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  1. That girl is some straight up trailer trash. Fantastic!
  2. So this guy is a flat earther who wanted to build his own amateur rocket and blast off high enough to see for himself that the earth isn't round. Apparently they were filming this for a TV show. Tragic.
  3. As the offseason goes on and we get further away from playing in the AFCCG, the Titans will slide down the rankings. Wouldn't surprise me to see them start the season 21st !
  4. Tyreeks son is gonna live another day!
  5. KC defense holds pretty much every play
  6. Watching pregame show I get the impression that Terry Bradshaw is annoyed that everyone thinks Mahomes is nothing anybody has ever seen before.
  7. Doesn't SF defensive line have 3 or 4 first round picks? It always helps to be terrible year after year. One of the issues with Tennessee being mediocre too many years in a row
  8. Hey for those with DirecTV 4K it's the first Super Bowl ever broadcast in 4K so there is that to look forward to.
  9. Does anybody in southern California even care about football? What's the biggest sport down there in your parts anyways?
  10. Harrison Ford is typed in the CE-525 which is the CJ 1,2,3 series and CE-680 which is a Cessna Sovereign. These are both jet aircraft.
  11. John Travolta and Harrison Ford. Now we're at 4!
  12. TMZ reports his 13 year old daughter was on board.

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