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  1. He's right. And people are butthurt. I'm still going to Cleveland, fuck them and their high price tickets
  2. Yep. I'm happy with that. I assume tickets will be a bitch and expensive. Do titans season ticket holders get away tickets?
  3. Was cold 😂 But agree, everyone was hammered especially pats fans. Some were utter dicks but most were cool
  4. Nope. Seen the titans in London, the pats play off game and a game in Seattle a few years back. So really want a home game. In Boston for week leading up to it, so it's a cheap trip I live in ireland
  5. 23 million in gross earnings, wonder what he's left with
  6. Was just going to post that. Would prefer not to go to Charlotte, really want a home game
  7. i dont get this really. Really liked him as a player, but what he played 4 years here? this retiring stuff should be for guys who spend a lot of time with a team
  8. Mariota looks beefy is the presser today
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