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  1. DirecTV lost almost 1 million subscribers to cord cutters this year. I have to have Sunday ticket in order to watch the Titans games because I live out of market. You should really look up other sources for programming besides cable and satellite.
  2. The day that Sunday Ticket is available elsewhere is the day Directv dies. They will lose 80% of their customers overnight. The only people that have it will be living in rural areas where they don't have cable/fiber lines ran. I could pay $50 a week during football season for Sunday Ticket and get a pay service like YouTube TV for $50/month all year and still end up paying over $1,000 a year less than i give Directv right now. It's insane. As it is now, when you break down the full cost of Sunday Ticket it comes out to about $24 a week for 17 weeks. Still cheaper than going to a bar for half the day and having to risk a DUI to get home.
  3. Alright time for bed. I kept reading that as left quad.
  4. My local ABC affiliate owned by Nexstar is in a dispute as well with DirecTV. Logged in today and got a popup offering me a $5 credit. I didn't accept it yet, going to call and complain and try getting more.
  5. So my feed showing the Giants game should switch over in a minute?
  6. That will certainly make a difficult job for a new head coach much much more difficult.
  7. I just started paying a lawn care service company 2 years ago after trying to do it myself for 3 or 4 years. Lawn care service is worth every penny if you care about green grass. Just dont get into any arguments over money with you wife or you will hear "so you'll spend $700 on green grass but you won't buy me __________"
  8. Never thought of it that way. Game was also on ABC which is Disney owned I believe.
  9. I couldn't get Fortnite to connect to a match so I've been watching Pro Bowl instead
  10. I was hoping if I voted I would no longer have to scroll through the poll to read every page, unfortunately I was wrong 😀
  11. For the Flacco/Foles crowd.... only way that happens if it Mariota gets released. Those two will command a starter salary. No way you can pay Mariota 20 mil while also paying Foles pretty much the same....and some team out there will over pay for Flacco.
  12. It's funny these past two weeks we've been able to identify which board members have drinking problems.
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