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  1. Hey Touched The Tard, you don’t need to keep starting all these moronic threads to try to track the clodhopper. When the boot is around you will know it.
  2. Women are just downright cold huh Touched The Tard? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Why the hell would I want to look at an expiration date? I have this thing that I sleep with every night called a wife. I let her take care of little details. Hey Touched The Tard, just out of curiosity, why didn’t they put you all the way to the right where your type belongs in the class reunion pic? It’s time for Beer and Bat Shit Crazy bitch. Come get some chicken shit.
  4. I sure as hell hope you don’t think I’m joking you you fucked in the head tard bitch.
  5. Well Touched The Tard, let’s just say I was in a much higher level of the “you plant corn and you get corn” category.
  6. That’s just her way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY Touched The Tard. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. Sound advice from someone posting on a message board in the middle of the night.
  8. Where are they at you tard bitch? Get your freeloading ass in gear.
  9. PopTard must have went cheap when choosing your private education huh Touched The Tard? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. Some news editor is laughing his ass off right now.
  11. Hey Touched The Tard, I bet Kimmie and Greggie are in trouble today. I hope you’re back in time for Beer and Bat Shit Crazy. Start lubing the hole when you’re about an hour before you get there.
  12. Cheap bastard didn’t get you your own room huh Touched The Tard?
  13. Remember Touched, pics or it didn’t happen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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