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  1. Brady is probably finished as far as I'm concerned. He has a rag arm and can no longer get it down field. An offense that can only run screen passes and dump offs isn't going very far, witness the Pats offense this past season. I think the Pats will probably keep him anyway.
  2. I think Brady is finished. Anyone who signs him deserves to lose for being that dumb.
  3. I guess someone will give me some static because of the era but I believe Kenny Houston was the best we ever had. Mike Reinfeldt wasn't too shabby either. Think he led the league in interceptions one year.
  4. MM is a liability to the team and should never get on the field as long as the game is in doubt. The pass he threw last night was a wounded duck.
  5. Jerry Jones and his ego are the biggest problem the Cowboys have. That clown thinks he knows it all and grinds most of his staff into the ground, not allowing them to make decisions---he makes them all.
  6. Corey hasn't improved much in his time here so far. Think I'd look hard in the draft or FA for a replacement. My other draft preferences would be: A shutdown CB. Interior OL. A second Henry type RB and a pass catching RB. A developmental QB. A place kicker.
  7. It's going to happen eventually RB. Haven't seen a post from you in a long time--glad you're still among us. I don't post much anymore--I find that everyone knows more about things than me......grin!
  8. Sorry James I missed your post pregame. The Titans just always seem to have a hard time with the Texans and lose a close one with Watson and Hobson dominating. They've got to get better at rushing and knocking Watson down. I do admit to being just a little excited though. There hasn't been anything to get excited about in a long time. AJ Brown looks like a super stud just as he did at Ole MIss.
  9. KT-----Keep Tannehill! He's like finding a bird nest on the ground!
  10. I've always thought Tannehill had loads of talent. Good arm, enough mobility, not prone to panic, and confidence. Keeping him would be very good for the team's future outlook. Targeting a QB in the draft just hasn't worked for Titans in a long time. Take one mid rounds or later to develop. Shore up the OL. Improve at CB and get a strong backup for Henry. The need list isn't totally as bad as some years.
  11. This is why I don't like to enter into this type of discussion. You and others are so convinced that dems do no wrong that a give and take conversation can't take place. You know damned well that they've been directing their efforts toward this since the beginning. Just because Nancy Pelosi wouldn't take the steps earlier towards making it offical doesn't mean she wasn't behind it all the way. I won't waste anymore time on this since I could have a better discussion with a fence post.
  12. I'm not fully versed on that though I do recall hearing something about it. If he really did that he should have his kicked legally. Serious questions for you and others. Should Trump be reelected will this crap continue? Could we expect another 4 years of the same ol same ol ? Do any of you even have the slightest inkling to know whether there was wrong doing in the Hunter Biden hire?
  13. Evidently some of you have had your fingers in your ears all this time or choose to call all the other actions conducted before the "Impeachment Investigation" not related. Give me a break! You all know better.

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