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Found 187 results

  1. Would it be illegal to take people's shopping carts, and grocery they have gathered, before they buy/pay for it? For example, if I walked into a grocery store and saw a cart with the person several feet away and it had many of the things I planned to buy, would it be legal to take it, saving myself some shopping time?
  2. In my home we have a bedroom downstairs. Right now an old college friend is staying with us while she gets back on her feet. She woke my wife and I up saying she thought she had a seizure and was getting picked up by ambulance. My wife said she'd take care of our son, and recommended I go with the friend to the ER. On the way there, the friend got nausea and threw up a couple times in the ambulance. While in triage in the ER, she had another seizure. Now she's sedated in the ICU, slowly recovering while her system works its way out. The seizures are a serious, life threatening condition along with anxiety and many other symptoms. It is sobering to see the effects of long term alcoholism and how intense the physical dependency can be.
  3. I love these nature videos. This Impala is giving birth while these wild dogs attack.....
  4. As a counter point to the inevitable complaints about the latest GoT episode, I present: The Expanse is basically the show that Game of Thrones used to be and Westworld wishes it was. It's the kind of show that makes you remember that sprawling, heady genre TV interspersed with thrilling, violent action can be rewarding as hell. It makes you appreciative of TV as a medium, and angry that our culture's limited goodwill towards dense, indulgent series that take a while to get going is utterly wasted on extremely buzzy wet farts like every show that's trying to be the new Thrones. (Look, I hope Amazon's ambitious new Lord of the Rings show is good, but no one is promised tomorrow.)
  5. I read that it might be one of the best movies of all time, with surprise plot twist after another. Anyone see it?
  6. Anyone like Third Wave Coffee. I just started drinking coffee. I went to a "third wave" shop that was highly recommended in reviews. The coffee was not coffee. It had no aroma and it tasted, and looked, like a very strong tea with a large splash of apple cider vinegar. (In fact, when I got home, I put some apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to test, finding it to be almost exactly as I remember that coffee tasting.) From reading about it, I found that many come to the same conclusion, with coffee experts actually opining that it tastes like strong tea with orange juice or some other sweet acid mixed with it. Supposedly third-wavers very lightly roast the coffee to where it is closer to green than roasted. Hence it is not coffee at least not what humankind has called coffee for about 500 years. Someone stated it was basically an attempt by millennials to have something that they called their own even if it was much worse than what they were trying to replace. Anyone here like it?
  7. I have not joined Disney+ yet, but the 1st episode got a good review:
  8. With the clocks set to roll back, does anyone here believe the antiquated practice of DST is still useful? I personally believe it should be done away with.
  9. Brave souls or desperate for direction? A fine line....
  10. What is deal with Reddit? Is it a strict place with no humor? My comments keep getting "down voted" or whatever the procedure is called. For example, someone made a post asking what to do with coffee grounds from a French press since they are loose and hard to dispose. I replied "Do you know your local drug dealers? You could donate the grounds to them and they could use them to hide drugs." A few minutes later my reply had 10 down votes.
  11. Anybody out there considering it? Even thinking about it? Seems to be a popular thing for those with an income looking to extend their money by living in another country. We are considering all our options for living in the Philippines. Probably half a year there and half a year here. Football season here of course. It is not as cheap as you might think and there are considerations you might have not thought about. We are fortunate because my wife is from there and we even have a lot and a house in a subdivision already. Living in a different place can be exciting and interesting provided the practical needs are met such as medical care. I have done quite a bit of research into this and would appreciate some feedback.
  12. Today, I printed some bank statements. Bank A statement printed; Bank B statement printed....Bank E statement would not print. No error, it just sat there in my printer's que. I canceled it and tried printing some other stuff - random web page, random Excel and Word pages. All printed. Tried another PDF. It printed. I went back to Bank E statement to try again...would not print. Then I tried printing to PDF and saved it as a file. Then I tried printing that new file. It would not printing, doing the same thing...just sitting in que. Finally to get it to print, I printed it as "MS print to PDF" as a choice for print, which let me save it as a different file. I assumed that did the same thing as the regular "print to PDF" but this file worked and it printed. Could this be some type of security to prevent printer? If not, what else could it be?
  13. At least he was being health-conscious with those 99% fat-free chili beans... 👀
  14. Cant figure out where he went. I think theres a bit of him everywhere.
  15. "Ooo girl... you as tight as a beetle butt."
  16. TR goes down for one day and we get big info dumps on GOT-related/semi-related shit. First, the bad news... or "bad" news, depending on who you might be. And now for the good news, at least for GOT fans: ------ I have to say... I think I'm more hyped for House Of The Dragon than I was for the Age of Heroes story. I'd still like to see rhe story they were going to tell, but we just came off a story about the White Walkers. Some distance from that might be a good thing.