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  1. Unfortunately, this is more than likely true. Incredible guy for Smith to have learned under the past two years. I still think he needs to develop a little bit more as a blocker, not quite on Delanie's level but he has grown tremendously in that area since his rookie year.
  2. Lol. Fuck you if I’m being honest.
  3. Seriously!!! He couldn’t throw for shit at Alabama. Now all of a sudden people think he’s worthy of a first round pick. Not a chance in hell!
  4. So... looks like shitty Mariota came to play. Ball didn’t even get to Walker’s feet.
  5. The OP is clearly a fucking moron. Phenomenal sentence structure to go along with bashing our best player sans Kern. This guy and that new Mariota mega homer kas, spaz, fag, whatever his name is have made reading this board quite tiresome as of late.
  6. Can’t believe how awesome it is that we got ahead of Byard’s contract and extended him. Two plays he’s had in the past two drives to get the D off the field. Hell of a player.
  7. AJ Brown is the all time leading receiver at Ole Miss. He wasn’t overshadowed by Metcalf at all. People just drooled over Metcalf’s freakish physique.
  8. They’ve also had to give Mariota “every chance to succeed” based on his draft position/ownership. The injuries have ruined him mentally. He’d be better off on another tram with a fresh start. If we don’t sell the farm in an upcoming draft our team isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got the talent to win now but Mariota is clearly holding us back. It’s sad.
  9. Did you even read what people posted? Not a single person has backed or excused his poor play by any stretch of the imagination.
  10. Go watch the all 22. He feels pressure that’s not there and starts trying to run way too early. He’s not going to look much better if at all.
  11. Well to his credit, the QB does deserve to be trashed now. That's about it though.
  12. Jayon Brown read that so well he was waiting in front of the RB
  13. Yea it was everyone’s favorite defensive rookie, Hooker who missed that tackle on Ebron.
  14. I think everyone needs to think about the penalties that CD is drawing as well. He’s simply losing dbs with his routes leading them to a holding call a number of times.