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  1. Here's the remaining schedules for the AFC playoff hopefuls, how do you guys see it playing out? Patriots 10-2 Chiefs @ Bengals Bills Dolphins Ravens 10-2 @Bills Jets @Browns Steelers Bills 9-3 Ravens @Steelers @Patriots Jets Chiefs 8-4 @Patriots Broncos @Bears Chargers Texans 8-4 Broncos @Titans @Bucs Titans Steelers 7-5 @Cardinals Bills @Jets @Ravens Titans 7-5 @Raiders Texans Saints @Texans Raiders 6-6 Titans Jaguars @Chargers @Broncos Colts 6-6 @Bucs @Saints Panthers @Jaguars The way I see it playing out: Ravens 14-2 Patriots 13-3 Chiefs 8-4 Texans 11-5 Bills 11-5 Steelers 9-7 I have us and the Colts both at 9-7 as well, but the Colts beat us out with a division record of 4-2 to our 3-3, and then the Steelers beating them out with a conference record of 7-5 to their 6-6. Alot of what ifs though, I have the Steelers losing to the Ravens and Bills, and us losing to the Saints and splitting with the Texans. If the colts drop two games then the tie breaker with the Steelers would come down to strength of victory, we are currently +42 and they are +11.
  2. They have them new on ebay