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  1. It's absolutely gobsmacking to me that some NFL fans STILL believe that Brady is a system QB, and only that. Do you dipshits not realize that Belicheck had no NFL success UNTIL he had Brady and then DESIGNED the offense tailored to Brady? FFS, you're arguing a chicken-and-the-egg scenario. And, if we're keeping score, Brady stepped in for Bledsoe midseason and carried the Pats to the playoffs AND Super Bowl without Belicheck and co. ever intending to play him. No system there. As for Manning, flat-track bully during the regular season, almost always exposed during playoffs. Two exceptions where he had a good/great defense behind him. He shouldn't even be in the conversation for best QB all-time. Colts racked up a lotta wins, but not nearly as much glory. Although it obviously still trumps the Titans. Probably better to have "What ifs...?" than, "Another year gone by...", but, still, to be a Colts fan...yuck...
  2. Que? That's in LI and wasn't in the video. And it's not a NYC slice. Anyway, whatever. To each their own.
  3. Typical Brooklyn/Manhattan bias. In the entire borough of Queens he could only hit 2 pizzerias, one all the way out at JFK and the other clear across the borough in Astoria?! Crap video, as I suspected. The typical slice in Manhattan is, at best, sustenance. So can't stand Brooklyn and all the reverse carpetbaggers.
  4. I get the purist view, but the actual on-field product is money. Only difference is shorter shot clock afaict. And the concentration of awesome shooters is off the charts. 2-point bombs from beyond the arc. It's fun to watch. Chaos v Chrome on Sunday at 3PM on NBCSN.
  5. Then licks the best part...the blood...
  6. If so, have you watched any Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)? Thus far I've really enjoyed it, unusual concept and all (no geographic bases). Really hope it works out for the league but I don't think it was very bright to televise the majority of matches via a subscription with NBC Sports.
  7. Disagree. Gorilla is MUCH smarter, absolutely lethal in attack. Would be down to which scored the first killer blow. Although I assume we're talkin' full grown, healthy adult Silverback vs a healthy Grizz. But, if I'm honest, I think it ends in both walking away to avoid a critical wounds.
  8. You're smarter than this. In the NFL, big people hit other big people with the intention to take them down as violently as possible. If someone gets injured, it's collateral damage. Not intended, but happens. The case against the Saints was utter bollox.
  9. I'm sure that your last statement isn't true, but I don't care about my rep on a message board. Easy enough for you to look it up if you're so inclined (I wouldn't be). Seems to me that that you are the "hardest" snowflake. Good for you! Still don't understand your objections to my view and yours.
  10. Tell me I'm wrong, let me know where I'm not understanding. Football is--probably--the most violent organized and mass participant sport. "Alrighty."
  11. If you actually believe that this isn't endemic...wow...unless you're snowflaking to the payment bit..."these lads are out to HURT one another"... ***EDIT*** Oh, and, seriously?! Your coach is going to NOT let you make plays?! Beyond stupid. Garrett seems like a berk.
  12. Do you have even a basic understanding of grammar/syntax/style? Your suggestion, "Try to go and dumbfuck you parents!!" does not even compute, unless "dumbfuck" is a new verb with which I'm unfamiliar and allows unfamiliar grammatical/syntactical rules to apply. Shit, maybe you're a savant. As for the "waldo" reference, please explain. Makes zero sense to me. I fear you may have contracted the dumb. Well...in fact...I'm certain of it. Dumbass.
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