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  1. They would be able to give Iggy 15-20 MPG with the second unit, plus they have enough depth to give him regular days off as well. Getting JR Smith would be a lot cheaper if they wanted him, but I don't know if anyone really does. They'd be better off with Sefolosha.
  2. Minnesota, are you serious? They might finish ahead of OKC, Phoenix, and Memphis. So they're at best #11 in the West.
  3. Yes he will. They tried to send his supposedly untradeable contract to Miami, but they're not going to take him. People always underestimate Daryl Morey. He has gotten rid of two of the worst contracts in the NBA trading CP3 and Ryan Anderson.
  4. Right, no one is going to give up a 1st round pick for him if they're going to have to pay him $17M next season on top of that. Memphis will have to accept whatever deal they can get for Iggy, or else they'll be stuck with him until they reach a buyout during the season. The Rockets probably can give them the best deal for Iggy. A sign-and-trade with Shumpert for $12M+ plus one or two 2nd round picks.
  5. Oiler FANatic


    The NL Central is pretty strong these days? 239-238 is a good collective record, but only because there are no bad teams in the division. However, the collective record of the AL West is 255-232 and would be even higher if Seattle hadn't fallen off a cliff after their 13-2 start. So your pathetic excuse that Darvish is playing like shit in Chicago because he's in a tougher division than Cole is complete bullshit. Nice try.
  6. Oiler FANatic


    Most it's been a ton of injuries (primarily to Correa, Altuve, and Springer) They're also in desperate need of another starting pitcher. But once Correa comes back in a week or two, they will have one of the greatest lineups anyone has seen in a very long time. Starting with Springer, Altuve, and Bregman; then Brantley, Correa, and Alvarez; then finishing with Gurriel, Reddick, and Chirinos.
  7. And now he is yet again on the verge of missing the cut at The Open, currently tied for 144th place at +7 after round 1.
  8. It's looking more and more like Davis could be a one-year rental now that they whiffed on getting Kawhi to join the Lakers. As bad as things were last season, of course they should at least make the playoffs next year. But they're still not true contenders. Simply retaining Rondo, KCP, and McGee then using the remaining Kawhi money to add Green, Cousins, and Bradley ain't gonna cut it.
  9. I said maybe New Orleans, but yes really. ESPN's current power rankings have Denver at #2 (which seems high to me), the Clippers #3, Houston #5, the Lakers #6, Portland #8, Utah #9, and the Warriors #11. San Antonio is #13, not far behind. Golden State is just not a serious contender anymore.
  10. They will probably get JR Smith, so all is not lost in LaLa Land. That will complete their roster and the rotation should be: Starters: LBJ, Anthony Davis, Boogie, Danny Green, and Avery Bradley 2nd Unit: Rondo, Kuzma, JR Smith, McGee, and KCP
  11. The Warriors are not going to be one of the top 4 teams in the West after losing Durant, Iggy, Cousins, and Livingston plus they will also be without Klay Thompson for most of the season as well. I would be absolutely shocked if they won more games than Utah does, or even Denver. With their current roster, Golden State will be lucky just to win 50 games. They might not even make the playoffs for that matter. I would put them behind both LA teams, Houston, Utah, Denver, Portland, and San Antonio right now. Maybe New Orleans too.
  12. Whatever you say. He started all of 29 games for them last year, even though he only played 46 total. But you're the expert, right? It's not like Caruso or Cook are in for big minutes anyway. They're both way down on the depth chart behind: LBJ, Davis, Green, Cousins, McGee, Kuzma, Rondo, Bradley, and KCP. If Rondo starts, does that make LeBron the backup PG (point forward)? Plus they still need more shooters. After shooting a paltry 33.3% from three-point range last season (which was second worst in the NBA) they still have Rondo, Kuzma, KCP, and LeBron who shoot around 31%-34% from three and added AD and Cousins who both shoot about as poorly from 3-point range as those other four do. The only really good shooter they added was Green who hits around 40% of his threes. Bradley is also better than anyone else in the rotation hitting about 36.5% of his. Cook, Caruso, Daniels, and Dudley are all good shooters, but none of them are going to get more than a handful of minutes. Now that they have 14 players with guaranteed contracts, they will likely sign only one more veteran. I'd guess it will be Kyle Korver.
  13. Yes, he would have. All of these ridiculous comparisons with LeBron or Curry to Jordan are bullshit. Neither of them are close defensively to MJ.
  14. True, but they were knocked out of the playoffs 4 times in the last 5 years by the Warriors. The only other team to beat them was the Spurs. And with everything that happened this summer, the Warriors will be lucky just to make the playoffs. Let alone advance past the first round. Any decent players the Rockets add at this point will be gravy. Of course the big question with Russ will be how he affects the team chemistry.
  15. Both he and Harden have too many TO's. That will be the one thing the Rockets lose in this deal, CP3 was much better in that regard.
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