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  1. Oiler FANatic


    Why did it have to be the Dodgers though? I wouldn't have minded as much if he went to San Diego.
  2. I wonder how many penguins drowned after all the tsunamis in Alaska resulting from the 8.2-magnitude earthquake off the coast.....
  3. If only there was a disease that somehow targeted all of the Jenny McCarthy's in the world and removed them from the gene pool.
  4. If this was even remotely accurate then please educate us on why are so many teams having trouble meeting the league guidelines?
  5. He would be way better than any backup QB currently on the roster. And maybe Jason Mendoza would switch to being a Titans fan?
  6. It's a moot point now since they are working out a re-structured deal for this season, but at least they two backups who are far more reliable than Kizer or Woodside.
  7. Great point. This is what I'm always saying about how most QB's are only as good as the talent around them, unless they're Tom Brady. Houston with Rodgers might go 7-10, 8-9 at best.
  8. He definitely won't be traded for "some combination of 5 high draft picks and starting caliber players" that Mort says the Texans are seeking for him.
  9. Austin is 165 miles away from Houston, only kids in their twenties go all that way to party. Rodgers is too old for that scene.
  10. He just turned 30 and had somewhat decent production last season with 53 tackles and a couple of sacks. At worst he's a very experienced backup for them.
  11. The Titans should be extremely concerned about Tannehill lasting for 17 games this season. He turns 33 on Tuesday and their offensive line isn't exactly the greatest in the league. I was in attendance at Rusty Smith's one and only career start, it was not a pretty sight.
  12. Look at this rankings of backup QB's, guess who is dead last: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ranking-2021-nfl-backup-quarterbacks-49ers-trey-lance-headlines-list-of-32-teddy-bridgewater-in-top-five/
  13. Considering he's only 38, as bad as VY is he probably would be an upgrade over a guy who has just 7 yards passing during his NFL career. I might feel more comfortable with a 34-year old Rusty Smith as the backup for Tannehill. Do you honestly want to see Woodside starting at QB?
  14. Favre and Rodgers have as many Super Bowl victories combined as Bart Starr did, that's not even counting his previous 3 NFL championships.
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