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  1. I started following UFC about 4 years ago so recently I've at least had that to watch.
  2. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    His WH doctor is probably giving him flint stone vitamins and telling him its hydroxychloroquine.
  3. No way! Have seen them all through the current season? Inthought the one that just wrapped up was fantastic.
  4. Oh please no, haha. I haven't successfully stayed awake for the entire 2nd Monday night game in YEARS.
  5. You mother fucker that shits not fair!! I actually gave up trying to get the discount this past year. I'm actually thinking about just canceling DirecTV completely and getting a bootleg stream every week. I pay $183 a month in the God damn offseason for this shit and nobody watches anything anyways but a few hours at night of HGTV for the wife. Everything else we watch is on Hulu anyways or we could use an antenna.
  6. I guess this proves there is no way he sent Trump a nice note then right?
  7. It's obvious somebody rolled on him. Got got doing the dirty work and threw out the name of the money behind the operation.
  8. I think the real Kevin Byard just gave you a thumbs down
  9. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    I haven't seen any mentions of it recently but 2+ weeks ago I was reading how the WHO was giving countries the needed material to start producing their own tests months ago. But the US didnt want to use their help and basically sat on their hands for 4+ weeks instead of getting ahead of the game. And now they are playing catch up with these tests and that is basically why. I cant remember where I read that, might have been reddit, who knows? But it sounds like it would make sense.
  10. Blackjack

    Virus in US

    Didnt want Jamal to ban me
  11. Good point, I use direct deposit but most of the people that could use these checks might not even have bank accounts. If they send me a check I deposit those with an app.

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