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  1. No matter what the folks have been telling you Touched The Tard, they’re lying to you. You’re like a millennial without an education. An unwanted burden that they shouldn’t have to endure.
  2. That’s Touched The Tard’s way of saying “my poppa is real proud of me.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Hey Touched The Tard, just out of curiosity, what did pop do for a living before you decided to make him proud of you?
  4. AWWWW, poor Touched The Tard. Mom and pop having trouble with the neighbors in their little white trash retirement village? It must be hard having the control center for The Tard Army in your wolf lair under those circumstances.
  5. Holy dead dog shit, I’ve never seen a page in any thread that doesn’t have a post from The Tard Army. Must be potted meat sandwich time.
  6. The tard stick found its mark and the dance has begun. You homers just sit back and enjoy courtesy of ME. My work here is done. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. They looked in the mirror and saw you. UGLY huh? Stupid to boot. Regurgitate some more shit that you found on the internet to pass off as an original thought Touched The Tard. The caffeine is kicking in and I need a good chuckle.
  8. The punchlines are unlimited on this one. You could probably find a women that would actually try and fuck the dead dog.
  9. Hey Touched The Tard, what's the difference between you and a white trash dog that has worms crawling through it?
  10. Hey Touched The Tard, little early in the morning to be trying to convince yourself that you're not a card carrying moron just because you have access to the internet huh? Don't look in the mirror! LaLa Land turns into reality in a split second if you do that.
  11. Gotta go Touched The Tard. Sic yourself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. Dance you tard bitch, dance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. See Homers, you pop a tard upside his noggin just right and he dances like he thinks he's black.
  14. Hey Touched The Tard, for some reason I get the feeling that you think you just might have the upper hand on some of these shit for brains homers on the politics board. Am I hearing the echo's in that empty skull of yours right?
  15. Hey StarkillerTard, what you drinking and smoking tonight?
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