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  1. This is word for word what you said about Mariota several years before his demise. Those poor Bills fans just don't see it yet!
  2. Kinda wish he wasn't banned. He'd have some good excuses I'm sure. The rain, its dark out, the camera angles make Allens passes look off etc.
  3. Mike Keith was discussing before the game how calls are down league wide but the crew we had today leads the pack with average 15 thrown a game. Edit..Thats total penalties, not holds obviously Amazing how much refs dictate the flow of these games
  4. Love watching MMA. Soccer ill only watch when it's the Olympics or world cup
  5. Most of these NFL skill position players would excel at any sport they played. I think that's the real reason USA Soccer sucks so bad. The top American athletes play basketball, baseball, football.
  6. How the NFL is manipulating games in 2020: Fewer holding calls, faster games and way more offense: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30003263/how-nfl-manipulating-scoring-2020-fewer-holding-calls-faster-games-way-more-offense
  7. I was skeptical at first that we'd even have a season but hopefully the protocols in place are able to keep any outbreaks from getting too bad and Tennessee's was the worst we will see. Florida-LSU game was just postponed because Florida has 21 positive cases at once! At least NFL players go home at night to their families for the most part. College kids go back to their dorms/apartments and continue mixing it up with people on a continuous basis. I think college football should be way more concerned than the NFL
  8. Poor DaQuan with the dreaded foo injury.
  9. I know it's fucking crazy! This is a complete football team. Its not just a QB who can run around and make plays but the defense sucks. Tennessee has offense in QB, RB, WR, and solid special teams and a defense that even when down a bunch of starters can make plays and force turnovers. They gave up no big plays on defense today and took the ball away when given the opportunity.
  10. On the NFL network post-game Maurice-Jones Drew's hot take was that even after tonight's win, the Houston Texans will win the division. How many beers have I drank? Did anyone else catch this??
  11. @Logical @Buffalo @BillFan @BillsFan @Billsfan412 @Billsfan64 @BillsFan79 @BillsFan86 @Newera NFL network has the game on again if you want to watch it again! - XOXO. ❤ ❤ ❤
  12. Don't do the Billls dirty like that, they should be above Chicago
  13. That looks like a forward pass. That looks like a forward pass

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