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Found 247 results

  1. https://talkingsopranos.simplecast.com/
  2. Had never seen the show before and somehow didn't have it spoiler for me. I knew the main idea. Chemistry teacher with cancer starts cooking meth. But that was pretty much it. Kept hearing good things about Better Call Saul and also heard about the El Camino movie. Quarantined so i thought, why not? It's now or never, and I've seen numerous people refer to this show as the best of all-time. Think it goes without saying but... **SPOILERS for all 5 seasons ahead** ***** ****Last Chance*** Ok just some quick thoughts... - Walter "breaks bad" way earlier than I expected. - You can tell the emotional high he gets from the very first cook and killing the other drug dealer in the trailer. - First 2 1/2 seasons were solid, but nothing amazing. Thought it was pretty good TV, but certainly nowhere close to the greatest show of all time... -...then the latter half of season 3 happened. That's when things really started to pick up. - Throughout season 2, my guess on the ending was that Jesse would have to kill Walter - I think it's pretty funny how early on he and Jesse are just completely bumbling their way through this. They're such amateurs and it's amazing they didn't get caught earlier. - BTW, HUGE plot hole very early in the show. Can't remember what season, but it's when Hank is at the scrapyard and Jesse and Walter are both inside the trailer. Walter speeds into the yard and parks his vehicle right beside the trailer. When Hank arrives, it's nowhere to be seen. I went back and watched it again bc I couldn't believe they'd miss something that obvious. Very little time passes so it's not like anyone could've moved it either. - This makes for an interesting contrast when what ultimately gets Walter caught is some stupid book he left on his toilet. By that point, he'd become pretty good at doing anything necessary to protect himself. All the people he had a hand in killing and in the end, a minor detail he forgets is what does him in. - Badger and Skinny Pete, man...just great support characters. - RIP Combo - RIP Mike - Even though I'm sure some of you may envy my binging experience (as opposed to having to wait week to week and years for new seasons), but I can honestly say I think binging this show diminishes some of its emotional impact. - Main example I can think of...Hank's death. I liked his character, don't get me wrong, but I imagine that death hits 10x harder when you've been following the guy for years. - I expected Walter to actually be "Heisenberg" for way more of the show than he actually was. He didn't become truly terrifying until season 5. There's a massive difference in his character from Season 4 to Season 5. - Kinda wish they had found a way to get to "Heisenberg" sooner and have at least a full season of him being kingpin like Fring (Season 5 was 3 additional episodes though, to be fair) - After Fring's death is when he's at the height of his confidence. He feels truly unstoppable at that point. - His dynamic with Skyler took a huge shift at that point too. He starts treating her completely differently from the moment he sees she now fears him. - Hate that the "final boss" was that punk Todd and his Nazi family. They were more a bunch of maniacal thugs as opposed to the calculating Fring. - Finale was great. Can only imagine how that felt for everyone after being with these characters for years. Jesse gets his second chance. Walt finally realizes he did it all for himself, but it's too late for him. At least he finally does everything he can to leave his family in a somewhat decent position despite everything he did to destroy the family. Up next...El Camino and then I'll start Better Call Saul.
  3. This Bob Dylan song has been covered by so many artists. Recently, I came across a version by Bobby Womack. The drummer and lead guitar really makes this cover their own. What is your favorite cover of All Along the Watchtower?
  4. My MacBook Air is done. I’m trying to decide between another Air or get a Pro. I mostly surf and play games a lot. Not PS, but cards and chess. I do some charting with stocks and being shut in I’m starting to do a lot more. The difference <$180 also is time, refurbished Mac Air (2017) and refurbished Mac Pro(2019). The ability to handle updates comes into play. I haven’t run into any problems with that and my MacBook Air is over eight years old. PCs used to last me average 20 months. When you could compare in store it was easy. My son recommends always get more than you need, but these computers are way better than PCs anyway.
  5. I'm binge watching Penny Dreadful on Netflix. It appears to be an interesting blend of characters with a story line featuring Dracula, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and a cast of characters. Anyone else watching this series?
  6. This show is really good, even if you aren't a fan of Westerns. Took me a few episodes to get hooked, but it's worth checking out. Pierce Brosnan is one of the main characters. It's an AMC show on Hulu. AMC always has top notch shows.
  7. Anyone bought Nerf Darts lately? My son needed something besides an iPad so I got some Nerf dart guns. And man they have gotten "tactical" - the red dot sight is what really seemed a bit much. They have been a ton of fun though.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8332685/Leave-Beaver-actor-Ken-Osmond-dead-age-76.html
  9. I love these nature videos. This Impala is giving birth while these wild dogs attack.....
  10. When will someone get a handle on these damn robocalls? This shit has to be illegal. I get 3 or 4 calls a week from unknown numbers from a middle eastern trying to save me money on the credit card I don't own. Or they're trying to tell me the warranty on my car is being cancelled. I've been nice, I've been hateful, I've played along until they finally figure it out and curse me in their native tongue. These assholes should be rounded up and there is no punishment severe enough. Execution, televised. Make examples of these bastards.
  11. I’ve probably came about 856 pounds of cum in my lifetime on a low side estimate. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was near or over 1000 you?
  12. Poor Touched The Tard, he still thinks that because the internet exists he’s not dumb as a fucking stump.
  13. I love this series. I'm a history buff anyway and the show depicts actual history pretty accurately. These people were friggin brutal, especially the Viking Danes. Rape and pillage is too mild a term.
  14. ME and his clan of murder hornets, coming to wreck your shit. Worse than corona virus.
  15. If you are over 30 & definitely in your 40s you might have parents old enough to have crossed paths with a civil war vet 😲 lol. The last Civil war vet died in 1956. Don't know why that's so fascinating to me lol. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Woolson
  16. Just saw it. Cant blame Rian Johnson anymore for the demise of Star Wars. It's almost as bad as the last jedi which I didnt think would be possible. Disney needs to stop making Star Wars movies and reset the creative direction of the franchise. They have destroyed it with the past two movies.
  17. Victory in Europe happened 75 years ago and I wanted to point out the huge contrast between Men then and men like @ManningEnvy WW2 soldier
  18. How many of you have seen it and what did you think about it? It is available for free with a free trial of Starz available through your amazon prime. I watched it 3 times. It is Tarantino all the way. Not a masterpiece some scenes are too long and drawn out. The dialogue is sometimes wanting but like Tarantino's other films plenty of comic relief. Leonardo Decaprio plays a 40 year old actor(Rick Dalton) who once had a big hot western themed show in the 1950s playing a bounty hunter. Now in 1969 most of his roles are guest parts in tv dramas where he plays the bad guy and gets his ass kicked. It's a nice living but he is insecure about his future and drinks too much. Oh one more thing. Dalton lives in Benedict canyon, on Cielo drive. right next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Dalton's best friend and side kick is his long time stunt double. Cliff Booth played by Brad Pitt. Because his license was suspended for drunk driving Dalton employs Booth as his driver, body guard and handy man. Booth a a real tough guy. In one hilarious scene they are both working on the Green hornet set and Booth slaps around Bruce Lee. Booth also owns a pit bull dog. Remember it is 1969. Dalton lives right next door to Sharon Tate. That is the parallel story. As we keep getting closer to August 8th you are filled with anticipation and concern. You get a glimpse of Tate's glamorous affluent life as a young drop dead gorgeous emerging starlet. You meet the Manson family. The anticipation and how these events will go down when the time comes is incredible. Will history play itself out as we know it? How will Dalton and Booth be involved? You have to watch this one.

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