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  1. Who gives a rats ass!! The battle is won on the field!!!
  2. Mariota was like an unhealthy virus for the Titans and RT has become the good medicine... LoL
  3. What's not broke now don't fix it.. Plenty of time in off season to determine what kinda moves we make... This is chess not checkers..
  4. Yeah...Xander stay positive!!! C'mon man! We got this!
  5. Hey @Logical..... your predictions suck!!! You should be a weather man in Buffalo and predict no snow this winter.. Click your heels three times and get your dumb ass back on your board with that bullshit about RT!!!! GTFOH
  6. I Can see him in Hawaii on the beach throwing footballs in the ocean and saying "Damn I cant miss"
  7. Today shows he can be spectacular!!!! GO AJ BROWN...I think he and RT are starting a great connection!!!
  8. Hey @Logical ... How bout a plate of Buffalo shit served on a platter in NY Raven Style!!! RT Making you eat It!!!!
  9. I understand all the could it be why reasons ..I don't think he has the speed and separation he was drafted for. He broke records in college very true but the conference he played in there was no defense...
  10. Why are you on this Titans board?? Did your own co-fans run your ass off the Bills... You say a whole lot of dumb shit !! Did you eat a buffalo shit sandwich??
  11. 6-6 as a team is not a good record for an MVP Ballot .It speaks for itself . His yardage has came against Below average defenses...Dak is not that good.. A lot of his stats are fake yardage wise ..
  12. Stopping Jacobs should be main and making solid tackles instead of hitting high and not rapping. Good communication is always good especially in defensive back field....
  13. Brady looked washed up against Texans to me...
  14. Good luck and thanks Delanie for the memories and being a Titan .. Just saying!
  15. Run game....Pass game complement each other as game moves forward we all know that. One thing I like about RT is if we're down and he needs to make some completions to get us back in game he handles his business on that... STAY HOT RT!!!!