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Found 118 results

  1. I love these nature videos. This Impala is giving birth while these wild dogs attack.....
  2. I listened to the NPR 1A show this morning. The panel was discussing climate change affecting the military. Some military people, including a retired general, were involved in the discussion. Some thing that are already affecting the military were really surprising. There are some coastal bases with parts of the base already getting underwater - like decade old piers and landing docks. The general said the US military is experiencing more and more black flag days at military camps - when it is too hot to even do drills outside in the morning. He said a base where he worked in North Carolina had almost no history of black flag days but lately it has been averaging about 12 a year. He said air bases around the world are having problem from the rising heat. For example, planes need higher speeds, and therefore longer runways, to generate lift in higher heat. He said commercial airports are starting to experience this also - more and more planes have to just sit on runways waiting for clearing because of the extra speed needed. He said cockpits on fighter jets are already hot and with rising temperature, the pilots can not say in them on runways for very long which hampers flight takeoff All these things calling into the readiness of the military.
  3. Official Teaser Trailer: Looks promising. Henry Cavill being in it is definitely a draw for me. Loved his take on Superman and I've liked everything else I've seen of his since The Count of Monte Cristo. I don't know what to expect from this since I've never read the books, but I never read ASOIAF either and GOT hooked me instantly. For the people who've read the books this show is going to be based off of, how does this trailer impact your expectations for the show?
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-07-02/how-to-best-grill-burgers-don-t-say-top-chefs A penny for your thoughts, @chef?
  5. I have recently noticed more bumps, pimples and skin fissures in the faces of actors and actresses. The small screen has always thrived on showing thin, beautiful people in leading roles. Now the TV is showing what used to be hidden by make-up. Is this good or bad? Opinions
  6. US might be one of the best movies that was not very entertaining. Spoiler analysis:
  7. Thought I would make a thread about confessions = something wrong you have done that you never thought you would tell anyone. I'll go first: I found a one dollar bill on the floor of a Walmart but instead of turning it over to customer service for lost-and-found, I kept it.
  8. 1-month-old boy dies after grandfather gives him alcohol at party A 1-month-old boy in China reportedly died when his grandfather gave him alcohol at a family party after the elder was dared to do so. The unnamed infant's paternal grandfather, who was holding the child at the party, proposed a toast when another relative allegedly joked that the grandfather could not take a sip if the baby did not drink first, according to the outlet. The elder relative reportedly caved to the taunting and gave the infant a sip of an alcoholic beverage. The 1-month-old was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he reportedly died. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a fucking lightweight. Couldn't even handle one drink.
  9. I searched for the OG thread, but couldn’t find it. Thought it was time to revisit this great man. He’s bigger, hungrier, and has merch now. As an aside, I’m surprised KFC didn’t file for removal on YouTube—this video did the opposite of selling that sandwich.
  10. Just killleaning for about the thousandth time. Finally arrangnst his head. He spaarned him. Pullead. Got anoten frouct scam. Lifun and I thought I wcams. Srown it all away. Whdo?
  11. https://www.airforce-technology.com/news/boeing-t-x-trainer-aircraft/ Honestly looks like a mix of the F18 and F35.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/us/nashville-apartment-fire-baby-killed-children-injured
  13. Anyone here drive a newer model Accord or Camry ? In particular 2015-2019 year models. I'm looking into purchasing a pre-owned vehicle here in the next month or so. I've always been a big Honda fan and loved my previous Accord (2014) but the new style Camry's are nice too, so I'm throwing it in as an option and not just going and buying an Accord. I can look at specs all day, but was hoping someone here personally drives one and could tell me about any loves/hates with either model.
  14. I've been considering signing up for Sirus for a while. Anyone else here use them currently or in the past? Got a pros and cons list? Thanks.
  15. Idk what's with all the big trailer releases today, but along with Tarantino's movie we also got trailers for Stranger Things and Toy Story 4.
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