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  1. I was skeptical about football this year but I think they will at least start the season and there will be zero fans. Will actually work in Titans favor as Nashville fans kinda suck.
  2. Didn't that work as intended though? They don't want games to go any longer than they have to.
  3. I have the orbi and its awesome. Never had an issue with speed or dropping connections. At first I had the Google home with the 3 satellites and it would randomly kick my kids ipads off the system and the only way to fix it was to reboot and reset up the entire system. I returned the Google garbage after 2 weeks and got the Orbi. Also...you have a 4,000 sq foot house in San Diego, just pay for the Orbi and as many satellites that you need ya cheep fuck. 😄
  4. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    My wife and I are leaning that was as well its just tough because the online learning this spring sucked so bad. Granted it wasn't the teachers fault it was all so new, I just don't think my 8 and 10 year olds really got anything out of it.
  5. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    One of the local districts here is giving parents an option, either online only or a hybrid part time school/ part time online. I imagine if a district decides to open a school a lot of families will be pulling their kids out.
  6. it's simply amazing what he can do playing only 2 downs. Fair deal for both sides.
  7. Yeah no shit. I don't think there is going to be a season at all.
  8. Yeah all 310 NBA players. And baseball is gonna be a 2 month season players live at home still when not traveling. If the NFL comes out and says let's do a 8 games season for 2 months then MAYBE you would get the players to live in a bubble but with 1700+ players not to mention support staff etc.. good luck!
  9. A full season? How many months? When do the Knicks play? Aren't they just doing a top 22 play in then playoffs? Huge difference.
  10. The players won't pick up and move out of their homes and live in hotels for a several months long football season. That's why it won't work no matter how much sense you can make out of it.
  11. And that bitch Kristen Cavallari says Jay just sat around on the couch all day! I knew she was lying!
  12. MLB players started reporting today I think? Season start in 3.5 weeks. That feels like an eternity away and so much can and will change between now and then.
  13. I canceled my DirecTV yesterday. 21 years with them for Sunday Ticket. They offered me $100 off for a year but that incurred another 2 year contract. Ummm...no! Waste of money when the season is up in the air anyways and there are so many streams to find.
  14. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    Corona is over. Just shut this thread down.

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