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Found 271 results

  1. https://deadline.com/2020/06/the-boys-season-2-premiere-date-sneak-peak-amazon-prime-1202970940/
  2. I love these nature videos. This Impala is giving birth while these wild dogs attack.....
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-postmaster-general-tells-postal-214737779.html Mail carriers are being told to leave mail behind at distribution centers rather than taking late trips, extra trips, or logging overtime, according to memos first reported on by The Washington Post and subsequently reviewed by Business Insider. "If the plants run late, they will keep the mail for the next day," one of the documents said. "If you get mail late and your carriers are gone and you cannot get the mail out without OT, it will remain for the next day." @OILERMAN, WTF??
  4. I have a Culligan system that is about 15 years old. Last few months water has been hard for a few days. Both times, I forced two regenerations, but the water remained hard a day or two. I assume the resin needs to be replaced. I have watched videos on resin replacements and it seems easy to change the resin, but knowing how much and how to clean out the old old resin without removing rocks if any, checking screens and checking for possibly other worn parts seems something I might mess up since no check list or anything. Anyone have experience with them - tips? I would like for a specialist to do it, but concerned about work on water system at this time with the virus.
  5. I have not joined Disney+ yet, but the 1st episode got a good review: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/11/the-mandalorians-first-episode-is-a-no-brainer-reason-to-pay-for-disney/
  6. I really don't want to get into the Trumper Dem vs Repub mask argument bullshit. I'd like to discuss the possible war with China, reasons behind it, and it's implications for the world. Dems & Repubs are both starting to align on the same side here and for good reason: $224B trade deficit, 1 million Uighur Muslims in forced labor, tens of thousands of interracial children put into orphanages, stolen tech, hacking, blocked US companies from competition, Taiwan take over pending, support of North Korea and Iran, encroaching on the South China Sea etc. The list is massive. In my opinion, it's exceedingly clear that China wants to take over the world. Some say they already have. The economic partnership with China has been fantastic for most of the world over the last few decades. China went from one of the poorest to richest companies in the fastest econ growth of a nation that the world has ever seen, and now they want to assert their dominance over the world, just like they do their own people. What happens when the two most powerful nations collide? What are the trade implications? Do you believe we are just in opposing them? Could this be the start of a WW? Or just another 10 years of proxy wars?
  7. In this COVID-19 environment, I have not been in the office since March. I have to admit, being an empty nester, if this is the new norm and I don't have to return to the office, I'm okay with it. Currently, I have a dual monitor setup (2 x Dell U2515H) and looking at getting a dual monitor stand. Out of curiosity, for the work from home crowd, what is your preference? Dual monitors or one big monitor? Are you using a monitor mount/stand? What's your preference?
  8. What's up bro? What's your best advice on picking up women?...And people have gotten unsolicited seeds from China, should I go over to China and deliver my seeds to their women *wink wink if you know what I mean*...Appreciate any advice brother.
  9. He is breathtakingly stupid. He must be suffering from oxygen deprivation since his nostrils are always firmly tucked inside Trump's large ass cheeks.
  10. https://news.yahoo.com/hundreds-teens-wrecked-memphis-mini-190816288.html It’s a damn shame that they pulled the plug on it. Can you imagine how much fun you could be having right now? If the homers only knew who you really are huh?
  11. Official Teaser Trailer: Looks promising. Henry Cavill being in it is definitely a draw for me. Loved his take on Superman and I've liked everything else I've seen of his since The Count of Monte Cristo. I don't know what to expect from this since I've never read the books, but I never read ASOIAF either and GOT hooked me instantly. For the people who've read the books this show is going to be based off of, how does this trailer impact your expectations for the show?
  12. Regis and Kathie Lee was my show in Preschool. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/regis-philbin-dead-192235561.html
  13. I've decided to implement a self imposed TitanReport ban. I have no time table. I know some of you will be satisfied with this decision. But I came to this delegation, this conclusion, this decision after I seen my dad and he had new boots on and I said "I see you got some new Clodhoppers"...Ive decided I need a however long ban after uttering those words outside this format.
  14. I need a system to connect to the internet. I have Apple TV, ROKU, Smart TV, Verizon and a MacBook.. I want to watch TV shows when I want to like ON DEMAND. I want HBO, Showtime, STARZ,NFL Network and the ability to watch all channels that broadcast the NFL in my market(Nashville). I think I need 200mb speed. Ideas that work without the aid of an internet/computer geek once I set it up will be greatly appreciated. My niece's neighbor came to her and requested her son stop using his internet. Legal ways only please.
  15. I always thought the main purpose of a honeymoon was for a new married couple to spend time alone (hopefully) together and the main purpose being to consummate their marriage. I.E have sex for with each other for the first time. But in the modern era, only 5% or so of married couples are virgins when they get married. So what is the point of a honeymoon anyway when the married couple may well have been having sex for months or even years beforehand anyway?
  16. Looks like a cross between Trek's Star Fleet logo and the old ass Pontiac logo. Not bad though I guess.
  17. I think it's time to upgrade my home wifi system and am considering moving from a router to mesh. The router has worked great but it's having some kind of sporadic issue where it drops my internet connection and I have to reboot it. My only gripe with the router is that I have a big house and get slower than desirable speeds in some areas due to distance from the router. Mesh seems like the way to go but after reading some reviews, they all seem pretty much the same to me and I keep reading about failures to switch when you move from one node to another. That would annoy the crap out of me. I don't need gaming features but I do need good bandwidth and speed for streaming things like Netflix and for video conferencing. Any of you guys have mesh systems you really like and would recommend?
  18. Plaame that has people all of world. Icated the player's choice of language. During, wheth RU - Russian, PL - Polish, SL - Slovene or Slavic languages. Layer do it. Systematically wrong weople?
  19. What in the fucking hell... https://claymatic.games A game for clumsy and uncouth rustics (lol) Clodhoppers is an online and local single/multiplayer brawler for up to 8 players designed around quick games and big laughs. Clodhoppers is a free-for-all brawling and shooting game made using clay stop-motion animation. It is the spiritual successor to Cletus Clay, born again with a party attitude.
  20. Been binge watching Vikings. Anyone else check this out? I'm enjoying it, it's held up pretty well for this many seasons. I'm up to the last episode in the second to the last season. As I type this, I expect the same ones who bitch about everything to cut it to pieces. Give'r hell.
  21. Denali

