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  1. Might need a new thread for this. Has there been any confirmed deaths of TR posters. How about suspected deaths....like Nendzone?
  2. I'm wondering if Robinson sat Vrabel down and made it clear he needed a DC.
  3. only if it is a heavily incentive laden contract.
  4. whew, I was afraid they might not run on first down there.
  5. JROB needs to get a better backup qb for next year. Can you imagine how bad the Titans would have been this year in any game with Woodside? Fortunate we never had to see it in 2020.
  6. I'll have to look into what you said. Pretty damning if true.
  7. Whatever commie that thinks it ok for free speech to be censored by the left.
  8. So people are pissed. You don't think the left would react any different if they felt the election was stolen? It was hardly just Trump talking about fraud in the election.
  9. Good, 100% were opposed to the rioting and looting this past summer.
  10. bs, Trump never called for an such attack or anything close to it. In fact they know the instigators were a bunch of young men that came with backpacks and goggles. They obviously came preplanned to instigate rioting, and had nothing to do with Trump's speach.
  11. Pretty stupid retort. Trump never called for overthrow of the government in any way. And rioting is wrong for any reason, or do you not understand that?
  12. Kamala Harris needs to be impeached immediately for supporting the rioting and looting this past summer. Won't let me post the youtube video of her support while on Stephen Colbert show.
  13. That's cherry picking stats. You left out: 29th in points allowed 28th in yards per game allowed Last in sacks With 36 defensive turnovers, I attribute some of that to luck with their porous defense. But they did score 52 more points than they gave up. So a little better than average.
  14. Stupid leftist nonsense. Republicans have more conservatives on the court because they held the office of presidency more since Nixon.
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