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  1. That may sound ridiculous for the team with the best record in the AFC, but considering their ridiculous number of injuries it's also quite understandable. They looked like a lock to at least win the AFC South before losing to Houston, things look pretty bleak right now for the Titans. It could get a lot worse too.
  2. You're right, it doesn't matter how deep a team is when it has to deal with the sheer volume of injuries that Tennessee has had to.
  3. What a sad day for Oilers fans, what few there are left of us.....RIP Curley.
  4. Considering the way the Pats have played recently over their past 5 games, the pressure shouldn't be much of a problem for them. Only the most optimistic fans in NE are expecting a 59-0 blowout like the one in 2009, but keeping the game close will be a huge challenge.
  5. They destroyed the Saints on national TV. The MNF game next week in Buffalo should be a really good one. Possibly a preview of the AFC Championship game.
  6. I thought this was actually going to be a serious question here. But the Titans better hope the Colts have as hard a time against Tampa Bay as they do in Foxboro on Sunday.
  7. According to the IMDb's parents guide it has a lot of frightening & intense scenes and lots of violence & gore. So I'm guessing, yes?
  8. If you're talking about the number of people in the whole country, then definitely way more than those who ever said that Tannehill is elite.
  9. I kept waiting for him to be fired in Dallas, but somehow he managed to last there as the head coach for 9 1/2 years. It didn't take the Giants that long to figure it out.
  10. And the team that barely lost to Tennessee two weeks ago is losing to Buffalo 24-6. I wouldn't write the Bills off just yet folks.
  11. No one is immune to the COVID Delta+ Rewards Program Variant. Not even Kenny McCormick.
  12. It's always a happy Thanksgiving any time Dallas loses, especially when it's at Jerry's house.
  13. If it hadn't been for the PI call on 3rd and 18, Dallas still would have had an excellent chance of winning.
  14. I hope they end up with a tie. Sudden-death OT with 15 minutes worked just fine. Why did they have to change it? Of course right when I say this the Raiders get bailed out with the pass interference call. Any loss by Dallas it a good thing.
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