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  1. Now 2 dead migrants crossing the Rio Grande. For months the Democrats mocked the crisis on the border. Then they sought to reduce detention beds. Then they refused additional funds for the Border Patrol and ICE. Then they refused to reform the asylum laws. Then they refused to fund additional physical barriers on the border. Then they refused to fund more immigration judges. And now they blame Trump for the disaster they’ve created and still refuse to fix it, and their media mouthpieces go along with all of it.
  2. So many good questions the GOP needs to ask. Mueller has some splainin to do.
  3. And how many times did we hear that from you guys about Trump going down for Russian collusion.....
  4. There were other women who accused Clinton of sexual assault and harrassment. How many of those 16 against Trump accuse him of rape, one?
  5. The NBA is turning into the libtard league. The NBA is now referring to the owners as "governors". They say that the term "owner" can be viewed as racially insensitive. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/adam-silver-on-nba-using-governor-in-place-of-owner-title-we-moved-away-from-that-term-years-ago/
  6. Juanita Broadrick recanted her earlier denial of the attack, this after having first talked about it when it happened. She explained her reasoning for the initial denial. Lol at me having been owned. Btw, you are right....none of these women, repeat....none of these women ever said a word when it allegedly happened.
  7. Well since most likely all three women were lying about Kavanaugh, it is certainly possible all these women are lying their asses off as well. It wouldn't surprise me if a couple of the accusation are true though. Ctm is another person who never had issues with Bill Clinton and his crimes against women.
  8. How many of all the women that went after Clinton did you believe. Or were they all lying? If you believed some, why did you continue supporting him, as well as vote for his wife who went on a campaign of destruction against all those women?
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