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  1. Oooookaaaayyyyy... Smith is the most exciting player in the NFL and it's not even close. See? Anyone can play this game! Kyler Murray, however? NOT interesting. Cardinals? LEAST INTERESTING TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. Sorted?
  2. Once again, board idiocy by the self-designated "anti-homer/anti-Henry keepers of the flame" gets an airing. Fucking muppets. By what metric is the "high flying" Arizona offense more attractive to a national audience? By virtue of the 8 more points they've scored than Tennessee? Or would that be the less than 300 yards Murray has completed than Tanne? Or might it be the 19/8 put up by Murray vs the 22/4 put up by Tanne? Perhaps it's that Murray is 12th overall in rushing, eclipsing the starting RB of whom no one is aware? Yeah, Cardinals are definitely MUST SEE TV over the Titans. MUPPETS.
  3. Nailed it. He's not a QB. And refuses to say "Titans" when he loses. But there are some on this board that will reply that I just don't understand the "modern athlete". Fuck off.
  4. Definitely agree with pressing receivers and daring Rivers to be able to throw deep anywhere, especially outside the numbers. But, Code, we were just eviscerated WITH Brown in the lineup; maybe if we wanna see a Silver Lining it's that it will force the D staff to reevaluate how they defended the Colts in R1.
  5. Agreed on both counts. Let's hope they both work out. This season is really pointing out how important depth is to a team's success. Not everyone has to be an All-Pro, but you definitely need guys that can step in and do a job on short notice. Everyone talks about depth, but hopes you never need to find out.
  6. With a full offseason he should easily be able to increase his weight and mass. Extremely small sample size but I was encouraged by what we saw yesterday. A good coaching staff can get creative with someone that is athletic but undersized, definitely reminds me of a prototypical Denver OLineman under Shanahan.
  7. Wrong. Flacco got lucky with a few chucks/heaves and tried to live off them. How'd that work out?
  8. Hey, it's great that you love Flacco and Jackson...worked out fantastically once...hope it doesn't again, 'cuz Lamar SUCKS, just like Flacco. Lightning doesn't usually strike twice.
  9. Let's bottom line it...would you take Flacco in his insane season that can never be repeated over what you've seen from Tanne with the Titans?
  10. Nah, dude, I'm the biggest critic of QBs and I do think that Flacco sucks, but Tannehill has IT. Keep lookin', lad.
  11. Have you actually watched Jackson? He sucks.
  12. Titans have a QB, Ratshits do not. Easy peasy.
  13. Jackson is not a QB. He's a gadget guy that can sometimes hit wide open receivers.

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