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  1. Hey Touched The Tard, did you ever look up the odds of a boy living his entire life with never getting close to a woman? Think about that when 3 am rolls your way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. It’s vibrating and I just can’t seem to get women to cooperate. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. The retard mind. It’s enough to make you wonder whether to laugh or be scared. Even though it’s alive, the fit would be loose don’t you think Touched The Tard?
  4. Hey Touched The Tard, did something happen that I don’t know about? Did you wake up this morning in another body?
  5. Hey Jamal, do you feel all powerful now for banning me from bitch slapping the board last night?
  6. Poor Touched The Tard, why don’t you let Guru settle this for everybody. I bet he has had some classic pm’s begging him to yank the clodhopper out. How about giving us the top five for a start Guru.
  7. Hey Touched, you know and I know what happens after so many years. GIVE THIS MOTHER FUCKING RETARD A DIPLOMA AND GET HIM OUT OF HERE!
  8. Hey Touched The Tard, did you ever wonder why you were old enough to legally go into a bar when you graduated high school?
  9. GRUNT you dimwitted slow thinking tard bitch.
  10. Poor Touched The Tard, his whole persona revolves around his shit filled skull believing that he has a handful of homers believing that his tard army doesn't exist. Remember what I told you, all that matters is that you know and I know.
  11. I imagine your woman would get stinky after awhile. Poor thing, Adoptatardpop probably refuses to throw her in the washer. Try stitching her butt up Touched. The stuffing might stop clogging the washer pump.
  12. Touched The Tard has been wanting to fuck me for years. However, where the clodhopper is located it makes it a physical impossibility.
  13. Of course, this is Touched The Tard’s idea of working. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s an elf or reindeer. Looking at other shirtless tard pics he’s taken with a homo, he probably wishes he was Mrs Claus. I doubt Santa’s having any though.
  14. Remember what I told you Touched The Tard, anything’s possible in LaLa Land. Too bad ME and his slap a tard bitch back to reality mirror is around huh?

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