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  1. Do you think you could ask Dick Tracy to point me in the right direction of where the board tard did this?
  2. Hey Homers, do you think those purple flowers in any way say FUCK THE TITANS?
  3. Well Touched The Tard, there are two guaranteed wins on the schedule.
  4. Only a few more months before reality hits. Might as well get it out of your systems now. Hope The Pineapple Chunker makes it through the first game.
  5. The Tennessee Titans, where QB's go to.....................
  6. Hey Touched The Tard, how's the ole fist treating you tonight?
  7. Hey OMan, if that’s not enough to give you the night sweats...........
  8. Touched The Tard will act like he’s not fucked in the skull.
  9. Hey Touched The Tard, you need to learn that hitting with the truth is much more effective. Any male (nobody will ever consider you a man) that would put his ass in those face hiding tard suits deserves the abuse he’s going to get. SAD SAD SAD
  10. Mirror Touched, mirror. Not a pretty sight is it?
  11. Any male who would do something like that is missing a functioning set of balls and in your case, a brain.
  12. You don’t need to be a Titans fan when you’re a card carrying Tard.
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