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  1. Signing Judon would be stupid and cost way too much money. He's JAG. I like Gross-Matos in 3/4 if he's available. Maybe even in 2. Agree that EDGE is the primary need, just don't think it's a good draft for that, although they always confound perceptions.
  2. I sincerely hope that someone on the Titans ends the career of Tyreek Hill. And I make NO apologies for this. We all know what he really is, the courts be damned.
  3. If you live in Baltimore, I pity you. What a fucking shithole. I'd rather live in Buffalo.
  4. Twitter, like all social media, will never be anything other than an abomination.
  5. Honest, I would LOVE to see this. Not only do I think he is the MOST overrated player of all time, that shitbag franchise tried exactly this with CJ. There simply is no level of dirty that shouldn't be visited on that franchise. Hurt them all. Idgaf. oldschool can suck a Raven dick.
  6. You've become a caricature of yourself, always the contrarian offering nowt these days. Perhaps you should slow down and READ...I said I wasn't surprised that PFT named Murray OROTY but that no one else that commented threw in AJ's name as worthy. For the record, there is no objective reality in which Kyler Murray is named OROTY over AJ Brown, but it's assumed based on media bias. Apparently you've stopped watching football and now live in a fantasy universe. Or an even dumber one in which PFF is gospel. Sleeping has decimated you in this thread. Some epitaph... Please, regale us again with the pedestrian stats put up by Murray in his award-winning campaign! And then again with how awesome Jacobs would have been IF ONLY he could have made it through a single, rookie season! And how AJ pales in comparison to these lions of the gridiron! Dumbass.
  7. I wasn't surprised that PFT named Murray OROTY but was surprised that only one commenter even mentioned Brown as being worthy. I'm not holding my breath that the national media isn't also collectively asleep.
  8. That's an interesting thought, but I have to assume that Vrabel and his staff can simply watch the tape and glean what they need. I honestly would not be regretful to see them challenge Gilmore early with AJB/CD/TJS just to see how the Pats react. Obviously if it's an INT that's not good, but to let Gilmore and the Pats defense know that they're on notice and there's no fear from Tannehill and the entire Titans team and they stack the box at their peril.
  9. Nice. But Tanny could still throw for 5 bills if the Pats choose the run/playaction shorts as their poison. Me, I just hope Tanny has a standard Tanny game as a Titan. I'm good.
  10. I think CB should definitely be in play in R1, because even though when healthy the Titans have a nice set of DBs it's always better to bolster it while it's still a strength. That said, I'm hoping there's some EDGE help available when the Titans pick in R1, because that's a bigger area of immediate need. Maybe D'Andre Walker can defy the odds and injury and become a major contributor, but I wouldn't criticize an infusion of draft capital.
  11. I don't know who is Todd Heap but I'd rather live in Buffalo than anywhere in the South. TRUTH. Anything below the Mason-Dixon is suspect. ***Oh, RIGHT, Todd Heap...short attention span syndrome...***
  12. Couldn't be more nervous about this game unless we were playing the Colts...

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