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  1. I could see Murray St. or Oregon winning, but NM St. beating Auburn is too much for me.
  2. Did you pick Florida over Nevada on Thursday? After beating LSU I think the Gators will have no problem beating the Pack.
  3. Murray St. got a 12 seed against Marquette who has lost 5 of their last 6 games. They might have a decent chance of winning 12 in a row.
  4. After what happened to Virginia last year no one is going to be presumptuous and overlook any of the double-digit seeds later this week.
  5. I'd rather play Iowa St. than Cincy in the 2nd round. That's a tough draw too. Of course I would rather play Purdue than Kentucky in the Sweet 16.
  6. Wow, really? Who cares? Do you get any of it? The Lakers will make lots of money selling tickets to all the rich idiots. Houston will get rings. And as far as Lonzo being a bust, the guy has averaged less than 50 games played over his first two seasons. Does that not make him a bust?
  7. If Paul George hadn't re-signed with OKC I would hate to see where they would be right now. Probably about where the Lakers are at, 31-38. Westbrick lived up to his name helping his team lose at home to a Durant-less Warriors team by 22 points while shooting a pathetic 2-16. The Thunder had one of the easiest schedules early in the season, going into the All Star break at 37-20. They've now lost 9 of their last 14.
  8. Duke beating UNC will probably cost the Vols a #1 seed. It just doesn't seem right to have all three ACC teams getting one seeds though.
  9. They get another shot at UK in the SEC tourney, good luck tomorrow. Houston may have a shot at a #2 seed if Michigan loses. Probably not though.
  10. The Houston Cougars should not be overlooked. I may be biased but this is the best team they've had since Hakeem!
  11. I wouldn't go that far, more like they have two underperforming QB's. Tannehill is just insurance if they decide to move on from Mariota in 2020.
  12. Last year the Lakers improved from 26-56 to 35-47. A very commendable 9-win increase from the previous season. Bravo. After adding LeBron, arguably the best player in the NBA, you'd think they could do the same this year. But at 31-37, it doesn't seem very likely.
  13. It's no more ridiculous than the fan in Utah who was banned after Westbrick threatened to fuck him up and his wife too. Total bullshit. The only reason they did it was because of all the racist crap on his twitter account, they had to make an example of him for being a piece of shit. But if Russ had lost his shit at pretty much any other job in America and threatened a customer like that, he would have lost his job. No questions.
  14. Jets fans are probably making Super Bowl reservations in Miami next February, poor clueless bastards.
  15. A lot further than the Lakers are going to go with LeBron the Albatross around their necks for 3 more years. What a waste of $153,312,846! 🤑
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