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  1. They got rid of Melo eight months ago and guess what? They still suck. Last year OKC was 48-34 and lost in the first round as a #4 seed to Utah. This year they started 37-19, but since then they've lost 12 of their last 18 games and are on pace to finish as the #8 seed and lose to the Warriors.
  2. At 31-41, they need to win 4 of their final 10 games to reach last season's record of 35-47. It's not looking very good for them to reach that plateau. LA's remaining games: Golden State, Portland, Utah (twice), at OKC, at LA Clippers, Sacramento, Charlotte, Washington, and at New Orleans. Maybe 2 or 3 wins? But not 4.
  3. So they might beat the Pacers in the first round, then what? You think they will get past the Bucks, then either Toronto or Philly in the ECF?
  4. I wouldn't say they're coasting, not at all. Denver is neck and neck with them for first place, and the 29-44 Mavs just destroyed them at home by 35.
  5. I'm at 24%, so you're way ahead of me. But 13 of my Sweet 16 picks are still alive so I plan on making a comeback in the next two rounds!
  6. St. Mary's and Syracuse messed up my bracket a bit. If Tennessee wins their next two and FSU can take out Gonzaga, that will help me a lot.
  7. Did they? Oh well. I got most of the big upsets in round 1: Liberty, Murray St., Florida, and UC Irvine. Not too shabby.
  8. Is he really? Harden had 57 points and 61 points in his last two games. If Harden doesn't deserve the MVP right now, please tell me why.
  9. At least they got past Temple. It wasn't a good day for the 11 seeds. Stupid St. Mary's really let me down! 🤬
  10. Murray State was a much more reliable 12th seed, I also picked Liberty tomorrow. And my Cougars of course.
  11. Never count on an Aggie not to let you down.
  12. Murray State beat them 83-64, got their asses whopped. I had 'Nova losing too, but they barely beat St. Mary's 61-57.
  13. Was Carmelo Anthony really the problem in OKC last year when they finished the season 48-34 and lost to Utah 4-2 in round one? He we are almost one year later and they're now 42-30 with 10 games left (6 of which are against playoff teams) while OKC has dropped 11 of its last 16 putting them on a collision course with the Warriors when the playoffs begin in a few weeks. Are they any better without Melo? Not really. Meanwhile Westbrick is on pace to average his third straight meaningless triple-double in a season that will end with another one and done.
  14. Before they lost to the Pelicans in their last game before the AS break the Thunder were looking really good at 37-19. Since then OKC has gone 5-11 dropping to 42-30 and are now tied with the Spurs and Clippers for the 8th seed. Without Durant they have gone 3-8 in the playoffs the last two years. They're one and done again if they end up with the #8 seed.
  15. Kobe never scored 30+ points against every team (the other 29) in a single season. Bird did it, and Jordan did it (against 23). But Kobe didn't. The only reason he might not win his second straight MVP this year is because they don't want to give it to him every single year. That's it.
  16. Am I still crazy? For someone who calls themselves a Lakers fan, you have an odd obsession with the Celtics. Kyrie is killing Boston right now.
  17. The Rockets are going to be one of the most rested teams in the NBA once the playoffs begin in a few weeks with their newfound depth. Since re-signing Danuel House they have been sitting players in each of their last 3 games and will continue doing so for the next 11 games. The players they added in the offseason were just as bad as everyone thought: Melo, MCW, Ennis, Marquese Chriss, and Brandon Knight. But during the season Daryl Morey corrected his mistakes by adding Austin Rivers, Kenneth Faried, House, and Iman Shumpert. Even though Shumpert was a full-time starter in Sacramento, he is having a hard time just staying in the rotation with Houston. No Mbah a Moute or Ariza? No problem.
  18. Oiler FANatic


    Alex Bregman getting $100M over the next 5 years is a great deal for the Astros. His next contract could be more than twice that much in 2025.
  19. But probably not as much as Tannehill. I wonder how Bortles will do in LA as Goff's backup. Rams better hope they don't have to find out.
  20. The Lakers are currently projected to take Indiana SG Romeo Langford in the draft. We can expect Jake to tell us he's gonna be the next Kobe.
  21. After the complete trainwreck in LA right now is there any chance they don't fire him? His record is 92-142 and he's not getting to 100 this year. Byron Scott Believes Luke Walton Will Be Fired By Lakers
  22. Which one? Will it be one of the five K's? Kevin, Kawhi, Klay, Kyrie, or Kemba? I think not. Maybe Jimmy Butler or Boogie or DeAndre Jordan.
  23. I could see Murray St. or Oregon winning, but NM St. beating Auburn is too much for me.
  24. Did you pick Florida over Nevada on Thursday? After beating LSU I think the Gators will have no problem beating the Pack.
  25. Murray St. got a 12 seed against Marquette who has lost 5 of their last 6 games. They might have a decent chance of winning 12 in a row.
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