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  1. Nztitans

    An early look at Drew Lock

    (An)Drew Lock(er). He’s the one. Trade up and get him
  2. Sheep shagging is more of a South Island thing. I know once they’re done the export them to Aussie. That’s why they’re so tender for you guys 😂
  3. Nztitans

    The 99-Yard Run

    Lol. Tackle properly like they’re paid to do? You see one on one tackling all the time in rugby where smaller guys take down bigger guys when they have a head of steam. Don’t get me wrong though. Loved Henry running all over them. Fuck the Jags
  4. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone pick up Smash today? I haven’t played since the Wii version. Looking forward to getting into it tomorrow.
  5. Nztitans

    I've got a beard now #Movember

    Isn’t the whole point of Movember to shave clean on the 1st and grow a moustache (and not a beard) in the sake of men’s health? I know it is over here (and Aussie). It started off being being an awareness for prostate cancer (and getting the checks) and has kind have moved further to testicular cancer and mental health. I did it for the first time last year (after my Dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer) and raised over $1200. Not insulting or taking the piss. I’m probably about as ginger.
  6. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    All fair points. And I’m in the same boat with the cloud and the online. I only play mario kart with my brother who’s in Aussie and he’s not getting it so there isn’t much point. Maybe when Pokémon let’s go comes out or Smash I’ll get into it
  7. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Online seems pretty reasonable for the price. Though I’ve played a lot of those games on emulator. I did however purchase the Capcom bundle. I spent so much money trying to clock Captain Commando on arcade and never did it.
  8. Nztitans

    Titans vs. Pittsburgh - What you all expect to watch?

    8:00 pm here. It’s not bed time yet. So just for funsies. Where do you think I’m from? I assure you it is New Zealand. And what do you want me to do the prove it
  9. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Yea. But I would have never expected Cloud (or Sonic) to be in there either so that’s the Geno hope (Mallow sucked) and there has been talk since the last Smash about who ever owns the rights to Banjo who said they would like to see him featured in Smash. These games fill a whole lot of nostalgia to me. It may happen eventually. It might not. But who would you like to see included?
  10. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Awesome random game I picked up for the GC. So underrated. And Jamal I saw Knuckles was a new assist and Shadow has been one in the past. Saw nothing of Tails but that is with very limited research. Probably like him because I was the younger brother and always had to play as him.
  11. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    I didn’t play the WiiU version of smash (played all of them up to it). But with every character being back I’m excited to play this one. Any characters you guys would love to see for this one? I would love to see Banjo-Kazooie, Geno (Mario RPG) and Tails from the Sonic series. I don’t expect any of them to make it
  12. Nztitans

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    That is literally every Zelda game though. You can always go back and beat the last boss. Good on you for getting your kid into them though. Such a sweet series
  13. Nztitans


    Oh well that kills any hope I had. I didn’t realise it was a DC streaming and thought it was a TV series and had a little bit of funding behind it (if it did I think there was some potential) I should have done a little bit of research