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  1. Just think Touched The Tard, if all the questions in grammar school were this easy, you wouldn't have been old enough to go into a bar when you graduated. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. What your LaLa Land nurse girlfriend forgot to mention is that it's a progressive disease for tards such as yourself. 17,155 and counting.
  3. I know Touched The Tard. Tell Mom and PopTard to give you a Mountain Dew. It can be whatever beer you want it to be in LaLa Land. Look at the bright side, it probably won't burn if you have to use it on your hole.
  4. Hey Touched The Tard, let’s get happy hour going a little early. Come get some you chicken shit tard bitch.
  5. It’s not hard to follow the Touched The Tard map to happiness and success after high school. TAKE A RIGHT, TAKE A RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Up and at em you tard bitch. Another glorious day in the tard army. Internet message boards everywhere just waiting to be stunk up. CHARGE!
  7. The Tard Army. It’s vast, it’s conquering,, it pillages, it rapes, it never tires and it’s everywhere. Too bad it walks really funny.
  8. Hey Touched The Tard, count the number of post you have made on the internet since midnight. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have a life and aren’t bat shit crazy. Glad I can help.
  9. Up and at em you tard bitch. Another glorious day in the tard army. The no nothing know nothing is going to......
  10. Try and remember what I told you about choices and this board Touched The Tard.
  11. Up and at em you tard bitch. Another glorious day in the tard army. Let’s see how much further we can cram the clodhopper today.
  12. Not as low as you need them to be huh Touched The Tard? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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