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  1. Umm, who cares about what Hunter Biden did. The question is how did he get such a good job he was unqualified for. And more importantly, what really went down with Biden getting a foreign prosecutor fired.
  2. Biden vowed Monday to stop the Keystone XL pipeline for good if elected president. Moron. The alternative is the oil would be exported from Canada to China, rather than to the U.S., and used there instead.
  3. Except for the one important fact that every recount showed Bush won.
  4. Following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton....who was the biggest sleazeball of them all.
  5. You realize that if Biden gets elected, as soon as Republicans take over the House, he will be impeached. Biden already has four things to investigate and impeach: - Tara Reade and her credible charge of sexual assault. Biden is running around claiming Reade deserves a full investigation, while refusing to release the papers with Reade's official complaint. - Illegal spying on Trump campaign. Not only is Biden lying about his knowledge of the Obama administration’s role in illegally framing Mike Flynn, but Biden was directly involved in the spying campaign as he was one of the people involved in unmasking. - Using U.S. aid to protect his son from Ukrainian prosecutor. Joe Biden did precisely what Democrats falsely impeached Trump over: he threatened to withhold American aid from Ukraine for reasons involving self dealing, to protect his son. - China and Hunter. In December of 2013 Biden goes to China to confront the Chinese, but goes soft on them. Shortly afterwards, Hunter gets a whopping $1.5 billion deal from the Chinese government.
  6. Recent Decisions of the Court of Appeals for DC Circuit Show Sullivan Must Dismiss Flynn Case: https://www.redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2020/05/14/recent-decisions-of-the-court-of-appeals-for-dc-circuit-show-sullivan-must-dismiss-flynn-case/?fbclid=IwAR1JLhxYEQRiHjMp8EgwB6ax3Y52SA8hose26_sW3joN_NFY2Xt31I49VUE It's amazing how a judge, who demands absolute adherence to his own rulings, rejects those with which he disagrees.
  7. Interesting tidbit - Walter, Skyler, and Saul all appeared on Seinfeld episodes.
  8. What a shocker....Judge Sullivan is a partisan Clinton appointee. Only libtards cant see the obvious.
  9. They lost their damn mind long ago when a bunch of libtards gave women the right to kill their babies.
  10. Glad you are finally admitting after all these years that from a legal standpoint, Bill Clinton should have been impeached. It sure took you a long time.
  11. I don't know what you are referring to regarding seven people. I do know not one of them is a corroborator from any time back when it allegedly happened, not even close.
  12. Even you should be able to figure it out. One has multiple corroborators, the other has absolutely none. One pinpoints the exact time and place, the other cannot. Unlike Reade, Ford didn’t mention the alleged assault to anyone for around 25 years, until Kavanaugh’s name began appearing in the media as a prospective Supreme Court justice. Both are hard left Democrats. Much easier to question Ford's motives than Reade.
  13. You forgot to add: - Wasted Congressional time and money on a bogus impeachment effort with no merit. - Found 3 lying bimbos to attempt to discredit a Supreme Court nominee. When faced with a more credible accusation against the Dem Presidential nominee, they quickly dismissed it.
  14. Lol. And are you telling us that the Obamas, Clintons, Pelosis, Schumers, etc actually care about you?

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