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  1. I'd have a punt on Griffin or Sheard at EDGE (might even prefer them to Clowney), Bradham, Lee, Hogan, and Jernigan, maybe Glenn. Any way you slice it, they'd be longshots.
  2. Big used mad. If you also don't understand the difference, I assume you have the Internet available to explain the difference to you. And different is spelled diffErent. Yep, that's important to me.
  3. Sure thing. You're an idiot. How do you propose to fix it? Are you going to WOW me and the rest of the forum with concrete examples of how Jackson destroyed teams in the playoffs, or should we meet at a park and you can throw injured ducks/interceptions/incompletions/worm burners to me the way he does in the playoffs?
  4. Why should I be angry (I assume you're too simple to understand the difference between angry and mad) ? 28 - 12!
  5. Nah, dude, you're the one that thinks so highly of him, YOU need to defend his record. Oh, wait! You can't! Sorry, dude, he is NOT a QB. Dumbass. Go to a Ravens board.
  6. How did he make out in the playoffs for the last 2 years? Gimmick QB, Titans wrote the book on him. Have a nice day!
  7. I'd rather try to wait out the Jags and get Ngakoue for a 6th. I'd go as high as a 5th. 😜
  8. Fucking LOVE Repo Man...such an underrated '80s flick...
  9. Personally, I'm looking forward to the "Dare Tanne" defenses. And, when that proves difficult, HENRY SMASH.
  10. There's no lose here, but I stick with Evans. Dude just has that PRESENCE.
  11. Byard, Evans, Brown, DQ, Butler...we should be good. That list is in order. Evans will be the de facto leader of the Titans after this season. Mark it, Dude.
  12. My thoughts exactly, I think he's going to be VERY hands-on with the pass rush and dial it up a lot more than in the past couple of seasons. Loving Evans (especially) and Brown blitzing from inside. With the personnel there are also a lot of options in Joker formations by adding another LB.
  13. His stops of the Pats IN THEIR PATCH in the playoffs is already legendary in my mind. I tend to key on LB and RB play, and it's crazy that the Titans have some of the best of both. Before he got hurt Brown was practically matching Evans. Keep everyone healthy, Titans have a good team.

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