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  1. That's just it!! I don't think he has any big time WRs or a favorite target. No Big name or game WRs ..Dez Bryant only one I can relate to!!! C'MON....DEZ BRYANT!
  2. That's all he should be is a "PRACTICE DUMMY"....
  3. Yes sir you got that right!!! All we need is some players to come in that are hungry to play their position and giving it their all every down!! We've all seen guys not on the radar by name but given a chance they play there hearts out and eventually get attention because of their great efforts!!!
  4. Who didn't figure Clowney would be one... Your right though I hope it's not contagious!!
  5. Good pressure on Rivers and DBS play physical and aggressive.. .We got this!!!
  6. Thanks Corey Davis for being Mr Clutch down the stretch!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you bro!!!
  7. Where you been Touch the Tard ...I get a laugh out of your post... LoL
  8. If we don't play physical on Defense.... WE'RE FUCKED!!
  9. The whole defensive back Corp were cotton candy!! Oh and Byard was Cottonelle Toilet Paper!!!
  10. He's running the ball on wrong plays for sure...
  11. He's gets burnt for giving to much space and he can't takle... Never been worth the money!!
  12. That too but damn do they have there eyes closed before they make contact?? They either get ran over or miss tackles... They Dont make solid tackles at all .. Bunch of fucking Wimps!!!

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