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  1. No way we hold up against that pass rush either. We have the nod, or atleast a push, at QB but I think they have way more speed in Sanders, Samuels and Kittle and their Defense is multiples better than ours.
  2. With a WR like Browns emergence most likely dictating coverages and our heavy use of PA is this really a big need? WR 1-3 seems solid. Is speed a better quality than just good route running and separation?
  3. Good quarterback that benefitted from an amazing defense and a lucky catch. Not a hall of famer but his name and beating Brady gets him in
  4. I see the 49ers as a much better version of the Titans. We hung with KC, I believe SF has the ability to dominate them in the game.
  5. unless you want to watch crap football for possibly the next decade plus, you pay the man. do we need to go through another VY/Locker/Mariota cycle? Drafting a QB is always a gamble, Id say much more so than expecting RT to maintain his level of play. Those players your hoping to sign later are useless without a legit QB to lead your team
  6. Is it realistic to expect a QB to find the perfect option on every play? Seems like Tanny has more than most.
  7. Not what I want, but yes, there is too much risk with this deal.
  8. Yah the key was getting up fast and them abandoning the run. But still an impressive performance by Jackson .. but he is a much worse passer than I thought
  9. It’s crazy to think he was trending the totally opposite direction before Eddie set him straight
  10. I beleive everything JROB has done has been great. Of course not every player is going to pan out or be a home run. But hes made good decisions. The only thing dragging us down atm is our QB situation. I believe we cant judge him until we draft a QB. First round picks are gambles. I would like to know the percentage of them that actually play meaningful snaps beyond their rookie contracts. Of course the players picked havent all been homeruns but their type of players he is picking is what you want.
  11. Simple, with such a dominant run game the passing game is going to obviously improve. I believe Henry is the catalyst to all of it, that kinda effort is contagious.
  12. The positive is that this seems like the guy they wanted. So just have to trust the plan, which is to probably provide a vet presence for the young guys.
  13. He’s definitely running with more decisiveness and authority. Anyone saying it’s the same runner is wrong. There are runs along the sidelines he used to just jog out of bounds I saw him turn a couple back infield today for more yac.
  14. So much talent but give Reid credit. He also made Alex Smith play well above his ceiling.
  15. Jackson has the worst throwing mechanics ive ever seen

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