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  1. Maybe you should check with Henry before pounding him?
  2. You could tell AJ Brown was chewing him out after the one penalty. You could see the frustration on AJ's face.
  3. I call my right hand my hammer. Oh this is quite exhilarating.
  4. Number9, "I enjoy my cock hard and veiny"
  5. Doubt Hollister is active but the guy caught damn near everything thrown his way in preseason.
  6. Looks like we get Succop back this week. Kalu back as well. Parkey and Tye Smith released.
  7. Incorrect. Tannehill clearly had the first down which likely ends the game. Vrabel lost this game. Clear first down.
  8. Put our Medicare LB 1 on 1 with a RB. Ughhhhh
  9. 🙄.....Smith blatantly whiffed on the block. Not on Tannehill
  10. Just comical that we are joking like Denver is a team we should beat because they have 1 win. We have 2 and are a dumpster fire.
  11. Oh the pockets collapsing. Let's step up right into that!