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  1. But the sampling size is basically the same.... So either the first bit of the season could be considered an outlier, or it is indicative of an upwards trend.
  2. Yea I just made that up for no reason other than to waste my time...
  3. And you're reading way too much into what I said. People clearly agreed with my post, you're making it into something that it's not.
  4. "Stop being dramatic" but yet that's exactly what you're being now. People are acting like he's a slow plodding receiver when he's not. That's literally all I was commenting on. But sure if you wanna argue for the sake of it, let's go ahead.
  5. Some of you just sound dumber than hell. Watch the damn tape! He's got amazing agility/COD ability. Is he a 4.3 burner? No, but he's still outrunning guys and making them miss. Stop getting so caught up in numbers that don't necessarily translate to playing football.
  6. How quickly you have forgotten the workout warrior Chris Henry
  7. I don't question that either! Just wanted to make sure the verbiage was the same so that everyone could follow.
  8. It says his worst trait is his COD skill. Thats absolutely one of his strengths. Other than that its a great piece.
  9. Sounds like you need to pull yourself together first
  10. How do we go about getting highlights of an Olineman from Charlotte?
  11. Well that was Christian Kirksey but good attempt, what you said is not wrong though.
  12. Plantronics backbeat fit. Hands down the best wireless headphones I've ever had. Less than half the price of beats, and have literally never fallen out of my ears. I do high intensity workouts 6-7 days a week for the past 14 years.
  13. You don't think I don't know that? There's clearly contact throughout the route so its not exactly just straight. Matthews definitely made a number of plays down the field, but Taylor was much better at creating deep separation than Matthews was. The tape doesn't lie. Track speed doesn't always equal football speed.
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