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  1. Luckily for Houston there are now 12 other players ahead of them in the rotation: Harden, CP3, Capela, Gordon, PJ Tucker, Nene, Ennis, Green, Danuel House, Brandon Knight, Gary Clark, and Isaiah Hartenstein.
  2. Oiler FANatic

    Lakers projected lineup

    The Lakers just got pwned by the second worst team in the conference (for the 2nd time this season)? What does that make them?
  3. Knight only played 4 minutes in his first game back, and they still managed to outscore the Lakers bench. Better luck next month when they come back here on a Saturday night on ABC with a national audience all hoping to see LBJ play well.
  4. Oiler FANatic

    Yet another historic game for James Harden (or Chris Paul)

    50-point triple-double number FOUR for Harden, the most in NBA history! Everyone else who has ever played in 72 years have a total of nine.
  5. Oiler FANatic

    VOLS Stomps BAMA

    Coogs win again to reach 9-0 after trailing LSU by 15 early in the second half! Astros legend Alex Bregman has been good luck for Houston basketball. He was at the Portland game yesterday when the Rockets were also down by 15 points early in their 111-104 victory. Too bad his Tigers lost.
  6. Oiler FANatic

    Weekly Fan Power Rankings

    Their record says they are, so does their +164 point differential. I'm certainly no Aints fan either, hopefully Chicago can beat them next month.
  7. Oiler FANatic

    Weekly Fan Power Rankings

    Here are my rankings after week 14: New Orleans (11-2) LA Rams (11-2) Kansas City (11-2) Chicago (9-4) LA Chargers (10-3) Houston (9-4) New England (9-4) Dallas (8-5) Seattle (8-5) Pittsburgh (7-5-1) Indianapolis (7-6) Baltimore (7-6) Tennessee (7-6) Denver (6-7) Minnesota (6-6-1) Miami (7-6) Cleveland (5-7-1) Philadelphia (6-7) Carolina (6-7) NY Giants (5-8) Green Bay (5-7-1) Washington (6-7) Detroit (5-8) Tampa Bay (5-8) Cincinnati (5-8) Buffalo (4-9) Jacksonville (4-9) NY Jets (4-9) Atlanta (4-9) San Francisco (3-10) Oakland (3-10) Arizona (3-10)
  8. Oiler FANatic

    VOLS Stomps BAMA

    The Houston Cougars are ranked 24th right now at 8-0. They should have beaten Michigan in the 2nd round last year. This year they will get to the Sweet 16, hopefully they won't get stuck with a #6 seed again next March. Go Coogs!
  9. Oiler FANatic

    Around the NFL

    Why is Seattle wearing their TNF uniforms on a Monday? They look like some JUCO team from Florida, just plain horrible.....🤮
  10. Oiler FANatic

    Lakers projected lineup

    The Suns seem to be willing to trade Ariza for KCP which should help out the Lakers "top-rated" defense, but unfortunately not by Thursday.
  11. Oiler FANatic

    Where is team James Conner??

    RB's have become disposable in the NFL for years now, what else is new? Just draft a new one every four years, problem solved.
  12. Oiler FANatic

    EAT SHIT!!!

    They wouldn't have anyone to star on Floribama Shore anymore. What white-trash reality show would people watch on MTV?
  13. Oiler FANatic

    EAT SHIT!!!

    It is relevant in the fact that you can't judge a RB by what he does in a single game. Let's see what Henry does next week against the Giants.
  14. Oiler FANatic

    EAT SHIT!!!

    Timmy Smith still holds the single-game Super Bowl record for rushing yards (204), does that make him the greatest RB of all time?
  15. Oiler FANatic

    10-6 probably won't get us in the playoffs...

    No 10-6 team should ever be left out of the playoffs. It's just a matter of time before they add a 3rd wild card team in each conference.