    Virus in US

    https://communityimpact.com/dallas-fort-worth/frisco/coronavirus/2020/05/19/new-covid-19-definitions-by-the-state-could-raise-case-counts-in-collin-county/ Revised definitions for probable COVID-19 cases and related deaths by the Texas Department of State Health Services could result in a spike of reported cases of the virus, according to a county official. Aisha Souri, an epidemiology department official for the county, informed Collin County commissioners of the reasoning behind the state’s decisions at a May 18 meeting. A probable case can also be determined without an FDA-approved test if someone meets definitions of certain clinical criteria and epidemiological links, Souri said. Additionally, a positive PCR test result will no longer be required to determine a COVID-19-related death, Souri said. If COVID-19 was determined to be a possible cause of death—even among other possible causes—it will be counted as a COVID-19-related death, she said. Clinical criteria needed to meet the definition of a probable COVID-19 includes: - at least two of the following symptoms: fever that is measured or subjective, chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, or new smell and taste disorders; - at least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; or - severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following: clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia, or acute respiratory distress syndrome and no alternative more likely diagnosis. Epidemiological links needed to meet the definition of a probable case includes: - close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19; - close contact with a person with clinically compatible illness and linkage to a confirmed case of COVID-19; or - travel to or residence in an area with sustained, ongoing community transmission of SARS-CoV-2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No surprises here. I was already able to smell the bullshit without even needing to see it. But this definitively provides the mechanisms that are used to spread the bullshit, The data is false. Number of coronavirus cases? Bullshit. Number of coronavirus deaths? Bullshit.

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