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  1. I’ll never forget Fisher saying that he and Britt played the same WR position so they couldn’t be on the field together. Incredible coaching right there.
  2. Not a sock account, but I was a bit of an asshole.. and for that I am actually sorry
  3. Listen genius. Do you breathe air through that mask? Yes. Guess what? The virus is smaller than what your little mask is able to filter out. So yes it travels through air, right through your damn mask. It’s quite clear based on other conversations I’ve read throughout my time on this board that there’s a fairly low educational level, hence why a bunch of people here are clearly heavily democratic and blindly follow everything they see/hear on tv. Like Stan17 said, there’s a reason why we’re doing worse than other countries. There’s a clear political agenda here to scare the public and have mail in voting.
  4. No, not really. Uneducated people such as yourself are the problem. Do you know how a virus works? Probably not, so just keep watching the news and believing everything they say.
  5. The death totals were so high because many non covid deaths were being reported as covid. I'm in a graduate program and have done plenty of research on this, so really, its people like you that think a fucking mask is doing anything, as to why we still have this sheep mentality. Go look and see what virologists wear when dealing with a virus, and then think your little mask does anything? It's honestly hilarious.
  6. There's a flu vaccine and still over 40-60,000 people die from it. This is all political at this point and main stream media has people scared of something with over a 99% recovery rate.
  7. You clearly didn't watch him play running back, not great.
  8. Good luck competing with FWords and Broadway now
  9. Yea none of this means anything until these sources are named and come forward themselves. Just more he/she said bs to try and further divide our country before the election.
  10. This is honestly just ridiculous.
  11. Legitimately thought I had taken care of this months ago haha
  12. There weren’t any edge rushers worth a damn to get. Stop spouting off like this without even suggesting another player instead. You haven’t once. Just want to bitch and moan cause you’re a dumb fuck.

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