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  1. Kamala harris found reason to wrongly comment on. It is being talked about on political talk shows. Yes it is politics.
  2. I was talking about baseball team favorites.
  3. They are just unhappy because they dont have a pushover in Obama anymore to take advantage of.
  4. Its a thing for Democrats now. Hillary started it when claiming she was a Yankee fan.
  5. Obama winning the award is up there with Yasir Arafat.
  6. And just how many national emergencies did Obama declare? And how many golf trips and vacations did he postpone as a result? I'll wait.
  7. Every measure would be subject to litigation with regards to the 2nd amendment. A declared National Emergency would not change that. I still thank Harry Reid and Biden for allowing Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court.
  8. Nevertheless, the wall (or at least a partial wall) will be built. Tired of the bullshit from the left saying it is immoral and useless. All a bunch of lying crap completely made up because Trump wants it.
  9. Maybe the global warming nonsense, but quite limited in regards to gun control, since that is protected under the 2nd amendment.
  10. Or even better to declare the murders or all those innocent babies a national emergency.
  11. And he said Trump was going to declare a national emergency. This is what happens with the Dems being shitheads about it. Maybe they will now agree to sign the El Chapo bill to be able to move forward.
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