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  1. You mean as long as Tannehill AND even more importantly Derrick Henry is healthy they have a chance.
  2. Even after they lose to the Steelers, barring an upset, the Ravens have probably the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. They're easily 10-6 or 11-5.
  3. Even if/when the Ravens lose on Thanksgiving night and fall to 6-5, they could easily finish the season at 11-5, or probably 10-6 at worst.
  4. Why is Cincy ranked at #23? Now that their QB is out for who knows how long the Bungles will be lucky to beat anyone but the Jets.
  5. Rankings after week 11: Pittsburgh (10-0) Kansas City (9-1) New Orleans (8-2) Seattle (7-3) Green Bay (7-3) Indianapolis (7-3) LA Rams (7-3) Tennessee (7-3) Buffalo (7-3) Baltimore (6-4) Arizona (6-4) Cleveland (7-3) Miami (6-4) Tampa Bay (7-4) Las Vegas (6-4) San Francisco (4-6) Chicago (5-5) New England (4-6) Minnesota (4-6) Carolina (4-7) Denver (4-6) Detroit (4-6) NY Giants (3-7) LA Chargers (3-7) Washington (3-7) Atlanta (3-7) Dallas (3-7) Houston (3-7) Philadelphia (3-6-1) Cincinnati (2-7-1) Jacksonville (1-9) NY Jets (0-10)
  6. Of course now that Boogie Cousins is coming to Houston instead of LA everyone will say how he's washed-up and the Rockets will suck......
  7. Houston added Christian Wood and Boogie Cousins, two very good centers that can both shoot threes. They're not a midget team anymore.
  8. It's a raccoon tail just like the Tennessee legend Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier.
  9. Like I said in another thread, all of the fair-weather fans here went from the highest high to the lowest low one month after the 5-0 start.
  10. Sounds a lot like their previous win on TNF, doesn't it?
  11. There's still a very strong possibility the team will be 7-4 after next week. Unless they decide to play as well in Indy as they did today.
  12. I laughed when they said there were two future Hall of Fame QB's at the beginning of the game. Rivers is so overrated it's pathetic.
  13. Even after losing the Eagles are still in first place at 3-6-1.
  14. Barring an historic upset, the Steelers will be 10-0 when they host the Ravens next week. Their toughest game after that will be in Buffalo, so there's a really good chance they finish 14-2 or better.
  15. Not likely. Even Trump at age 74 survived, so I doubt a 24-year old professional athlete like Myles Garrett is at any higher risk of dying.

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