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Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

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Jake is a warrior hater lol. How many nba teams have drafted 4 All nba players that were on the same team? Of course you can’t draft your whole roster lol. Durant was a luxury signing. We went to two

Exactly, they drafted 3 all-stars, one an MVP, all outside top 6 picks.  And won before signing a big outside name like Durant.   So yeah it feels like piling on as they add people, but at t

7 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

No one else wantws him.


He declined a 2 year 40 mil contract from NO and no other team showed interest. Even LA.


18 hours ago, Oiler FANatic said:

If Boogie is looking for a long-term contract in 2019, why is he signing with a team where he's at best their #4 scoring option. What an idiot!

Because he has no pressure to get on the court ASAP. Even if his numbers dip teams are just wanting to see him healthy. They all know what kind of player he can be. Being in the warriors locker room will help his imagine, he gets extra time to get healthy and has a great shot at winning a ring. He wasn’t going to get paid anything special this year. It’s a win win for everyone except for the rest of the nba.

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10 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

No, its a win win for the NBA. He wont play, watch. If he does, it will be the WCF or the Finals. His game shape will most likely be poor. He wont be what he has been. And you hope it will help his image. There is far more that cN go wrong than can go right. Admit it or not, but it was a gell of a risk for anyone to sign him, even a team who seemingly doesnt need him.


And its funny that ppl are bashing LA for not getting him when they didnt want him this year. Lol


Ppl just dont know anything past nba2k.


They think real life is a video game. Somehow LA lost FA because they didnt sign PG and or Boogie. And I just laugh.

I don’t see how it’s a hell of a risk. They are a great team and the clear favorite to win it all with or without boogie. Worst case scenario they miss out on a bench player that gives them 10-15 mins a game. 

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14 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

What if he has a setback and doesn't play?


What if one of KD or Curry suffers an injury that keeps them out of the playoffs? 


Yall almost lost to HOU at full strength. You think yall would be favored if put in the same position next year without one of the 4 and no added depth?


A lot can happen from now til next May. To think signing him is not a risk is absurd. And it's not realistic. 

If he doesn’t play then we lose out on 5 mil that could have been put towards a 4-5 option off the bench. Really not that much risk there. 


Even if we lose KD and Curry we are still competing for playoffs. Losing one isn’t a big deal in terms of getting to the playoffs. Now in the playoffs it hurts but take away the top 1 or 2 player for any team and that’s the case. A 5 mil bench player isn’t going to change much. Like I said earlier we lost a nick young quality bench player. 


 Iggy was out so we weren’t at full strength. The warriors really like their bench players in iggy, Livingston, McCaw, looney and Bell. Can bring back Zaza and West on vet minimums. When knows who else is going to want a minimum contract in hopes of getting a ring. 


Sure a lot can happen but losing out on a 5 mil bench player is extremely low risk. A lot of unlikely scenarios would have to happen in order for it to truly impact them of cousins doesn’t play. Hell even if he comes back and is 75% of what he was that is still a better player than you will get with that 5 mil.

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10 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Competing for the playoffs? You sound like they haven't won 3 of the last 4 Finals. Making the Finals is yalls goal. Anything short is a failure. So don't act as if anything but is ok, regardless of how it might have came to be.


And Iggy played a solid three games. Anyways, yall still got taken to 7 by a team with 2 stars (one who missed two) mainly because their depth was unmatched by yours. And even if Boogie does play, as I said, there is still one ball. Any team with great depth can hang around with yall. They just have to make the plays that are there.


Had HOU not set a record for consecutive missed threes, yall probably lose. But in typical MD fashion, his team choked. All Im saying is is that your team isn't unbeatable. It's tough, but possible. And signing a player who might not play is a risk anyway you cut it. There is a risk with everything. Just like with LA about to go all in on a 33 yo LBJ. To say it's no risk is unrealistic.



I said if curry and KD were to go down we would still be competing for playoffs. Anyone who expects the warriors to go to finals without those 2 would be an idiot. 


Playing 3 out of 7 isn’t being at full strength. We also went 2-1 in those 3 games. Iggy isn’t the greatest player but he provides them to be versatile with their lineups. 


We lost game 4 by 3 points and game 5 but 4 points. Complete toss up games. Games 6 and 7 were winnable with or without cp. 


sure there is risk in everything but this boogie deal is extremely low risk. Like I said with or without boogie warriors are still the favorite to win it all. No one expects a different outcome for this warriors team if he is able to play or not. 


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3 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

Ok. And HOU wasnt at full strength either. They went 0-2 with Paul.


But your bigger players were all there. Unlike HOUs. 


Yes, they were winnable without CP, so dont act as if him not being there didnt make a difference. It obviously would have because yall were down 3-2 when he was available. 


The fact yall needed an injury to one of the stars of a two star squad only proves my point that yall are as unbeatable as yall think. 


Signing Boogie was a knee jerk reaction to LBJ going to the same division. 

You sound like a Houston fan crying. Actually you are worse than most of them. Keep playing the if only card. At the end of the day warriors are the champs so keep crying about it. Houston woulda shoulda coulda but didn’t. The storyline of us needing an injury to happen is ridiculous. The injury simply gave us a massive advantage. Maybe Houston should have won 1 more game when they were at full strength. Not the warriors fault they couldn’t pull it off. It’s sports anything can happen no one is unbeatable. 

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On 7/5/2018 at 12:21 PM, JakePA_Titan said:

I don't think so but I do think they arent done making moves so we'll see.

You really think Melo will choose LA over Houston? The Lakers are pretty much set for this season, no big moves left for LA until 2019.

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11 hours ago, Kyle021 said:

@Oiler FANatic


If you could choose between Harden or Kobe to build your team around who would you choose? Both in there prime. 


Who do you pick?

He'd obviously choose Kobe but will argue against it that he was too selfish blah blah blah just to be a contrarian and have a beef with Jake. It's the same as Lebron vs. Kobe, no one in their right mind would choose Kobe but Lakers homers would obviously bring up him being a closer to try to justify their fanaticism. 

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On 7/13/2018 at 11:34 AM, wiscotitansfan said:

He'd obviously choose Kobe but will argue against it that he was too selfish blah blah blah just to be a contrarian and have a beef with Jake. It's the same as Lebron vs. Kobe, no one in their right mind would choose Kobe but Lakers homers would obviously bring up him being a closer to try to justify their fanaticism. 

I’d choose Kobe over Lebron any day. 


The finals speak for themselves. 


Beting Pierce, Allen and Garnett in their prime with just one “star” in Gasol and really good role players was amazing. 


Lebron and Kyrie wouldn’t have beat them 

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3 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:


Some GSW fans cough @CaliTitan3518 cough, should listen to the part about Boogie.. .

Doesn’t really matter man. We were the best team in the nba without Boogie and were the best team in the NBA with Boogie. Even if he ends up being 75% of the player he was he is still more than worth the $5.3 mil we are paying him. It’s not like we’re paying him for the player he was or hope he can get back to being.


The part I think they are wrong is about him not willing to take a lesser role since he is auditioning for other teams. He has to prove he is healthy. Teams aren’t going to care if he averages 30 points. He is going to a team where he is going to have a reduced role it’s bound to happen. He knows it’s going to happen. 


Hell if we can get post achilles Elton Brand type play coming off the bench or even starting averaging 15 and 8 that’s great production from a $5.3 mil player. 

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