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  1. Overrated! Has been for a while.
  2. I don't go for this Make American Great Again stuff and never have. In my eyes it should have been Make America Even Greater! What's this Marshal Plan I've heard some people talk about?
  3. The only thing wrong with the projected WR group is MM.
  4. I had the pleasure of watching him at Ole Miss his entire college tour. He give his all on every play, is dependable and is deserving of an even higher pick than where he was selected. Y'all won't be disappointed in this guy. Well done Titans! HOTTY TODDY!!!!
  5. Keep em coming Kyle. At least they're about football and beat the hell out of all the political tripe some people around here post. Grin!
  6. If the Cards take the Oklahoma kid the Titans might ought to try to prey Rosen away from them for a 3rd or 4th round pick. He's the forgotten man in all this and has the tools needed. Wouldn't make me mad at all if they bring him in. Mariotta is just too damned injury prone.
  7. The QB situation is better now than last year simply because either Marcus or Tannehill are better than Gabbert as a back up. When Gabbert came into games I always felt the offense was basically finished for the day. Should Marcus finally flunk out we should at least have a fair to middling place holder for our new 2020 QB. I'm another who believes Marcus must now prove himself or take the route Locker took.
  8. Damn, I guess I missed that part. Should have fired Comey the minute he took his hand down from taking the oath. Hilary would have! Oh---wait---she lost the election. Grin
  9. Schiff is absolutely brilliant. He knew Trump was guilty before he even started to investigate. What a guy! His hatred shows through.
  10. I doubt he will go through with it. The two killer Bs will go after him hard.
  11. I can always count on you Killer.
  12. The dems already have numerous hearings scheduled. I'm only pointing out what they have stated. So who has preconceived notions?
  13. The Mueller probe being complete won't end it--no matter what the findings. The Dems want their coup and will continue to seek that end.
  14. I've been holding my breath, hoping the Titans didn't sign Bortles.
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