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  1. This is getting hard to watch anytime the Titans line up for a Field goal. Succup is 1-5 on his return back from the IR. Our kickers have sucked all year. I would truly hate losing a close game down the stretch or in the playoffs due to our miserable field goal kickers. Who are quality available free agents this off season? We definitely need to cut Succup and either bring in a quality free agent or use a 5th rounder on a kicker in the draft. We need to sign someone that is dependable and has a leg. I realize kicking has been down across the league.
  2. Listen. I am all for taking a quality/promising QB with the 19th pick. The problem is Lock does not look to me like that kind of QB. If anything he reminds of Jake Locker. By all means if the talk was going after Kyler it would make more sense but Lock??? He does not seem to me worth a 1st round pick unless we are looking for another 5 years of mediocre play from the QB position.
  3. Aussie - Just curious based on your gut and what has transpired over the past two weeks. What do you sense as the pick at 19? I have a sense the Titans love Oliver and make a trade up to around 11 if he makes it to that point. What would be needed to jump from 19 to 11 from a draft capital perspective? If this does happen how does it shake out the rest of the draft from a position perspective?
  4. The question is will Hockenson realistically make it to 19?
  5. Hell no Casell is not going to even last 2-3 games much less win crucial games. He is beyond done. Zero confidence in Casell. Not sure why he was allowed to come back. I have confidence in Tanney pulling out some wins if that situation presents itself. That's why I feel get rid of Casell now and just make Tanney the full time backup and move forward.
  6. Nines go back to my earlier post. I did reference moving our current third string and making him our backup. I could not recall Alex Tanneys name which is actually proving your point that we have not mentioned Tanney. But I was stating to move up Tanney and just make him our second string and just cut Casell. Casell is just wasted space and we need a far better back-up. Not sure if Alex Tanney is that guy but I would rather roll with Tanney over Casell. Face i I agree with the later half of your last post as well. That was my point with Kap. Not saying we jump out and sign him but I agree that he is someone that I could see being a backup.
  7. Some of the comments make me laugh especially the comments by Soxcat. Fans are going to be pissed about Kap taking a knee (among other players who have done the same thing). Yet, owners make decisions on a regular basis to allow players with far greater crimes like abusing women with physical assault and give other nuts like Pac Man to play and start because it benefits the team. Don't even get me started with who our country elected to be our current Commander in Chief. What a bad joke. Yet Kap is a bad guy causes he objects by taking a knee. Please. The guy does a ton of non public deeds to help other less fortunate Americans. Those things never get brought up with Kap. He just gets pegged a non patriotic citizen who can go to hell because he chose to make his objections known. Yet our President can shove foreign dignitaries, act like an asshole, can grab women wherever he desires and we just have to deal with it. Geez. Sorry will get off the soapbox. Would not have a problem if we signed Kap over this scrub Matt Casell. Or make it a more competitive battle between some other QBs. Cassells time is long gone. I have zero confidence in this guy. Get someone that is younger and allow them to grow with the team. Make our current third string the backup just get rid of Cassell. His veteran status is not carrying it for me.
  8. I agree that McCaffery is a blue print of what a JRob guy is. High production, team first, no off field issues, smart kid, with football DNA in his blood and can excel at multiple positions. I don't think we are talking enough of how good a match he is for the Titans. I think he is the Swiss Army knife that both our Coach and GM will see eye to eye on. If he is there at pick 18 which I think he should he will be the pick. Makes all the sense in the world and they have already interviewed him. He is a great slot receiver, and can have limited snaps at RB. The guy will get his snaps during the course of the game without disrupting the flow of our primary two RBs. i was previously locked in the belief the 18th pick would be OJ Howard. With the TE depth I would go 1-18 either OJ Howard but now leaning towards McCaffery.
  9. No way JRob is going to spend both first round picks on the secondary. Your really dreaming. Perhaps one of the picks but definitely not both of them. I think JRob has that 18 pick penciled in for OJ Howard TE. That's my prediction and I feel solid about it. Calling it now....
  10. Count me in on using the 18 pick on Howard. I don't think he will make it to round 2. After reading all the positive press about him at the Senior Bowl this guy is clearly built to be a Pro Bowl level TE. This offense with a TE of his skill set would be incredible. Use the first pick be at 5 or a trade down on a defensive playmaker. If Howard is sitting at 18 take him and don't look back. I know this is a deep TE draft but I would love to have Howard with our second pick in the first round.
  11. What is the status of Taylor Gabriel of the Falcons this off season? Is he an unrestricted free agent? If so forgot all the talk of drafting John Ross and go after Taylor Gabriel. Would love to see him in a Titans uniform next year. The guy could be the slot receiver we are looking for. I am looking forward to seeing Falcons and the Cowboys in the NFC Championship next week.
  12. As a Titan fan and wanting to make the playoffs we should be hoping for the 4th slot. We do not want to consider the option of the Jags winning two more games considering we are playing them next. So a 4th slot is what we should be hoping for. Go Bears!
  13. Who is Foster that you are referring to?
  14. I just threw out Jeffery as he should become an a free agent next year. I am not sure what the other WR options will be this coming off season. Would be interesting to see. I have not been impressed at all with Floyd. Regarding Pryor. I agree that Browns will not be letting him go as Hue Jackson was key in him being drafted with the Raiders, was with him during his Bengals time and is now with him at the Browns. I was just curious when he would be eligible to be an unrestricted free agent. Again, I think he has developed into a rising WR 1. He is just on a team that sucks without any semblance of quality QB play.

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