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  1. There just something about a giant running back punishing tacklers that gives me football watching mojo (football wood, er footwood, er naw thats a Rex Ryan thing, I think). Love seeing big plays in any phase, but seeing Henry make his cut and pop helmets back upon contact, and then line up again to repeat at 5+ yard chunks. Like watching a boxer work the body and enervate an opponent. Maybe I actually do like Fisherball... sigh. Franchise QB PTSD is killer...
  2. I'll add: Craft Brewed, Flying Saucer, Yazoo taproom, Tailgate taproom (Like the west Nashville location better than Music Row), Jack Brown's, ML Rose, Brother's Burgers, and Smokin Thighs. Many other taprooms, too. Avoid all downtown joints, but if BJ McNaughtie is at Deja Vu, make sure to take your old lady for a special treat. #thatsmyhappymeal
  3. Furst yoo git da kourturbah, din yoo git da cohsh, din yoo git dah chumpship! I thought it was Patricia practicing in the snow? Hey-oh!
  4. T'aint wrong! No-talent ass crowns are a dime-a-dozen. Lets make time to give the FOs undercarriage a little "how's your father" before we decide theyre ready for an award show fruit basket.
  5. stats

    Ravens Week

    Will be at the game with the wifey -- behind the Ravens bench -- yelling confusing insults and generally losing my voice/sobriety. Ravens may kindly eat a back of dicks and lose the Meathead Superbowl.
  6. I'm always reminded of this video when I watch Henry struggle. The slalom-type "test" just seems so awkward for him....
  7. Note: thread title was changed, so this joke no longer applies. I will leave my shame for all to behold.
  8. Thanks for snagging the vids, NN. Like that he has some vision and tends cut and push. Good zone runner? Looks like might need to bulk up though — hard to believe, but Sankey has about 20 lbs. on this guy. And ODB (aka Travis Henry) had about 40 lbs. PS player, but with a year of NFL conditioning/coaching, seems promising.
  9. I'm hearing that players will also be issued swords with their respective numbers on the hilt. And by swords, I mean big, green penis. Too soon?
  10. You're in or you're out -- really seems like we're all rushing to write our thoughts in the snow. I think it's best to just hold it in until we can unzip the pants of judgement. First, we'll have a steady stream of puff pieces from the org showering the hire with praise -- he's the golden boy! Hey, his defenses at Baltimore seemed to induce sacks, letting edge defenders really hang a line on inexperienced QBs. When it comes to defensive strategies, I am an-admitted neophyte -- completely incontinent -- but l say let's go with the flow.
  11. Wright's pretty animated, pregame. Chatting it up with Mariota.
  12. Watching warmups and Jax/Indy on big screen.
  13. The fact that the coaches are letting Mariota call plays at the line is encouraging (for all parties) -- when he starts to understand the looks/heuristics in real time, this is where I get excited about the future. But I also have the feeling we'll be frustrated sometimes while watching his progress (unnecessary timeouts, late snap & miscommunication of assignments). Honestly, I think this is why DGB was shipped off and Hunter was cut. It's hard enough to have a young QB make decisions during pre-snap calls, if his receivers are flaky or lazy on their breaks/assignments or can't grip the playbook. Could be that it hurts Mariota's ability to develop the heuristics and throw with anticipation. Also, when MM can look off safeties better, I think we'll see more successful shots down the field. I still have battered fan syndrome, but a few more gritty wins and I can go from this: to:
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