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  1. Rankings after week 2: Baltimore (2-0) Kansas City (2-0) Seattle (2-0) Green Bay (2-0) Arizona (2-0) Buffalo (2-0) LA Rams (2-0) Pittsburgh (2-0) New Orleans (1-1) New England (1-1) Tennessee (2-0) San Francisco (1-1) Las Vegas (2-0) Chicago (2-0) LA Chargers (1-1) Indianapolis (1-1) Tampa Bay (1-1) Dallas (1-1) Atlanta (0-2) Houston (0-2) Cleveland (1-1) Denver (0-2) Minnesota (0-2) Washington (1-1) Jacksonville (1-1) Cincinnati (0-2) Philadelphia (0-2) NY Jets (0-2) NY Giants (0-2) Miami (0-2) Carolina (0-2) Detroit (0-2)
  2. He is one of the most overrated QB's ever. Does he even belong in the top 10 QB's in NFL history? If he is, just barely. I know everyone today is so impressed with the big numbers and they can't differentiate between fantasy football and the actual game on the field. But I refuse to put Brees up there with the likes of Brady, Unitas, Montana, Elway, Marino, Graham, Staubach, Starr, or even Terry Bradshaw.
  3. This play was much worse, at least the Titans tried to go up the middle. That was a horrible play by the Pats, they deserved to lose.
  4. Why? They have struggled beating both the Broncos and Jags, neither of which is particularly good. They're just lucky that Minnesota is playing like total shit right now or else their chances of going 3-0 would be slim at best.
  5. Why, because they beat the most overrated team in the NFL last week? I'd be shocked if the Titans don't win big at home tomorrow.
  6. I'm baffled by the Vikings being a 3-point underdog against the Colts, even in Indy. If I was rich, I'd bet the farm on Minnesota to cover that spread.
  7. Whatever happens in 2021, if he decides to go to the Premier League it better be with Manchester City. Their season starts in a few days even though 16 teams already played their first match this week. Maybe they will still sign a top defender to help them out at centre-back.
  8. Another major, another missed cut for Eldrick. Which just proves how winning the 2019 Masters was his last hurrah until he joins the senior tour. So now he has won exactly one major in the last 12 years unless lightning strikes twice for him in November at Augusta. Not gonna happen.
  9. Just like Rush concerts used to be back when Neil Peart was still alive.
  10. I almost started a thread just like this figuring all of the young guys here would say shaved which seems to be the overwhelming preference these days. They have no appreciation for the natural look back when us old guys were their age. Maybe some day this whole fad will end and pubes will come back.
  11. I'm surprised so many people here waste their time engaging ManningEnvy. Every single post he makes is nothing but garbage. Why not ignore him?
  12. Look at all of us who got knocked out when the Colts lost to the Jags in week 1. I was stupid enough to think Indy would win in Jacksonville. But now in week two the Colts are still favored at home against a very good team in Minnesota, but I would definitely pick the Vikings to win. The win total of 9.5 for Indy this year is a joke. There is no way the Colts are winning 10 games, in fact I won't be surprised to see them go 6-10 or worse.
  13. This is hilarious. The Jags beat the Colts, the most overrated team in the NFL this year with a washed up Philip Rivers, a complete waste of $25M. If the Colts keep losing over the next 5 weeks, there is no doubt in my mind that Rivers will lose his starting job no later than week 7 if they're 2-4 or worse.
  14. It seems like every year everyone gets knocked out after just a few weeks, then we just start over. I'm surprised that no one has picked the Vikings yet this week. If the Colts can't beat the Jags, then there's simply no way they will beat Minnesota.

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