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  1. Wallace was wrong. Biden said he was for reallocating police funding. Trump did not lie.
  2. No, Democrats are clearly the king. Starting with Watergate, Iran Contra, Valerie Plame, and so on. And it's only the left that digs up lying bitches to attack SC nominees they don't like.
  3. Lol. They are very different. Sure, you will find some common stuff, like calling you to be a good person. But in the real important aspects, like how to achieve the desired end results, are not remotely the same.
  4. it's obvious neither the media or the Democrats want the president to put down these violent riots in Portland, Chicago, and elsewhere. They just trash federal law enforcement, accuse them of kidnapping, etc., claim the president is politicizing the riots, and on and on. I can assure you that if the Tea Party had been rioting every night, defacing government property, beating police and citizens, shutting down city blocks and streets, and been talking about overthrowing the government, there would be a very different reaction from these hypocrites and frauds.
  5. Most scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_Jesus I went to a debate between an atheist and a Christian. The atheist had to accept that Jesus existed, that he wasn't just some made up fairy tale.
  6. Scholars and historians agree that Jesus was real, although not that he was God. Your constant denial won't change this fact
  7. Nope. But there is nothing whatsoever that would suggest that Jesus wasn't perfect.
  8. Impossible that Jesus was just God's messenger. He was either a lunatic and liar, or he was God as he claimed. He did not violate any commandment. Jesus was God, thus worthy of all worship and praise.
  9. Saw a video of a guy in New York city asking people to sign a petition to get rid of statues of slave owning George Washington. All sorts of people were up for that. Then his second petition was to ban any statues of slave owning prophet Mohammed (not to mention a pedaphile). Most of those dumbasses didnt want to sign that one. On that note, Don Lemon was on air saying Jesus Christ wasn't perfect. Hey buffoon, Jesus was God, never sinned, and was perfect. I would like to see Don Lemon go on air and explain why Mohammed in all his ways wasn't perfect. But you know the coward will never do so.
  10. Biden is a plagiarizing duffus. It will be all over after the senile old man gets exposed in the debates.
  11. The Lincoln Project is little more than the most brazen election-season grift in recent memory. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/07/lincoln-project-election-season-grift/?fbclid=IwAR0ym33NCV0Z9-xjYdDS-8uRv_d_NhzlahXKWZTG64kV7-FPqaDqKQYIIg4
  12. Bullshit. They care that a crime was committed against them.
  13. WG53 just proved that a severely retarded person comes off as brilliant compared to him.
  14. So did everybody else. Hence why he destroyed his opponents in both elections. He was certainly much better than Obama. Not even close.

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