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  1. Rankings after week 12: Arizona (9-2) Tampa Bay (8-3) New England (8-4) Green Bay (9-3) Kansas City (7-4) Buffalo (7-4) Baltimore (8-3) Dallas (7-4) Cincinnati (7-4) Tennessee (8-4) LA Rams (7-4) Indianapolis (6-6) San Francisco (6-5) Denver (6-5) Cleveland (6-6) Las Vegas (6-5) Miami (5-7) LA Chargers (6-5) Pittsburgh (5-5-1) Philadelphia (5-7) New Orleans (5-6) Washington (5-6) Minnesota (5-6) NY Giants (4-7) Carolina (5-7) Chicago (4-7) Atlanta (5-6) Seattle (3-8) NY Jets (3-8) Houston (2-9) Jacksonville (2-9) Detroit (0-10-1) P.S. - These will be the last rankings I post here. It has been fun guys.
  2. That's a good point. Their six-game winning streak was extremely impressive, and now they're still 8-4 going into the bye week.
  3. It was always acceptable here to criticize the QB when it was Mariota, Mettenberger, Locker, Fitzpatrick, Hasselbeck, Collins, or VY. Why does everyone here have to be so protective of Tannehill just because he looked so good in his first two seasons? Just deal with it.
  4. Both him and Foreman are definitely carrying the team today.
  5. They did a great job in the first half, especially the defense.
  6. They'll probably focus more on his working at a grocery store before he finally caught on with the Rams. Maybe they will show him throwing cans while he works.
  7. I'm glad that John McClain helped to get him into the Hall of Fame in 2013, long before this happened. And he got a Super Bowl ring with KC over 50 years ago.
  8. I like Zachary Levi in most of the things he does. I never watched Chuck, but he was one of the few decent characters in the Heroes spinoff (Heroes Reborn). What's really weird is that Faulk's being played by a guy named O.J. Keith Simpson, but the worst casting is Anna Paquin from True Blood as Warner's wife? Maybe she's no longer as hot as she was early in her acting career, but I'm sure that Paquin is still way too hot to play trailer-trash looking Brenda Warner. ?
  9. You're right, it doesn't matter how deep a team is when it has to deal with the sheer volume of injuries that Tennessee has had to.
  10. What a sad day for Oilers fans, what few there are left of us.....RIP Curley.
  11. Considering the way the Pats have played recently over their past 5 games, the pressure shouldn't be much of a problem for them. Only the most optimistic fans in NE are expecting a 59-0 blowout like the one in 2009, but keeping the game close will be a huge challenge.
  12. According to the IMDb's parents guide it has a lot of frightening & intense scenes and lots of violence & gore. So I'm guessing, yes?
  13. If you're talking about the number of people in the whole country, then definitely way more than those who ever said that Tannehill is elite.
  14. I kept waiting for him to be fired in Dallas, but somehow he managed to last there as the head coach for 9 1/2 years. It didn't take the Giants that long to figure it out.
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