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  1. Or a dragon. What did the three eyed raven say way back in the first book? (maybe. It’s been years since I’ve read them) you will never walk again but you will fly. So probably one of Dany’s unless he can warg into the undead one
  2. I agree with most of what you say. I don’t have an opinion on gun laws here because I’m not a gun owner (don’t need one so im very indifferent) but have quite a few friends that have gone through the process to purchase them legally for their farms they knew things would change but are shocked that it was so quick. I’m Pretty sure they’re not going to get rid of them. One nut has unfortunately affected our country’s freedom but what’s worse is he was able have a platform on social media to do it. I don’t expect anyone to blame New Zealand for the attack and no one should point out the shooter was Australian. We’re pretty much the same country except we are waaaaay better at rugby. Sometimes people are just compete pieces of shit regardless of where they are from. Also 1 20 am here. Not sober
  3. My best day of primary school (elementary?) that I ever had was going to see the first Toy Story at the movies and then going to Georgie Pie after for lunch and getting a buzz lightyear toy. So good.
  4. I’m not a fan of Jacinda. But I think she has done a fantastic job in the past week. It’s unprecedented what has happened here. Within a week of this happening she has changed our gun laws and been front and centre down in Christchurch. It’s been a devastating week here with a lot of people saying a lot of negative things about my country probably by people that hadn’t heard of New Zealand until last week and still couldn’t locate it on a map. Im still gutted this happened but if any of you cunts come here to the North Island ( and north of Auckland) hit me up and we’ll have a beer
  5. (An)Drew Lock(er). He’s the one. Trade up and get him
  6. Sheep shagging is more of a South Island thing. I know once they’re done the export them to Aussie. That’s why they’re so tender for you guys 😂
  7. Lol. Tackle properly like they’re paid to do? You see one on one tackling all the time in rugby where smaller guys take down bigger guys when they have a head of steam. Don’t get me wrong though. Loved Henry running all over them. Fuck the Jags
  8. Anyone pick up Smash today? I haven’t played since the Wii version. Looking forward to getting into it tomorrow.
  9. Isn’t the whole point of Movember to shave clean on the 1st and grow a moustache (and not a beard) in the sake of men’s health? I know it is over here (and Aussie). It started off being being an awareness for prostate cancer (and getting the checks) and has kind have moved further to testicular cancer and mental health. I did it for the first time last year (after my Dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer) and raised over $1200. Not insulting or taking the piss. I’m probably about as ginger.
  10. All fair points. And I’m in the same boat with the cloud and the online. I only play mario kart with my brother who’s in Aussie and he’s not getting it so there isn’t much point. Maybe when Pokémon let’s go comes out or Smash I’ll get into it
  11. Online seems pretty reasonable for the price. Though I’ve played a lot of those games on emulator. I did however purchase the Capcom bundle. I spent so much money trying to clock Captain Commando on arcade and never did it.
  12. 8:00 pm here. It’s not bed time yet. So just for funsies. Where do you think I’m from? I assure you it is New Zealand. And what do you want me to do the prove it
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