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  1. I have a signed Eddie George jersey. A signed Eddie photo (in a cowboys uniform) A signed mini CJ helmet. A few jerseys that I’ve picked up over the years Eddie, Kearse, CJ, Locker, Mariota, Henry and Byard. And a full sized signed Kearse and AJ Brown helmet
  2. My brother in Aussie got me a signed AJ Brown helmet for my birthday. Paid for it about a week before the draft and arrived here yesterday. Nice surprise but fuck sakes.
  3. Are you sure it was Jake and not a certain Canadian poster who removed himself from the board? He was also a lot different from how he presented himself on the board. Neither powerful or attractive. And weed definitely didn’t make him smarter. Passionate golfer though
  4. Remember this anytime Bongo gives medical advice on the board
  5. Didn’t he also post pictures with his “expensive” golf clubs that were pieces of shit. I’m sure someone (maybe CMJ) had all the pictures from that thread
  6. He was rated 97 at launch. Henry and Chubb were rated 96
  7. Would suck to wake up at 3am but I love the 5am and then 6am kick off when daylight savings kicks in. Such a more reasonable hour
  8. Have to go Brett Keisel over Reed if we’re just basing it on beard growing ability
  9. I don’t think the rule is what they should be complaining about. The obvious helmet to helmet that caused it and that both not being called and not being reviewable is way worse.
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