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  1. In years past, the Camry definitely looked like an old person/female car. The new ones are nice looking, depending on the trim you look at. When I started out selling vehicles I sold Honda's and if I ever had a younger person on the fence on either a Accord/Camry, I'd always tell them they can't go wrong either way. Camry's are nice cars, that is what my grandma drives... 9/10 times they would decide on the Accord right then and there.
  2. I ended up buying a very clean, pre-owned 2018 Accord Sport with the 2.0T engine. 6,100 miles and still looks/smells brand new. I saved ~$9,000, compared to what it would cost to buy a 2019 of the same car. I'm pretty much past the point of seeing a vehicle as any kind of status symbol - it's all about utility and value now. My next vehicle purchase (when I replace the storm chasing Malibu) will be either a Toyota 4Runner or possibly a diesel engine/super duty truck. Still undecided as of now, but I should have a few more years to drive the wheels of this car before I have to decide on anything. You know the only thing better than owning a boat ? Having a best friend that owns a boat... lol
  3. If I was going the non-sensible route, if definitely wouldn't be a charger No joke - I want to move back to a sedan and want something economical (but not too economical) You have a better recommendation ? Not really wanting to go the Tesla route. Not that I have anything against the product. I will probably go that route someday, just not now. I've posted pictures/video in the past and no one really seemed to care much. This year I did see three tornadoes, but they were distant and of the smaller/weaker variety. If the thread from last year is still around, I posted a video of a EF3 wedge tornado crossing the highway directly in front of me.
  4. I really just need another vehicle after selling my Tahoe earlier this year and not replacing it. I have a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu that I use primarily as storm chase vehicle. I didn't mind driving it for a bit - but now that storm season is wrapping up here on the southern plains and I have put close to 10,000 miles on it in the past month - I don't want to drive it as a daily any longer. 3 years.... 55k miles.... beat up by hail, trim falling off in places, etc. I know in previous years, the Camry has been kind of dull. I know the style has been upgraded quite a bit (doesn't look like a Grandma-mobile anymore) not sure about the drivability though. Thanks for the reply. Did you compare against any other models or just go with the Camry because of previous owner experience ? Anything at all either you or she does not like about the Camry ? How is the stereo system ? If there was any one knock I had on my previous Accord it was that.
  5. LOL - never mind Jake. You clearly did not understand the point of the graphic and I don't have the desire or time to explain it to you. You can't fix stupid.
  6. That is what you took away from the graphic ? Not surprised. Nice to see you are still living up to the "biggest retard on Titans Report" title that you've earned over the years. And what is with the y'all shit ? You quoted my post, I am one person....
  7. Anyone here drive a newer model Accord or Camry ? In particular 2015-2019 year models. I'm looking into purchasing a pre-owned vehicle here in the next month or so. I've always been a big Honda fan and loved my previous Accord (2014) but the new style Camry's are nice too, so I'm throwing it in as an option and not just going and buying an Accord. I can look at specs all day, but was hoping someone here personally drives one and could tell me about any loves/hates with either model.
  8. Not surprising, considering the record amount of subprime loans given out in the past few years. I wonder what the percentages look like. I can't speak on boats, but as a car dealer I can absolutely tell you that the women are definitely the ones buying the Jeeps, Corvettes, 4WD Tahoes, etc... they say something like in 80% of car buying situations, the female/wife has the final say so on whether or not to buy the vehicle. It's not like that in my house and I think that is a little on the high side, but it isn't too far off. I see it everyday. I will keep doing my part to add on to that record, lol
  9. Those of you that call in and threaten to leave to get the discount; how long does the process usually take you ? Do they offer the discount right away or do you have to actually set the service up to be disconnected and then they offer you a deal ? It's tempting with everyone saying they get always get the discount, just not sure if it is worth my time to go through all of the BS dealing with customer service.
  10. Since you bumped this I'll add a funny story that happened a week or two ago... We need to rewind a little bit first. A little over a year ago a 30+ year old man purchases a car from our dealership + ESC/GAP insurance. The following day, 30 year old man + Mom walks into the dealership. She is raising a fuss saying we ripped her son off, wanting to cancel his service contract and gap. I turn Jamaican. No problem. In our finance office I explained to her that they are welcome to cancel the ESC if they don't see the value, but, I highly recommend keeping gap because it is relatively cheap and he had quite a bit of negative equity. I'm not selling them anything but being a consultant and looking out for their best interest. If they do cancel I have a waiver they need to sign. They cancel and sign. Last weekend 30+ year old man shows back up and wants to talk to finance. He says that his car was totaled a while back and that he still owes over $8,000 after insurance paid what they were willing to pay. He wants to see what we can do and if there is any way we can help him. He didn't want to take "NO" as an answer from my finance manager, so they called me in to talk to him. I walked in with the waiver that he signed and told him to call Mommy for help.
  11. LOL yeah, he is probably new and won't last long. Last years model and 13k miles is teetering on pre-owned territory regardless if it has been registered or not. We sell all of our demo/loaner vehicles in between 6-7 thousand miles. Are you seriously considering the IS300 ? My cousin bought his wife one and she loves it. I'm not sure if it is a 2017/2018 but it is a nice car.
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