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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/kenny-stills-among-those-arrested-during-breonna-taylor-protest I doubt the NFL will suspend him for this, but there could be jail time involved. Big blow to the Texans is they lose him.
  2. No, he lost his job before all of the kneeling BS, he didn't magically get any better after sitting on the couch for two years.
  3. I remember hearing that none of the teams will be able to meet with players until all of them can, if that's the case it could be awhile before they're brought in.
  4. 9 picks? We have our 7 and this one correct? Unless you counting a projected comp pick?
  5. I was just thinking that kicker or QB is a real possibility here.
  6. When you have a RB that is damn near unstoppable when he reaches the 2nd level, and a QB that tends to hold the ball a little to long, investing in the O-Line is never a bad idea. This kid looks to be a little raw but certainly has the potential to be dominate in the run game. I'm ok with the pick, it wasn't nessisarily what I was hoping for, but looking at Jrobs last few drafts he deserves the benefit of the doubt. One thing though, since he's replacing Conklin, can we make his nickname "Black Jack"?? Please....
  7. Butler's PFF grade last season was a 65.5, that's not terrible, but it's certainly not top ten. Adoree finished 76.3, Brock finished 68.7 At 13.3 million Butler is currently the 4th highest paid player on the team.
  8. We are set at safety with Byard, Vaccaro, Hooker, Cruikshank, and Kalu. Cornerback is a big need however. We only have 3 guys under contract, (Jackson, Butler, Orr). Adoree is solid. Butler has been average and definitely hasn't lived up to his huge cap hit. At 30 years old he isn't getting any faster either. I'd be in favor of cutting Butler and getting Ryan back under contract. Brock is 31, but he was solid for us at the end of the year, wouldn't mind bringing him back on a one year deal. Durden, Sims, and Smith are also still available. Going into the draft needing this much help at corner isn't an option, how do you guys think this plays out?
  9. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4078154-vic-beasley-to-the-titans/ Went over to the falcons board to see what they had to say about him. They seem to think his main problem was effort. Hopefully between Vrabel and our locker room they can light a fire under him.
  10. 42 tackles and 8 sacks last year, not terrible stats for a DE in a shit defense. I'd be alot more excited if this didn't remind me so much of the Kamerion Wimbley signing.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001103097/article/retaining-derrick-henry-a-top-priority-for-titans Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, good news on the Henry front, we need to get a few of these guys under contract, it would be pretty good damn disheartening if they let this offense fall apart after the way they played down the stretch. We've been waiting a long time for this team to field a group of guys that can be truly competitive.
  12. No question that the ILBs have been a huge strength, but as hands on as MV is, especially with the LBs, maybe McKenzie gets a little to much credit. Not saying that that's the case for sure, only the people in the locker room know for certain, but I can't see them letting him walk without so much as an offer if he really was that critical in thier development.
  13. Vrabel has been very effective at bringing in quality coaches. I'd be alot more concerned about Pees' retirement if Vrabel didn't have the eye and the Rolodex to put strong pieces in place on his staff. I don't feel like we have to worry about Norm Chow / Chuck Cecil type hires under this administration.
  14. Looks like DT Chris Jones will play. Humphries and all the MLBs will play http://www.nfl.com/inactives
  15. Also fitting that in order to become the AFC champions, we will have beaten all four AFC division champions in consecutive weeks.

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