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Found 66 results

  1. Someone moved into my subdivision. He got onto the Board of the property owners association and is causing all kinds of problems. He bought a million dollar home and still has his old house that he rents out. My subdivision is small and I would not think anyone has money problems. I checked civil cases on him today. He was sued by a Credit Card company in 2010 for a little over $20K. Had a judgement against him but it was not completely settled until 2014. Another credit company sued him for ~$25K in 2012 and it was not fully settled until 2016. He was also sued by a credit collection agency in small-claims court, so I assume under $10K. Not being a court of record, I could not find settlement etc. Is this normal - do credit card usually sue people for being late payers? Also, wouldn't it hit one;s credit report pretty bad? It seems odd that a bank would grant him a million dollar mortgage if he had recently been sued by credit card companies, especially if he still has a mortgage on his old house (and I know he does because I found both liens in county filings.)
  2. Before the draft in Nashville, I'd never considered one. But they're pretty fun and easy to use and can make your commute better or cheaper, depending on circumstance. Does anyone own a scooter? I just bought the new Ninebot Max because of its weather durability and range, combined with intro pricing through the indiegogo. I'm going to start parking a few miles from the office and save $80 per month. The scooter saves a good bit of time getting to and from the car. No year long indecision for me. I'm down for those savings. If anyone is interested, feel free to earn me crap using my referral code. They're almost sold out of the discounted model quantity, btw. https://igg.me/at/NinebotKickScooterMAX/x/21837578#/
  3. I love these nature videos. This Impala is giving birth while these wild dogs attack.....
  4. Anyone here into VR or getting the Quest? I know there are some gamers in here. Videos don't do good VR justice, it's definitely something you have to experience to understand.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/woman-born-without-eyes-or-nose-graduates-college-i-dont-need-easy-i-just-need-possible-182108808.html Cassidy Hooper ran on her high school's track team, worked as an usher at concerts, volunteered at charities, and took a bus alone On Thursday, Hooper graduated with a degree in Associates of Arts from Central Piedmont Community College.
  6. Boeing shareholders are suing the company, claiming it put safety at risk in a reckless pursuit of profits that ended in the 2 fatal 737 Max crashes The fallout from Boeing's recent difficulties over two fatal crashes continued Tuesday with shareholders filing a lawsuit against the company. The filing at a Chicago federal court accuses the aerospace company of defrauding investors over the safety features of Boeing's 737 Max aircraft. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I had said after the second crash, I do not think Boeing is going to survive all this.
  7. I used to Google myself a couple of times a month. A couple of years ago, I removed myself and family members from MyLife, Spokeo, Intellius and several other people search sites. Last week, I checked for the first time in about 6 months and not only did the information returned, but MyLife had incorrect salary information, my vehicles, relatives, several unknown friends and a reputation score that is based on family and friends. With all of the data privacy issues in this country, this seems so invasive. So, if you haven't done so recently, you might want to Google yourself and if you have any data on these people search sites, start opting out. https://lifehacker.com/how-to-opt-out-of-the-most-popular-people-search-sites-1791536533
  8. So... who do you consider the best on instruments? Neil Peart on the drums? Flea on the bass, Steve Vai, Steve Morris, Joe Satriani on Guitar. Buddy Rich is the GOAT on the drums. Nobody lately can approach them. Who do you think is the best?
  9. It comes up saying I won a prize. Can’t X it out. The only thing is leaving the page. That was okay, but it went to safari and it was back again tonight. How can I clear a page from my history?
  10. I haveing air. We wentronic compridges. After freentative askave.
  11. I have found all the women I have been in relationships with were stupid. This led me to wonder if all women are stupid? Possibly only stupid women would get involved with me? So, a little help here. Are all/most women stupid?
  12. I thought we could take this discussion “outside” to carry on the derail from the Jeffrey Simmons thread. The response I was writing and lost in summary: I think I misrepresented my background a bit. Let me start over. Dad got into MA thanks to granddad, who learned judo, jiu jitsu and aikido from a sensei on Okinawa during WWII. He taught these to my Dad and uncle. My father then started learning Kung fu from a guy who was fluent in 5 disciplines (belted, nationally ranked, etc.). By the time my Dad started his own school, it was labeled Kung fun to get people in the door. Back then, you had to pick one to be taken seriously. But once inside, you’re learning everything as you learn “kung fu.” I have fought people I would describe as MMA disciples probably for the past 20 years or so. I am extremely comfortable on my back, holding guard, etc. Sometimes I like to lay on the floor with a leg crossed and hands behind my head and say, Ok, come get me. I just laugh at the notion that discipline A beats B. It’s not a science. It’s art meets science. A decent MMA guy is not going to beat Tyson in his prime because he goes for a takedown. Yeah, I get nostalgic over Bruce. But just wanted to clear up, I’m whatever I need to be moment to moment in a fight, and my intention is to put an opponent down as fast and suddenly as possible with as much force as is required. I’m not married to doing it a certain way. Stand up or get down does not matter.
