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  1. Fuck Clowney ...he was one of the worst DEs we ever put on the field ..
  2. Hey TARD BOY....is that your hemroid she's holding up??? You don't make sense!!! Baha baha baha!!!!
  3. Saints will be coming to town for their added road trip game...
  4. Aldon Smith would be a nice pick up!!!
  5. According to sources... Clowney will visit Cleveland ....
  6. According to his agent it's a done deal.
  7. Maybe he can find a Touch football league!!! He always liked being touched ..
  8. I know it isn't possible but for the money and lackluster performance I wish It was BYARD that we let go!!!
  9. Damn!! Wish was Mr softy BYARD . instead!!!
  10. He's definitely not worth the hype or the money!!! Yet to be seen!!!
  11. No shit....got big numbers when oponnent teams were in prevent Defense or against a subpar team.
  12. Understand where you coming from but we don't need anymore headaches such as being: non football shape .. injury prone .. mentally prepare ..etc.all or these are his baggage coming back....
  13. Stay tuned for another episode of.,,....,"JOSH GORDON"……...
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