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  1. We're not getting a quality LT in FA, that's gonna happen through the draft. WR quality is available in FA and beyond the first round
  2. Fixing the OL makes every one better. A QB with time allows routes to develop and increases the chances for defensive mistakes. A efficient passing game opens up the run game. MHJ does not affect the oline or QB play to the same degree
  3. If they were that high on Levis they would of took him at 11. At 33 it was a gamble, looks to be a good one so far. Either they think Maye or Williams are generational Mahomes types or you build around Levis.. you can make an argue for both scenarios. Levis could also crap the bed down the stretch but at the moment I think he's shown the tools to be the guy.
  4. Of course it's their fault that Dillard made Vita Vea look like prime Kearse coming off the edge for his sack
  5. the situational play calling is just bad. On 3rd and long and we're in 4 down territory and they call 3 15+ yard routes instead of trying to make the 4th more manageable. There's just a sense of defeat at every level of the team
  6. Understood but it's a shit sandwich either way. The OL issues will ruin any potential we have with Levis if they aren't fixed. I think there was a lot there for him if he had that half a second more or didn't have a free rusher in his face every other play
  7. The problem is Cleveland is 10x the team Tampa is
  8. Was at the game today.. Radunz did not look like he played well. Especially watching Wirfs on the other side, it was a stone wall over there.
  9. I almost think it's a good thing. Pushing the ball deep is Levis bread and butter. I love that they're letting him be aggressive I just hope they are using every opportunity they can for coaching on being smarter in those situations.. I know everyone points fingers at Vrables decision making lately but with Levis start you gotta think London and the rest of the crew is doing a good job.
  10. I don't know what happened with second half adjustments but Levis was on pace for 300 yards at the half.
  11. our team maybe had 3-4 pressure and Highsmith probably doubled that alone
  12. Surround Levis with all the talent you can. Hope he continues on his trajectory and then worry about the defense. if all plays out right we have 10-15 years to figure out the D lol
  13. Was just about to post this. Definately a lot of good stuff going on that is overshadowed by the LT disaster.
  14. Levis definitely didn't look like a gunslinger yesterday he protected the ball way too well. I think his "quick draw" motion is what people are seeing that they are trying to label. Definitely looks like it's high noon when he passes. Then you have him with that quick pump fake like he's cocking a shotgun.
  15. People mention his cockiness but that did not show up yesterday. He didn't force much if anything at all and showed several times the smarts to instantly recognize a broken play and make the best of the situation without much risk.
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