAN we get it, you care more about your agenda than the titans success.
  8. Very convenient that the sample size is the past 3 years because if you were to look at the past 4 you’ve got Mike Evans, ODB, Brandon cooks etc. Combine that with WR taking longer to hit their stride and that fact that the top WR are bonafide superstars (and mostly 1st round picks) who get into the pro bowl every year and this whole thing is offseason click bait.
  9. ahhh I mustve missed that. Either way, its great to see
  10. https://instagram.com/p/BgT3iRkA9g-/ everyone working out with mariota except for rishard...
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