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  1. Up down left right good bad and everything in between huh Touched The Tard. One of your tard privates will always be right. In the end you’re still bat shit crazy and never forget the +1.
  2. The Pineapple Chunker has a bigger yellow streak running down his back than CJ had.
  3. The Tard Army enforcer shows up. Hey Touched The Tard, how are your Spartans doing this year ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Such a SAD SAD SAD tard dance. Hey Touched, the Jag homers are glad you’re here.
  5. Should have said UNCLE Touched. You’re an insult to intelligence and the beatings will only get worse.
  6. It’s OK Touched, if I had lived as many years as you without ever sniffing a woman’s crotch, driving a car, taking a taste of fine scotch etc. etc. etc., I would probably like LaLa Land too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. When you hit the tard lottery it makes no difference where the money comes from. A wolf blanket and internet access is all you need to be someone else in LaLa Land. IN MY ROOM IN MY ROOM......... Sing it Touched The Tard’.
  8. Hey OMan, see what I mean? Up, down, left, right.......... Basically just fucked in the head. He’s a babe magnet. +1
  9. Hey OMan, it’s amazing what pops into the head of this message board obsessed idiot isn’t it?
  10. OMan and The Tard Time. May The Pineapple Chunker live forever.
  11. I’ve got you some TDGN pics Touched The Tard. When the boat gets to NYC I will post them.