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  1. I'm quite certain that they wouldn't have been able to yank my foot or the Colts horse cock out of your tard ass.
  2. Hey Touched, in LaLa Land you probably think you're not ugly and stupid and this Colts loss means that the Titans aren't Luck's bitch. Reality starts next September though.
  3. Just imagine have to fellate something like this. Mother Nature's nightmare.
  4. Touched, you're an insult to intelligence.
  5. I don't understand why coaches aren't in line for this job. Maybe the Titans should remove the built in kotex holder from their franchise QB's britches.
  6. January horse cock. Watching and enjoying. The Titans way.
  7. ManningEnvy

    AFC South Contest - Divisional round

    Hey Touched, just out of curiosity, how do you figure out in that KOO KOO cavern of a skull just what private gets to win?
  8. ManningEnvy

    After Rewatching the Eagles Game....

    Hey Touched, what did you have for supper tonight?
  9. ManningEnvy

    Antonio Brown

    Hey Touched, if you ever leave LaLa Land check out this movie.
  10. ManningEnvy

    Antonio Brown

    Hey Touched, how’d things go today in LaLa Land? You get a lot accomplished?
  11. One of those not a lot of homers around so I’ll talk to my bat shit crazy, dead dog lazy self huh Touched?
  12. Poor Touched, perpetually in LaLa Land and dumb as a fucking stump.
  13. See OMan, with just one wack of a genuine ME Tard Stick, you can have one private posting shit for brains pictures of a KC playoff loss and other privates telling him he’s full of it. They’re magical instruments and very affordable.
  14. Hey OMan, watch and learn. Hey Touched, has anybody told you that you’re DEAD DOG ugly lately?
  15. You know, being an honorary member of The Tard Army, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you actually believe that.