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  1. Well, that and being damn near fifty and being stuck in jail in Adoptatardmomandpop’s extra bedroom doesn’t help any either.
  2. No, the broke, butt ugly and bat shit crazy are killing your vibe.
  3. Hey Touched The Tard, I’m still confused with your problems with the ladies. College grad, made millions in the stock market etc etc etc. What’s wrong with you? Does it have anything to do with the 3 bees?
  4. Hey Touched The Tard, Sarah is out with the ladies tonight. Guess who’s home all alone. Come on out and wiggle that big ole tard clodhopper.
  5. Hey Touched The Tard, look at it this way. No matter how much you have to live in LaLa Land or how nasty the ladies and the mirror treat you, it’s great to be an Ole Miss grad huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Hey Touched The Tard, how’s the internet message boards and LaLa Land treating you today? Anything to make that mirror a little easier to gaze into and pass the time away in your wolf lair jail cell huh?
  7. My Rebel clodhopper is much bigger than Colts clodhopper. Prepare thy tard anus. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Hey Touched The Tard, having fun being an Ole Miss grad today huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. Maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask that butt ugly, shit for brains cherry reflection why you started this thread.
  10. Me Touched The Tard. Me Ole Miss grad. Me know everything about Oxford....... When the ass kicking starts, the internet won’t be your friend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Hey Touched The Tard, when all the head coach hiring shit dies down on Nafoom, I’m going to embarrass your ass on there.
  12. Hey Touched, it’s time for coffee and KOO KOO. Get your Ole Miss and State Tard Army back on this board and make me laugh bitch.
  13. Oh yeah Touched The Tard, you have to be super smart to figure out a fucked in the head moron. I bet none of the Jag homers know about your tard army on their board.
  14. Like I’ve told you before, look in the mirror and despair. When the ladies look at what you see, they puke. +1
  15. Hey Touched, tell Private BomboriveraTard to stop talking to all your other morons and post my Florida tard pics you message board obsessed asshole.