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  1. I think Tampa being "home" gives them a little more respect
  2. That's the hard part right now though, hard to outscore them when their defense is so good as well.
  3. Throw deep to Diggs! Throw short to Beasley! Shoo shoo oops I threw a pick! Yaaaaaaas we'll get em next year boys! I just fucked @logicalswife. She wasn't any good.
  4. Furiously masturbating one last time this season to Josh Allen
  5. I read last week that he said he is staying.
  6. Shoo shoo my nasties, looks like Allen sucks afterall!
  7. Wow I never realized the Chiefs were such dirtbags. 😆
  8. Isn't that how they did it in NYC when they raised it to $15? Incremental changes would be the better way to go. Of course in NYC the minimum should probably be $25+ based on cost of living. But what about Gettysburg, Nebraska? Should it be $15 there too?
  9. Ravens tonight. chiefs next week. That's what I'm rooting for
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