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  1. Only a Titans fan actually would say such a thing. If you ask NFL fans of the other 31 teams, most of them would say the exact opposite.
  2. The thing about his 95.5 sacks since 2012 is that only 26.5 of them are since 2016, the other 69 were between 2012 and 2015.
  3. It's always easier to do in practice when no one is guarding you. But he has still never made a clutch shot late in the game during the playoffs when his team needed him to.
  4. When he signs with Manchester City this summer I can't imagine he will be getting quite that much if he receives a 4-year deal from them.
  5. He will never be the GOAT, even after getting his 4th ring last year. Jordan is still #1 ahead of LeBron, and it's not even that close.
  6. Now Louis Nix, age 29, has also been found dead. He called himself Irish Chocolate, presumably because he went to Notre Dame. He was a 3rd round pick with Houston.
  7. Manchester City just won their 20th straight match (in all competitions), they already broke the previous English top-flight record of 14 straight wins earlier this month. The way this team is playing right now I can't imagine any reason why Messi wouldn't sign with them this summer. And they're already scary good without him.
  8. Looks like camp fodder, and if players like him make the team then their defense probably won't be that much better in 2021. He doesn't move the needle like Watt would.
  9. Why? That's like saying the team is better off with Ryan Tannehill than they would have been with Tom Brady.
  10. I never watched it, and the only exposure I've had to the show was an SNL sketch last week:
  11. I guess we should file this one under "no shit Sherlock": https://www.nfl.com/news/marcus-mariota-trade-talks-have-dried-up-significantly
  12. He's still tied with Sam Snead at 82, and after today's accident I seriously doubt he will ever gain sole possession. It's immaterial anyway since The Golden Bear is the GOAT when it comes to whom the greatest golfer of all-time is.
  13. Tiger was finished years ago. He has won just a single major since the 2008 US Open. The Masters a couple of years ago, which was a fluke.
  14. This is the GOAT (call me when Tiger gets his face on the $5 bill):
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