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  1. This is wishful thinking. Simmons will get close to 30 million especially if he continues on his current trend
  2. Yep Simmons can and will command at least 30 per.. its going to be about the guarantees
  3. 30 mil per year. This is the major news that needed to drop in order to to formulate the understanding of Simmons soon to be record deal
  4. Ohio St. top 2 receivers this year will be better than the last two who were just drafted in the top 15
  5. Not sure why so many people want to be "out in front" in the speculation on if Burks turns out to be a disappointment or not. Just wait.
  6. He's wrong then. He runs poor routes, but I don't think he lacks explosiveness nor has the inability to separate.
  7. This has nothing to do with Burks.
  8. Lol you guys just need to take some time away. Its been three weeks.
  9. The concept of "pro style offense" is really a relic of the past. It mattered in 2005, but offenses have evolved beyond that. If anything Pro style offenses have adopted the collegiate style. What's different about the pros is the complexities of read routes, checks, and manipulation of defenses.
  10. This is misleading. Assessing weaknesses and shortcomings for a prospect is normal and scouts do a good job there. So of course the failures will likely stem from these for any prospect. The challenge is assessing if they can improve or overcome it
  11. Yeah and that was a dumb thing for him to do
  12. Literally 90⁰ in Nashville and people are tripping that he may have experienced heat exhaustion (which is not completely fitness related). Just relax
  13. I think it'll be Will Fuller. He makes the most sense and answers the lack of speed that we mentioned as a need upon the beginning of the offseason. Also, we have Burks, NWI, and Woods so that alleviates some of the concerns of relying on a player so heavily who has yet played a full nfl season because of injuries
  14. They likely struggled in the heat there too. He's out of shape but this is not a big deal
  15. Controversial statement aside. Lewan is absolutely correct in that debate. He should not have wasted so much energy trying to convince them
  16. Willis probably will be the steal of draft.
  17. I can't believe that a quarter of our schedule is prime time
  18. If Fuller is interested, he makes the most sense. Burks, Woods, Fuller, NWI, Phillips is a good group
  19. I am actually shocked that we got selected in the Monday Season opener. We lost star power and momentum with the AJ Brown trade, but I guess Derrick Henry is still the biggest non-QB offensive star. EDIT: I guess its not the opener, but still, glad we have at least one primetime game.
  20. The three interceptions were his fault though.
  21. What Tannehill is experiencing is what every QB who is not a top 5 QB experiences whenever they have some success in the league. You get too much of the credit and too much blame.
  22. The interview wasn't that bad. He sounded vulnerable and obviously the took the loss hard. I mean, it was his fault we lost. There's some questionable moments from the presser, but ultimately nothing to make too huge of a deal out of. I do find it funny that the Tannehill fanboy club try so hard to convince us (themselves, maybe?) that they aren't fanboys of Tannehill.
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