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  1. hahahaaa .... she faceplanted right on those bolts... i'd love to see the rest of this
  2. but was there any secret strategy to it ? like intentionally sending a 12th man onto the field kinda secret ?
  3. and a holding call negates the winning TD for SEA ....
  4. wait a minute .... what was the strategy for kicking on 2nd down ? i get it if time is expiring, but it wasn't. then he ices his own kicker because the play clock had expired , then Gonzo misses ..... WTF
  5. hell, we started 2-4 last year and STILL made it to the AFCC. cheer up buttercups !
  6. they should just elevate McCann and deactivate Gost as opposed to outright cutting him
  7. Puck

    The sock

    i bet if he was wearing a sock he never wears one again !
  8. ^ well said instead of an asterisk, it would be an exclamation point (!)
  9. QB either needs to be out of the pocket to throw it away or there needs to be a receiver in the area.

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