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  1. I took Pittsburgh +3 so the ending was pretty cool. Anyone that loses me money deserves a helmet across the top of their head!
  2. Can somebody remind me again why Vontaze Burfict isn't playing anymore this year?
  3. Exactly. I'd say maybe 5% of fans even go to message boards, maybe a bit more reddit, Twitter, etc. There are literally dozens of people on this board with thousands upon thousands of posts that are every bit as much of a fan as a guy that makes memes on Twitter but whatever. Enjoy the celebration
  4. Basically you can't be a "superfan" unless you use the Twitter or reddit. Everybody else is just a nobody.
  5. Nobody will be there on a Saturday. Workouts are normally Tuesdays. The NFL is playing games with Kap. I find it hilarious.
  6. Hey did one of the mods Snuff out Maker84? It's been an improved gameday experience today
  7. I would have guessed he was home schooled
  8. I'll comment, that way this thread won't look like Jamal's Twitter feed.
  9. We got a 6th month old kitten from the animal shelter a few months ago. Pretty sure he was living on the streets for a while after birth. He goes INSANE for people food. Especially cold cuts and milk. I've never seen anything like it.