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  1. That was true during their slow 3-3 start when they gave up 132 PPG, mostly due to giving up 158 in a 1-point win at Washington. But since then they've gone 7-0 while giving up just 103 PPG and missing players like Capela, Gordon, and Danuel House in recent games. But after becoming the first player to score 30 points against every team in the NBA last season Harden has already scored 40 points against OKC, Chicago, Memphis, Washington, Indiana, Minnesota, and the Clippers. Maybe he can score 40 against the other 22 as well.
  2. Yes, scoring 24.3 PPG is very similar to a league-high 39.5 PPG, but only when you're wearing those purple and gold blinders.....
  3. Joe Theismann is an idiot, that's why ESPN fired his sorry ass after doing MNF for just one season. His opinion means jack shit.
  4. If Pittsburgh can't beat Cleveland they don't deserve to make the playoffs. The early expectations for the Browns were ridiculous this year.
  5. Paul George's first game with the Clippers was really good, 33 points in 24 minutes, but not good enough to beat the lowly 3-8 Pelicans.
  6. Oiler FANatic


    They almost became the first team ever to win the ROY, Cy Young, and MVP all in the same season. It sucks that Bregman barely lost to Trout.
  7. Apparently things have changed in Portland over the past year. Man they must be desperate, I can't wait to see him play here on Monday.
  8. I hated Charles Barkley just like everyone else did 23 years ago and when he came here I learned to like him just like I will with Russ. Of course Chuck still loves to shit all over the Rockets every chance he gets and they always find a way to prove him wrong. Oh well.
  9. It will be much smarter than giving LeBron a 4-year/$153M contract at 33. Harden will be better in 3 1/2 years than LBJ is right now. And a week after you wrote this, the Rockets stole Westbrook away from OKC just like they stole Harden 7 years ago. Thank you Thunder!
  10. Actually I don't think he did win. I didn't say anything back in week 3, but his pick for Dallas came at 12:19 which was after the kickoff.
  11. So are the Titans giving Ryan Tannehill a 5-year/$150M contract next summer like Atlanta gave to Matt Ryan?
  12. Rankings after week 10: New England (8-1) San Francisco (8-1) Baltimore (7-2) Seattle (8-2) Green Bay (8-2) New Orleans (7-2) Minnesota (7-3) Houston (6-3) Buffalo (6-3) Pittsburgh (5-4) Kansas City (6-4) Dallas (5-4) LA Rams (5-4) Oakland (5-4) Philadelphia (5-4) Indianapolis (5-4) Carolina (5-4) Tennessee (5-5) LA Chargers (4-6) Chicago (4-5) Jacksonville (4-5) Detroit (3-5-1) Tampa Bay (3-6) Denver (3-6) Atlanta (2-7) Cleveland (3-6) Miami (2-7) Arizona (3-6-1) NY Jets (2-7) NY Giants (2-8) Washington (1-8) Cincinnati (0-9)
  13. Right now they're just 4 points ahead of the Islanders who are looking pretty damn good right now at 12-3-1.
  14. Yep, and they lost 16-12. Colts can suck it.