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  1. Yeah your right. Players are up and resigning from NFL teams frequently this time of the year. 🙄 Of course who would forget the all important "-" between the "re" and "sign" on this forum of Rhodes Scholars.
  2. Sorry I confused you with my horrific grammatical mistake.
  3. Watching the LA Houston game. Familiar names in Tre McBride and Sebastian Tretola playing. Honestly surprised more names i dont know.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful responses 🤣. Guess its fanatics and nfl shop.
  5. Looking for the best and cost effective site to purchase titans apparel. Curious if any of your sum bitches have any hidden gems out there. Sorry to waste a thread on this but I'm in dire need of some new gear. Thanks in advance.
  6. 😂 went right over my head. Third shift for ya.
  7. I think hes living up to his contract for the most part. Obviously would love Ed Reed type play but it's not like hes flopped once he got paid. We have seen guys time and time again flop and play like shit after a big payday. I dont think Byard has done that in the least.
  8. Guess Johnson wont be happy until Byard has the captain patch on his chest, leads the league in INT, PBU, tackles, is voted all pro, pro bowl and wins DPOY. Until then hes overpaid, not a leader, and soft.
  9. So he leads the league in INT over the last couple years and is 7 out of 64 in PBUs. Hes far above average hence why this organization signed him to a long term deal. He has room for improvement as does every single player on the roster. And now hes not being a leader enough for you? What is this even based on? Or is this more baseless claims. This fanbase is literally hilarious some times. People clamor when our players and teams dont get any national attention. Then Byard makes the top 100 player list and gets recognized as he signs a long term deal. What does our fanbase do? We complain that he is overpaid and isnt enough of a leader.
  10. Thank you for pointing out hes 7 out of 64 safeties as if that proves your point? You guys are delusional.

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