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/asheville-baby-kidnapping-claim-unravels-police-say-mother-krista-madden-tossed-girl-down-ravine/?__twitter_impression=true
  14. 1969 with CSNY (with Greg Reeves and Dallas Taylor of course). Awesome. And the band loved every second of it. They completely brought it.
  15. Let us rejoice at GoT show!! Dragons, amiright? Rules - don't go shitting on anyone's enjoyment of this show. It's perfect. Just use this thread to talk about how cool everything is. Nothing is bad. Except the Night King. He's bad. But in a good way. If you had technical problems and tell us about it, you will be banned. The show is always perfect and I love it love it LOOOOOVE IT. We can complain about other shows here. Star Wars is trash. Lots of other things from popular culture. But not Game. Of. Thrones. (the show - we don't care about the book here. NEEEERRRRRDDDSS) I'll get it started. Seeing Ghost again was super cool.
  16. Starting on May 6, for the first time in my career, I won't be a private practice attorney anymore. I am becoming Executive Director at a non-profit legal aid group that has been started here in Macon by a retired Judge and members of Mercer Law School. It's both a start-up and a non-profit, so feels a little like I am jumping off a cliff into very deep waters. But I am very excited. Failure is not an option, so I am going to work my ass off to make this a success. Even though my salary is being more than cut in half, I still need the salary, so this organization has to make it. There will be very little direct representation of clients on my part, i.e. very little of me being the actual lawyer for people. But there will be some of that. Essentially, there are three parts to what I will do. First, I will be responsible for managing the activities of volunteer attorneys outside the organization who take on cases for indigent clients. I will need to keep them accountable, and then be accountable to the foundations, stakeholders, etc. who are funding this organization. Second, as a way to help keep the lights on, this organization has an incubator program for young lawyers, fresh out of school, who need a place to have an address and a phone but can't afford their own office space. They will pay a fee, and get access to basic stuff, and I will be responsible for mentoring them. I am really excited about this aspect. I love mentoring young lawyers and teaching them the things that I had to learn the hard way. Third, I will be the face of the organization. So this will include most importantly fundraising, as places like this always need new funding sources. But also being out in the community spreading the word of who we are and what we do, to not only raise money but make the community and other lawyers aware that we are here to help. I imagine if there are any press releases or that sort of thing that need doing, that will fall on me. And there will probably a whole lot of other stuff to do that neither I or even the organization can anticipate. I have been looking to transition away from the grind of being a lawyer for a while. The job I have now was my first step away from the practice of law, and this is another big step. If nothing else, this job will give me many marketable skills I don't have right now. Anyway, feel free to take your shots here, which is cool, I am excited and wanted to share what's going on. Also, if anyone here has been an Executive Director at a non-profit, I am all ears as to any advice you have.
  17. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/former-aau-coach-sentenced-to-180-years-for-sex-abuse-child-porn-involving-more-than-400-boys-042234256.html A judge sentenced influential AAU basketball coach Greg Stephen to 180 years in prison Thursday after he pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation charges involving more that 400 boys under his watch. Stephen surreptitiously amassed a video and image archive of 440 boys engaged in sexual acts and molested at least 15 more over a 20-year period. Stephen obtained his porn collection posing as teenage girls online and coercing his players and their friends to share videos and images of themselves masturbating over the course of years, according to the Associated Press. He would send explicit images of the teenage girls he identified as in exchange. He also used hidden cameras in bathrooms, hotels and in his home and disrobed players as they slept on road trips. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very sad day. This man was an innovator. A true pioneer of the digital age.
  18. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26702241/zeke-pay-8th-grade-football-player-funeral 8th grade football player who had already received college scholarship offers killed by a stray bullet leaving a party.
  19. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/newsfeature/model-drowns-after-jumping-into-the-sea-to-rescue-her-puppies-that-were-blown-into-the-ocean-during-a-storm-in-sao-paulo/ar-AAAIXWw?li=BBnbfcL
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