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  1. I've been holding my breath, hoping the Titans didn't sign Bortles.
  2. Yeah, I kinda like this deal. Aggressive without looking desperate.
  3. I approve of this choice!
  4. As far as slot receivers go, I'd take Tate. He's tough and reliable plus his YAC is outstanding. He would be perfect for MM.
  5. I don't care if the Titans win their games 2-0 as long as they win. As I have stated many times before: A w is a w is a w!
  6. There used to be a "Consolation Bowl". Don't call how many years they played it. It obviously wasn't very popular since it was discontinued. I'd take just about anything over the Pro Bowl. Actually it may have been called the Runnerup Bowl. Just checked--it was called the Playoff Bowl. There were three of them played.
  7. I enjoy Romo's work. He brings a lot of insight to broadcasts that others fail to provide.
  8. I have watched every game AJ Brown played in college--along with Treadwell. Treadwell made his money on screen passes and slants. He was also a strong threat in the RZ. The Vikings haven't used him correctly. Brown is faster and stronger than LaQuan. He also lined up in the slot as opposed to playing out wide like Treadwell. He's not a TE type and will likely play in the slot for someone. Does drop a few every now and then. Lots of people think that DK Metcalf will be the better pro & will excel as a move the sticks or RZ WR. He's also bigger and stronger than AJ. The real sleeper at Ole Miss will be Lodge their 3rd WR. He is faster than both and a better true WR than AJ or DK. I see him going in round 3.
  9. Unless you have overwhelming personnel you should at all costs avoid being predictable.
  10. Not real big on unis. However, the current duds are as ugly as home made shit. The Oiler solid white with blue and red trim were the best ever.
  11. The Colts are on a roll now and seem to improve on a weekly basis. What a job they have done! Right now, I'd take Luck and Hilton over any duo in the league. Nelson is the most savage run blocker in the league IMHO.
  12. Running QBs will eventually get beat up whether they are black or white. It goes with the territory.
  13. I was channel surfing.
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