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  1. O'brien going hard for a deep play off run
  2. In all seriousness, why does mariota have the helmet on all game?
  3. going to be a special player, hes just overpowerin the chargers linemen
  4. how do the national guys find out about this stuff before the local guys?
  5. this is it. Mariota has been poor but the offense just look some kid its throwing darts at a dartboard to pick the next play.
  6. im so desperate, i was thinking the same. At least he/she/it will have better ball placement
  7. Lewan cant tweet all he wants. Shaq whooped his fucking ass
  8. No but i was excited to get Vrabel, he's been a liability this season.
  9. Dion Lewis - fucking awful, how many times has he fucked us over and yesterday was awful. Delanie - had a big catch negated by Lewans BS hold, but he's been anonymous all for all bar the Browns games tbh - Why inst he on the field more? Lewan - fucking awful yesterday - his only redeeming point was he fucking knows it and said it after the game. Saffold - absolute huge fucking bust and going on about how the team has struggled with inconsistent, inconsistent would be an improvement for him, he's downright fucking awful. Conklin - awful aswell Davis - not his best game, got rag dolled a couple of times but i'll give him a pass. I'm not going to talk about Santos, just cut him. I can kick a rugby ball pretty far and accurate, I'd do a better job yesterday. Vrabel - that boneheaded 4th attempt is some BS Mularkey would have pulled. We are wasting the talent of: AJ Davis Humphries Byard Jayon and a few others.