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  1. Simple, with such a dominant run game the passing game is going to obviously improve. I believe Henry is the catalyst to all of it, that kinda effort is contagious.
  2. The positive is that this seems like the guy they wanted. So just have to trust the plan, which is to probably provide a vet presence for the young guys.
  3. He’s definitely running with more decisiveness and authority. Anyone saying it’s the same runner is wrong. There are runs along the sidelines he used to just jog out of bounds I saw him turn a couple back infield today for more yac.
  4. So much talent but give Reid credit. He also made Alex Smith play well above his ceiling.
  5. Jackson has the worst throwing mechanics ive ever seen
  6. Evans, Brown and even Finch. ILBs looking like a real strength going forward for once in a long time. Woodyard solid as usual too.
  7. Impressive in its own right.
  8. He was in alot later in the game. But seems to be half-assing his pass rush. He'd get a good push or good depth and then just kinda play contain
  9. I didnt like it at first, but this comment makes it too hilarious
  10. More lucky than brilliant. I doubt they took wait til the second round if they thought Boldin was gonna be what he was. And this was also the year they had two 1sts and took another WR before Boldin.
  11. I think he’s proved his ceiling is in the elite area. As mentioned we’ve all seen the flashes and the toughness like the game in Indy where he played on one leg. We’ve seen the pin point accuracy and the humbleness to admit flaws in his mechanics and work on correcting them. We know the lighting quick release and above average football IQ. And after all this will most likely be in the best position to succeed than in any of his previous years. I think all that is stopping him from staying there is his health issues and consistency. I don’t think this year we can say he has a lack of talent around him, defensively, offensively or coaching staff wise.
  12. I think this would be great, I believe Mariota's PA ability has been very overlooked, the fakes not just because of his speed.
  13. Watching this he seems a lot slower top-end than I remembered. If CJ had a daylight in front of him no one was catching and he routinely made players look horrible taking tackle angles. I see alot of people catching Barry from behind here. It seems that he has no wind up going from 0-100. Once he started moving forward he was full speed in one step.
  14. Seems like he would need to find a niche on ST to stick.
  15. I think he thought it was Arnold, and hten saw the H and was like wtf.. Harnold isnt a name...
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