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  1. As usual, I expect the offense is vanilla. My own take is that, while they'll ride henry they need to let Mariota air it out to see if they are going to give him a deal or not. If he stinks, Tanny comes in.
  2. If he cant do it this year with the passing options, beastly o-line and Henry, he'll never do it.
  3. For sure unless thr B sample comes back negative which is pretty rare
  4. I've got a few Chinese jerseys, but given the titans will have these jerseys for quite a while I'm happy to pay for a genuine
  5. My thinking exactly. Byard or lewan are my choices
  6. Ireland, going to Boston for a week and I travel light.. And I only have a George and Locker Jersey so want to pick up a new one. If I order from fanatics or similar the customs costs basically make it 50% more expensive. If I order from nfl Europe its expensive already.
  7. OK, I may just order and get it delivered to my hotel, that's the easiest solution I think
  8. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.6ba8cd0b51a2771a81d39b8b5e1a4a9a&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fl41ox0LeKTFstOd5m%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=jXs7%2f7wGIQjdr%2fmxMDLdwQ
  9. I'm in Boston for a week before the game but my last time there i didn't see any titans gear (for the playoff game). May just order and bring with me
  10. Anyone going to the Browns game? Also at my previous titans game I've always come geared up, but this time I'd like to be a new Jersey. Is there any visiting team gear usually on sale at the stadiums?
  11. Made 14 million gross, he played in tow states with no state income tax. I wonder how much he has left, it has to do him a loooooong time
  12. And saved enough cash in a cayman island account for when she finds out and divorces his ass 😂
  13. I hope she's saved up, American maternity pay/leave is so shit. But id still bang her
  14. If they got a new QB tomorrow, all the talk would be how good he is, how many new things he brings to the offense etc. The only way Delanie doesnt say what he's said is if the titans are 0-16 the last 3 seasons
  15. No way to prove he didn't or did know. Zero chance the ban gets reduced imo
  16. fucking moron if true, but you'd expect this stuff would be broken
  17. Yeah, imo he seems likes just OK on what is a pretty damn good front 7, he should be smashing guys each week when JJ is taking double teams
  18. If bith Delanie and Jonnu are missing week 1, stick Firkser in and watch him ball out
  19. Seems like he was, good luck to him. Was never a superstar, but a good player.
  20. Im going to the Browns game, i normally use stubhub/ticket exchange, yeah theyr'e fucking expensive but at least its a legit ticket
  21. Zero interest in him. Someone will trade and pay him.
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