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  1. I guess my estimate was off by around $300M but that's just fine. Dallas is lucky they signed Dalton because Dak's new deal is now dead in the water.
  2. The final year (2031) pays out $52.5M but the biggest year is in 2027 when he is scheduled to make almost $60M. There are huge roster bonuses starting next year but he is basically going to make this if he plays out the entire contract: 2020 - $10.8M 2021 - $22.8M 2022 - $29.5M 2023 - $40.5M 2024 - $38M 2025 - $42M 2026 - $42M 2027 - $60M 2028 - $44.5M 2029 - $45M 2030 - $50.5M 2031 - $52.5M The extension was for 10 years and he still had two years left (including the 5th year option) on his rookie deal. Thus 12 years total.
  3. I'm wondering if Jerry Jones almost dropped dead on the spot when he heard about Mahomes deal. Good luck signing Dak to a long-term deal now asshole!
  4. His cap number is about $6.6M but he gets his $10M signing bonus and $825K in base salary. So he has to live on just $10.825M before taxes this year.
  5. To be honest I didn't think Mahomes was going to be a good NFL QB, let alone a great one. I was wrong about both him and Andy Reid.
  6. Exactly. The Cardinals have been around 100 years, the Lions 90 years, and the Browns have been in the NFL (on and off) for 70 years. The Cards haven't won a championship since 1947 when they were still in Chicago. Detroit's last championship was in 1957. Cleveland's last championship was in 1964, two years before the first Super Bowl. All three of these teams are long overdue to win a Super Bowl. But the Jets won what is probably the most memorable Super Bowl ever played. And of course MJD picked his own beloved Jags. What an asshole!
  7. Why does any word have to be offensive? When I was growing up you still had people on TV occasionally using the N-word. But now it has become the most offensive word in the English language, even more than fuck or any other curse word throughout history.
  8. Weasels are real, no shit? A friend of mine used to know a woman who used to think that bats weren't real. Just something in movies or whatever.
  9. You don't necessarily have to be Native American to be offended by the term Redskins, do you? Maybe other groups besides them find it to be offensive.
  10. I remember 20 years ago when people would still call them the Oilers by accident back in the good old days......
  11. Maybe he thinks changing the name to Warriors might give his team the same type of success that Golden State enjoyed 2014-2019. Unfortunately for both teams, neither of them are likely to be serious challengers in their respective leagues any time in the near future.
  12. Now Luc Mbah a Moute is returning to the fold after playing just 4 games in his second stint with the Clippers last season. He won't be the elite defender he was two seasons ago, but maybe he can provide decent minutes with the Rockets second unit, most likely at center. They will have a lot of options in their rotation besides their top 6 players: Harden, Westbrook, Covington, Tucker, Gordon, and House. Austin Rivers should be the 2nd player coming off the bench, while Ben McLemore has been a very pleasant surprise this season as well. D'Antoni said he will employ a 9-man rotation once play resumes, as he now has a lot more veteran depth to choose from since first arriving in Houston. Jeff Green played extremely well on offense after signing with the team in February. DeMarre Carroll also has playoff experience and is a tough defender. Now they have Mbah a Moute again, who was excellent on defense 2 seasons ago, the combination of him and Tucker was an outstanding defensive duo. Going 9-deep (or perhaps more) will make things much easier on the starters who wore down during the regular season after playing so many minutes.
  13. I worked at a telemarketing place for about an hour, then I just walked out without saying anything and drove home. They were selling trips to Hawaii or something, I think I managed to get one customer who was willing to talk to me. I handed her off to the supervisor because she was hesitant to close the deal. But I guess he didn't have any more success than I did. But then I got bored and decided to call an old friend of mine from high school. They had WATS lines for long distance phone calls. This was over 30 years ago back when long distance calls weren't free like they are now, so I called my friend for free and talked for a while. Luckily no one there was listening to my conversation, so when I finished talking to him I just got up and left. Went to the parking lot and drove home.

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