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  1. Up and at em you tard bitch. Another glorious day in the tard army. Time to make the women of the world laugh and puke all at once.
  2. Hey Touched The Tard, how’s the world treating you in your wolf lair jail cell today? You got a phone and a computer. I guess that about as good as a tard cherry can hope for huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Besides the occasional trip to the zoo, I guess there’s not a whole lot to look forward to. No conjugal visits yet huh? Go figure. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Don’t need anything other than the mirror scan. Ass ugly and retarded shows up every time. Just ask any woman who’s a nurse.
  5. Do you think a big load of stinking shit shows up on a x-ray Touched The Tard?
  6. “Unfortunately, the coat hanger didn’t have a barb.”.........DonnaTard
  7. Just like Foxworthy used to say, beauty is skin deep but ugly goes clean to the bone. Just to make matters worse, when it hits the bone of your tard noggin.........
  8. Hey Touched The Tard, I sure hope you washed your fist before having a fantasy about a nurse girlfriend feeding you.
  9. If you want to see WRONG, just take a quick gaze in the nearest mirror Touched The Tard.
  10. Since you like reading books so much, maybe you should consider writing one.
  11. Up and at em you tard bitch. Another glorious day in the tard army. “I’m sure everyone is sexy in their own way.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. That’s when JamalisaGod got his honorary membership in the tard army.

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