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  1. Jake, the ball is now in your court. Let me know when you have a game picked out and ticket in hand. I feel that I've said just about everything that needs to be said at this point. Anything else is shit talking and a waste of my time.
  2. Feel free to step up in his place. LOL @ thinking that everyone that gets arrested over the weekend has to wait until Monday to make bail. Yet you can't come up with $200 to make it to Nashville to defend your manhood ? Scared little bitch, like I said.
  3. Just thought of something else funny.... If we did end up getting nabbed by police and got into legal repercussions, I would be able to bail out and go home straight away while Jake would likely be locked up and have to deal with the legal system with no resources to back him up 😂
  4. I'm game I'd probably take the day off and drive out Friday night/early Saturday either way
  5. I didn't want to start a new thread, but I was picking one of my four dog's up from the vet and laughed when I thought about the fact that they have a health insurance plan and Jake doesn't.
  6. I never suggested in the stadium. That would be a sure way to get nabbed by security or Nashville Police. I'll let Jake have the bat, I'll take the knife. Afterwards, I'll decapitate him for all to see.
  7. I said I'd pitch in the rest if we came up a little short. So far, haven't seen any takers, including yourself. Now it looks like you have an excuse, even if someone were to throw in on the ticket. But yeah, let me know next time you're traveling or whatever if that's the best you can do.
  8. Not sure what any of that has to do with what you previously stated. I feel like I've said everything that needs to be said. Jake can man up, or if y'all want to see this shit, put your money where your mouth is. At this point, I'm the only one here who has committed to anything.
  9. Right, I'm scared because I won't post a shirtless pic on a forum full of guys or buy this chump a ticket. Y'all are hilarious. Way to be Simple Jake's cheerleader!
  10. Let me know when you are man enough to pay your own way and have the balls to actually show up
  11. I said I could, not that I would. Like I said earlier, I've done just about everything that I can outside of buying this poor schmuck a ticket.
  12. The fact is, @JakePA_Titan is a worthless piece of shit. He talks all kind of smack on this site putting others down, calling names, etc. It's funny how he acts all big and bad and calls others cowards, but, when push comes to shove he can't back up anything he says. Just remember, when he starts talking all that shit, when it came down to taking actual action he buckled like a belt. He's a puss, and I will be here to check his ass for the foreseeable future. Don't like it Jake ? Be a man and do something about it. Money is no excuse. If you re
  13. I was meaning that toward abenjami, who is actually respectable and a cool ass dude. You on the other hand are a little bitch who deserves no respect. Way to finally grow a pair of balls! Let me know when you can make it to the stadium and which game, tough guy.
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