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  1. You don't think I don't know that? There's clearly contact throughout the route so its not exactly just straight. Matthews definitely made a number of plays down the field, but Taylor was much better at creating deep separation than Matthews was. The tape doesn't lie. Track speed doesn't always equal football speed.
  2. Taylors 3 cone time being 0.34 better is much more important than Matthews 0.04 advantage in the 40. Change of direction ability is infinitely more important than straight line speed. Very rarely are you running straight for 40+ yards in a football game.
  3. Stan17


    He's lightning, but we are still pretty young at the position as it currently stands.
  4. He wasn't any good anyway. Not much of a loss imo.
  5. Another point to note, he's the only offensive coach that has been here the entire time that Mariota has. He should be very familiar with our QB, much more so than someone coming from another organization.
  6. In order to get this promotion I'm sure that he had to show what he wants to do and how he would go about executing it. No way JRob and co would be comfortable hiring him if he didn't have a good idea of what he was going to do with the players that we have.
  7. Lewan does not deserve to be in the pro bowl this year.
  8. What about that terrible Fournette prediction you couldn't shut up about? Take your wins with grace old man.
  9. He's playing like him already, both have been terrible the whole year.
  10. Totally need to address both O and D lines in the offseason. We can't get pressure without blitzing.
  11. He's also really been the only receiver that teams have had to worry about covering.
  12. Beyond impressed with this group. I'm so used to seeing Brady just dice us to pieces, looks like a complete unit. Jayon Brown is an absolute stud, not just in madden now. Adoree was all over Gordon all day, best coverage game we've seen from him. Vaccarro needs to be extended, he's way better than Cyprien ever was. We almost added Brady to the Honor Roll several times today. This game was a huge stepping stone in the development of this team!
  13. Easily in the top 5 most explosive players to have ever been in the league.
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