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  1. Zero interest in him. Someone will trade and pay him.
  2. Hes never getting there. I don't think he even sees a nomination. OK stats, small market team etc
  3. Ain't nothing gonna stop him moving forward, not a jag and not a seatbelt
  4. Like what is the problem with our running backs. Cobb never wore a seatbelt. Now on Henry's IG he's driving around singing into the phone without a seatbelt on. Idiot.
  5. 100% correct. Twitter on this pic is saying Riley is getting destroyed, he has all the leverage, he's lower and stable and he can drive Henry backwards. Henrys size doesnt mean shit if he cant masters basic physics.
  6. She thinks Tennessee is a country. Fucking moron.
  7. if we do take Lock, does that mean we go back to FA and get Suh for D line help?
  8. he was awesome in madden, that alone is enough for me to love him
  9. He's right. And people are butthurt. I'm still going to Cleveland, fuck them and their high price tickets
  10. Yep. I'm happy with that. I assume tickets will be a bitch and expensive. Do titans season ticket holders get away tickets?
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