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  1. Mark Levin House Intel Committee Democrats leaked information to the Democrat Party-press about a whistleblower who reportedly claims President Trump pressed the Ukrainian President to look into the Biden family scandal. No crime there even if true. The media, of course, have attempted to turn a Biden scandal involving obstruction of an investigation into Hunter Biden, into a Trump scandal.
  2. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt due to the nerve injury last season. He is healthy now and still sucks. It can't be denied.
  3. Week 3: Titans @ Jags Game Thread abenjami replied to Jonboy's topic in Titans and NFL Talk Same reason he takes sacks on 4th down. Lack of football IQ. The post that said his internal clock is an hourglass was spot on.
  4. Some of it is irrational. Like a couple posters complaining when he didn't throw it away and took a sack on 4th down.
  5. You were right about Minshew, he was nothing special outside that one drive. Would have looked a lot worse had he faced a pass rush like Mariota did. That said, time to move on.
  6. He led them on 1 drive and that is it. Big deal.
  7. Menshew is not doing better than Mariota. Some good throws and some bad.
  8. Maybe a better comparison is back when it became clear Eddie George was washed up. Those who weren't homers wanted Chris Brown to start. Brown was no savior, but certainly better than George.
  9. Lol. Nobody backed up Ford's story. She was proven to be a liar, with many holes in her stories. And you find it likely he was guilty. Sheep
  10. Nadler is just a big fat stooge trying to run a kangaroo court. Trump should and will refuse to adhere to Nadler's partisan bullshit.
  11. No, they successfully replaced a conservative with a centrist. And Bork was fine except for the lying bullshit Kennedy and others threw at him.