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  1. Golden State may soon become the first team in NBA history to raise its loss total by 40 games in a single season. The Spurs came close in 1997 when their record dropped from 59-23 down to 20-62 that year after The Admiral got hurt. The Warriors went 57-25 last season, and are now 12-46. All they need is 19 losses in their final 24 games, go for the record!
  2. That was never going to happen. But he is averaging close to 8 and 8 which still surpassed normal expectations (those not from Lakers homers like you).
  3. Oiler FANatic


    And maybe the Astros can become the first team to ever win 100 games in four consecutive seasons and shove it down the media's throat!!
  4. Oiler FANatic


    Dude is gonna end up dead in an alley somewhere with a rat in his mouth.....
  5. For those who still don't understand what happened at the end of season 3:
  6. I'd literally kill to see any of their shows from the 70's. The first one I saw was in 1983 during the Signals tour.
  7. Never saw it, but if anyone hasn't seen Babylon Berlin yet go ahead and watch it now before Netflix gets the new season on March 1st. Here's a taste (possibly nsfw):
  8. Wiggins is hardly an adequate replacement, even if KD never plays at an elite level in Brooklyn after his achilles injury. During their 5-year dynasty, the thing that people often overlooked was the number of great defenders they had on the team. All that's left is Green and Thompson, and Draymond is no longer the shutdown defender he was three years ago when he was the DPOY. Even if the splash brothers fully recover from their injuries, they no longer have the supporting cast that helped them to win three rings.
  9. So it looks like the Warriors have basically replaced Kevin Durant with Andrew Wiggins. Those poor bastards......
  10. At least the Rockets aren't paying a 36-year old Iggy almost $16M/year for the next 2-3 seasons like Miami is......
  11. Andy Reid has finally distanced himself from Jeff Fisher and all of the other top coaches who have never won, or even been to, a Super Bowl.
  12. They should be able to get out of any deal they give him after one year. Backload the hell out of it with as little guaranteed money as possible.
  13. The question is will they love him at $30M/year as much as they did at $2M/year plus incentives? I highly doubt it. Will he be worth it?
  14. If the Titans spend $30M/year on Tannehill and he gets hurt and ends up missing a lot of games, will you care then?
  15. Only an idiot would want the Titans to get rid of Henry, he is by far the best player on the entire team. No one else is even close. Especially RT.

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