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  1. remember when he got roofied by a hooker and she robbed him of over 100k of jewelry? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/04/titans-g-quinton-spain-says-he-was-drugged-robbed-of-113k-in-jewelry/
  2. I just want to know what he's been on IR for.....
  3. I know this thread is about a potential OC replacement, but DC has been brought up as well. what do ya'll think about interviewing a guy like Dan Quinn for DC?
  4. i get it, it's kind of a poorly titled thread. you really don't know what it is until you click in
  5. "Titans top run blocker on Sunday, per PFF."
  6. nevermind, this was terrible, kinda like most of SNL skits
  7. Unfortunately, Wilson is pretty much a Right Tackle
  8. man, what is wrong with Rodgers ?
  9. it looked like it was supposed to be either a hand-off or a fake, and neither of them remembered which because Wentz and the RB both held onto the ball. either way though, it wasn't going to work
  10. Defense needs an ass kicking , especially Buttlicker

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