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  1. Yeah your right. Players are up and resigning from NFL teams frequently this time of the year. 🙄 Of course who would forget the all important "-" between the "re" and "sign" on this forum of Rhodes Scholars.
  2. Sorry I confused you with my horrific grammatical mistake.
  3. Watching the LA Houston game. Familiar names in Tre McBride and Sebastian Tretola playing. Honestly surprised more names i dont know.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful responses 🤣. Guess its fanatics and nfl shop.
  5. Looking for the best and cost effective site to purchase titans apparel. Curious if any of your sum bitches have any hidden gems out there. Sorry to waste a thread on this but I'm in dire need of some new gear. Thanks in advance.
  6. 😂 went right over my head. Third shift for ya.
  7. I think hes living up to his contract for the most part. Obviously would love Ed Reed type play but it's not like hes flopped once he got paid. We have seen guys time and time again flop and play like shit after a big payday. I dont think Byard has done that in the least.
  8. Guess Johnson wont be happy until Byard has the captain patch on his chest, leads the league in INT, PBU, tackles, is voted all pro, pro bowl and wins DPOY. Until then hes overpaid, not a leader, and soft.
  9. So he leads the league in INT over the last couple years and is 7 out of 64 in PBUs. Hes far above average hence why this organization signed him to a long term deal. He has room for improvement as does every single player on the roster. And now hes not being a leader enough for you? What is this even based on? Or is this more baseless claims. This fanbase is literally hilarious some times. People clamor when our players and teams dont get any national attention. Then Byard makes the top 100 player list and gets recognized as he signs a long term deal. What does our fanbase do? We complain that he is overpaid and isnt enough of a leader.
  10. Thank you for pointing out hes 7 out of 64 safeties as if that proves your point? You guys are delusional.
  11. Your right, he is 7 out of 64. So that's top INT numbers and 7 out of 64 safeties in pass break ups. Not saying Byard is all time great or even the best safety in the league but hes definitely not the biggest issue with this team and there are many other glaring issues to discuss other than this. You brought up the excuse that he was top in INT numbers due to not being around the ball for pass break ups. Being 7 our of 64 safeties, the results show you are wrong. Next argument please.
  12. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/player-stat/defense-pass-defenses Seems to be plenty of players behind Byard on this list. Nice try though. Insert foot in mouth.
  13. Literally just did as a I quoted Joel. But again, good point.
  14. Great points your making yet again? Your the one that clamored for us to release him after backtracking and admitting you were wrong. Then again you have no reasonable response to the points in making and your only rebuttal is, "relax" "cry baby". I'll wait for you to whine about Byard next month and yet again you will have no legitimate stats or arguments to back your claim. Time to drink your milk and go to bed. Your mommy will be in soon to tuck you in.
  15. I guess no other DB in the NFL ever plays in garbage time or on 4th down? Wonder why they dont have the INT numbers that Byard does?
  16. I recall myself and others forcing your foot in your mouth on this topic before. It went something like you calling for him to he cut because he was dog shit and ended with you stating you were wrong. Yet here we go again. If your biggest concern with this team is Byard you are truly delusional. If you made arguments about overpaid players directed at the likes of Adam Humphries, Malcolm Butler, or Lewis most would agree with you. Instead your obsessed with the "softness" of the man with more INTs in the last couple of years than 99% of the league. Of course your defense to this is "luck" and playing bad QBs. Just miraculously being at the right place at the right time. Shocking at hundreds of other DBs play in this league against the same shit QBs and dont put up the INT numbers as Byard. Just stop. Your making yourself look like an idiot.
  17. Doogie


    I bet they sign a FA and let them compete with Joseph for the job. Dont know what we have in Joseph really. He nailed all his PAT. Only had one damn FG
  18. I agree but every year we say this is the big offseason. Last year it was a big offseason to see if we could add pieces around Mariota. He knocked last offseason out of the park when you think about it . Tannehill was the best trade any team made this year. Saffold came in and anchored the left side contributing to Henry's huge year. Hump didnt live up but still contributed. Wake added plenty of pressure before suffering injuries down the stretch. Then the draft. Mother of god. Simmons is going to be a stud after a great rookie season. Need I mention AJ Brown. Nate Davis played well for a 3rd round pick. Jrob made 2018 offseason his bitch. I trust him going into this one. Let's hope his draft luck continues.
  19. All gonna come down to the $$$. I cant see anyone except MM like others stated not wishing to return. Playoff team with a good locker room. Doubt Logan takes a pay cut to stay here. One can hope though.

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