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  1. Bahahahahaha. The right thing to do is shut up and get over it. There is nothing impeachable.
  2. Nice try, but no she is stupid. Oilerman sounds like all the lefties that tried to tell us that Al Gore was an intellectual giant.
  3. Who care about the Democrat base. There are no grounds for impeachment, except in the warped eyes of the deranged left. If they pursue impeachment the rest of American will be turned off, and the right will be highly energized. Trump will win in 2020, Republicans will take back the House and increase their majority in the Senate. I hope those idiots pursue impeachment. But if the left is pissed they didn't pursue impeachment, they very well could throw all their support at Bernie Sanders. I promise you that communist past Bernie Sanders has zero chance of winning in a general election over Trump.
  4. How do you explain your gullible libtardness over two years of Trump collusion bs?
  5. Correct, but all these dumbass libtards think some horrible crime was committed. How many times do we need to point out the wrong things Hillary has done from whitewater to the emails, and they never cared. Instead they gleefully voted for her. Lol at impeachment. Bill Clinton deserved impeachment much more than Trump, and the left fought that as well.
  6. Nice lame comparison there. Couple of churches in Louisiana versus 875 churches in France, along with a world wide famous cathedral in Notre Dame.
  7. Or they point to CNN and MSNBC and how they kissed Obama's ass for 8 years. Too bad that CNN ratings are going south now that the anti Trump rabid left has nothing to tune into.
  8. 875 Catholic Churches in France were vandalized in 2018 by radical secularists and Muslims. So Starkiller is correct, it was racist to not include people like him in the groups to be suspected.
  9. Bernie Sanders called Trump's tax cuts a disaster. Of course he refuses not to take the new reductions or write a check to the Treasury Department.
  10. It has already been pointed out how Starkiller clears the Clintons of any wrong doing in Whitewater, because they didn't get convicted. Of course with Trump it was said there was NO evidence, while with the Clintons there was INSUFFICIENT evidence.
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