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  1. Watched him closely today. He sucks. See if he can be traded by the draft. I'm dead serious.
  2. 4 FG misses---2 of which were his fault and he hasn't been fired yet(?) MOD UPDATE MOD UPDATE 2
  3. I'd like to see him turn things around cause starting over again is costly in time and money. However, it looks more and more that he will never rise to the level we need to get the team over the hump. I voted "yes".
  4. I'm talking about MM. I don't trash Fisher or Luck.
  5. Right now I'm leaning towards keeping Conklin and Kelly.
  6. As Joseph Robert says---He's had years to wow me and I'm not wowed!
  7. I have zero confidence in MM. He is almost as inconsistent as Locker. I am greatly disappointed in him.
  8. HOTT


    As a long time Astros fan I am very happy. Another WS championship would be great. They've surely got the horses for it but a lot can happen. They stand to lose a lot in FA this year and may never assemble anything near this level again. They also weakened their farm system significantly this year. They really need to train Alvarez at 1st base.
  9. It's also just below his neck and just above his butt!
  10. I don't want this to accelerate into something unwanted. I still owe a great debt to those who were so kind during my grandson's illness. I would never knowingly be unkind to anyone who supported him. He is a healthy young man today and I know why. I apologize to you and will remove the offending comments if you think that would be proper. My experience back then is one reason I have chosen not to fully engage in the political garbage that goes on here. I removed them anyway.
  11. Wasn't trying to give the middle finger to anyone---just trying to bring in a little humor. You seem to be very sensitive.
  12. Hey Max----actually I didn't go to the forum--I clicked on this in the hot topic area. Wouldn't go to the political forum on purpose. I have far more important places to go. Your kindness and well wishes are important to me---grin.
  13. The DNC South is in perfect harmony this AM. I don't mind people having the wrong opinion---I just want the hatred to go away. When this site sticks to football it's great but the political animosity doesn't add anything useful.
  14. And this site tells me I can't put him on "ignore".
  15. Hatred abounds at the DNC South. Shame on you!!