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  1. I watched the Music City Miracle game and then watched the rest of the Titans playoff run that year. I thought there was no way they would beat the Jags after they destroyed the Dolphins. Loved the jerseys. And loved Eddie and Kearse. We didn’t get any NFL before that time
  2. If it’s too much work don’t bother. It’s a very minor thing that annoys me. But I’m usually watching the game and not following the thread.
  3. I like it. Appreciate everything you do for the site. Is there a way for you to not see quoted messages from people you have blocked. A very minor thing seeing as I’ve blocked a total of two members and it’s only really an issue in the game threads
  4. Looks like the Ravens fans can enjoy watching their 12 probowlers actually play in the game
  5. It’s crazy that 24 of his interceptions were at home. He only had 4 away games where he threw a pick
  6. I know Melvin quit a few years ago but anymore stories about him since he’s left? Is he still alive?
  7. I’m not sure which team I hate more. Steve Smith is playing out of his mind and carrying you guys. I hate England because I’m not quite over the World Cup final. 😢
  8. I liked the last episode. It is hard to see how they wrap it all up in 80 minutes. There seems a lot to sort out in that little time. I’m interested to see Dany’s reaction to what she did. Could have just destroyed the Red Keep and killed Cercei and be done with her. Surely she will have some justification to what she did. Probably not with the way the writing is.
  9. How many dragons are left? I need to rewatch. I imagine it’s still 2 because they didn’t exactly get a death scene like the major characters got. Poor Mormont girl dying. She would have been perfect ending up on the Iron throne. I thought for a second Tyrion and Sansa were going to kill themselves with the dagger. But that was never going to happen with 3 episodes left. The Hound still being alive means we still get Clegane Bowl
  10. I liked it for what is was. The end of 11 years of movies. Captain America picking up the hammer was so good. Cap vs Cap had good banter a nice scene along with hail hydra. The final battle where everyone came back was probably one of the best scenes from all of the movies. Thanos is OP as anything. Disappointing that we won’t see RDJ Evans and Jackman as Iron Man Captain America and Wolverine.
  11. Went and saw it early yesterday morning. Really enjoyed it. Long though. Don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that hasn’t. If you are a fan of the Marvel movies there is a lot to like. There was only once scene that I thought was really forced and wasn’t needed.
  12. Or a dragon. What did the three eyed raven say way back in the first book? (maybe. It’s been years since I’ve read them) you will never walk again but you will fly. So probably one of Dany’s unless he can warg into the undead one

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