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  1. Oiler FANatic

    Knicks trade Melo to the Thunder

    Now that the Rockets are about to sign Kenneth Faried they will most likely have to release Melo to free up a roster spot for him. And the Lakers are the team everyone is talking about as the most likely destination for Mr. Anthony so let's see if he ends up in LA or not.
  2. Oiler FANatic

    Preds start the season with a "W"

    He goes back to DC on Friday night to face his former team, hopefully his players are up to getting him a big win here! edit: another win for the Islanders! Now they're in first place in the division and tied for 2nd place in the conference.
  3. Oiler FANatic

    Lakers projected lineup

    The reason Beasley has only played 18 games this season is because he's so terrible. He tried to play in his practice shorts against OKC!
  4. Oiler FANatic

    Preds start the season with a "W"

    The Islanders have gone 12-3 in the last month, now they're only 3 points out of first place in the Patrick Division.
  5. Oiler FANatic

    Lakers projected lineup

    Since LeBron got hurt the Lakers are just 3-7 and are now tied for the 8th seed with Utah. Where's all that depth they're supposed to have?
  6. Actually he's technically still on the roster, just not with the team. Just imagine if LeBron was lost for the season the Lakers probably would have been forced to make a trade for Melo out of pure desperation to salvage their season. Let's see if he can play at OKC and Houston this week.
  7. He's too busy crying after his team lost to a less-than-stellar Chiefs team. Imagine what the Rams or Saints would have done to the Colts.
  8. Just wait until next season, spoken like a typical loser....
  9. But this high school has two of them: Envy and Jake.
  10. Enjoy being humiliated in Kansas City on Saturday. Go Chiefs!
  11. Oiler FANatic

    For the "Lonzo is a bust" folk

    Another great game by Lonzo today, zero points in 23 minutes against the mighty T-Wolves. Way to step up with LBJ and Kuzma out!
  12. Oiler FANatic

    JJ "Watt's" the point of his career again?

    Ridiculous, he's not a stat whore. You want to talk about stat whores, how about Russell Westbrook? Biggest stat whore EVER!
  13. Oiler FANatic

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    $50M of that is rollover cap space, so they won't be spending anything close to $100M in free agency. They simply can't afford it.
  14. Oiler FANatic

    NBA Talk

    How long did that last? Three weeks later they go from 14th all the way to 4th place. Let's see what happens to LA without LBJ.
  15. Oiler FANatic

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    I hope Seattle fares better than the Texans are right now.