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  1. Reduce preseason games to 2. Add one or two additional regular season weeks but add another bye week. Reffing needs to be overhauled. Need more accuracy. I don't agree with just having fewer flags. While bad calls are more obvious and get a lot of outrage, I think no calls actually have more impact and are more damaging to fair play because they are overlooked. Anyone can go back and look at games and see that bad reffing has a GIANT impact on game outcomes. If the humans can't get better at it, then it's time to give technology a promotion. We should be willing to suffer through a wave of increased flags until players and teams as a whole realize they need to cut the crap. Offensive holding is probly the biggest one that comes to mind. Call it 100% until everyone realizes it won't be tolerated anymore. And let's not even discuss the blatant PI no calls we've been seeing with refs staring right at it. I also don't agree with the current mentality that it's ok to commit pass interference as long as you turn your head. What a load of crap. Players can grab, maul receivers as long as they make the slightest effort to look for the ball. Rediculous.
  2. Yeah. Tannehill has pretty much gotten shafted and dumped on the last month. Not by team mates, but by the game plan, play calling, fallout and conjecture. If they do plan on keeping him, they might want to keep the talk and wandering eyes on the DL. He and his agent might not ignore it.
  3. Vrabel needs to walk into the commish office and say,. "what do I have to do to get into the "boy's club"? Or maybe it should be Amy.
  4. They have to come back out and shut these guys up.
  5. There refs are slanted and the announcers are slanted even the camera angles are slanted.

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