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  1. Are we sure they're not just hiking to a jugs machine in Chicago? A mannequin? We've had our fair share of grass-is-greener schtick on this board, but if this take is truly what the Bears fanbase is on about, I can't even begin to imagine the oncoming cognitive dissonance, should MM land in Chi.
  2. There's been all this media chatter about how Vrabel is involved in every part of the team -- showing his face at all the meetings (e.g. position groups, etc.) and being hands on with practice, etc. We bring in a young, presumably talented OC (Lafleur), and he certainly doesn't wow us fans. We see Mariota as a limitation (which he is/was), because he's the common factor (and LaFleur seems to be a much better playcaller at GB, albeit with Rodgers). I'm beginning to believe what was spun as a positive (touching all aspects of team) is actually symptomatic micro-management. A guy like Pees is respected enough (and has nothing to prove), but guys like Smith and LaFleur are going to be under the thumb of Vrabel on game day. Vrabel coaches like the defense is the centerpiece and the offense is an afterthought - that the game is ready to won, once we have more points than the opponent and all we need to do is avoid mistakes. He manages risk (and micro-manages the game) until he sees a way to deliver a knock-out punch (even if it's high risk) and this makes sense to him, because this is how he sees the offense winning games. Not by executing a good strategy, but by letting the defense keep the game close, and looking for a moment to catch the opposition off guard near the end of the game. I just don't think he gets modern offensive football, IMHO.
  3. Vrabel is influencing the offensive playcalling. He's clearly trying to leverage the part of the game he understands more, the defense. I don;t think he understands, beyond typical football platitudes (protect the ball, wear down the defense, etc) how modern offenses succeed (identifying and attacking opponent's weaknesses is more important that protecting your own weakness, in the long run), and is trying to mitigate his lack of understanding by treating the symptoms obvious at a given time during the game: - defense on field too much, need to run the ball to eat up time - opposing offense making mistakes, we need to take fewer chances to increase likelihood of winning - we have the lead, we only need to play good defense to win the game etc.
  4. Video of PK and LR leaving the studio:
  5. Good take -- it's a zero sum game. We're so close to being playoff contender -- can't keep throwing draft picks at the same issue and neglect other areas. If Conklin came back worse than average (for RT), I think Robinson would move on, but I still think we need to invest in interior linemen (DT and OG/C), another TE, and (gasp) a QB in the early rounds.
  6. Teams have analysts/scouts watch the film -- they know his limitations. Maybe if Chip Kelly was still coaching in the NFL, but I just don't see how a team thinks there would be a bidding war for Mariota's services if he's released. The teams that would trade for him would be the teams that would look to the draft for a QB -- trading away (even a later) pick could affect their ability to navigate up and/or down the draft board. I think he could sign as a backup (after the season), with the potential to start (a la Tannehill), but trading for a backup would be a desperation move (hmm...), IMHO.
  7. Love the physicality. Needs to play a little smarter, but clearly can be a bad matchup for most DBs. PI was because he followed through on the contact -- if he throws a punch instead of throwing db aside, it's legal, IMHO. Excited by the attitude, though.
  8. Yeah, no doubt. His situation is an outlier in just about every respect (HOF coach, HOF QB, massage-parlor-frequenting owner, etc.).
  9. I would be interested in an analysis of this, looking back 10 years or so. I wonder if the rule changes have had a marked effect on coaching tenures based on defensive versus offensive background (controlling for bad front office/rebuilding). Probably more complicated picture, but I wonder if you’re on to something...
  10. Santos is 50/50 at 50+ yard kicks and had missed three field goals in the game. Even if Santos hadn't shown he'd lost his nerve (and the score was the same), it was arguably a poor decision. I would argue that a punt would have been smarter, given the field could have been flipped. Should have gone for it....
  11. I agree with you on Conklin -- he's a RT. The calls for Kelly at RT seem to be based on the perception that Conklin has underperformed since he returned from his injury. However, I wonder if (in addition to getting over the mental aspect of the injury), his performance is more a reflection of the instability of the RG position than a regression in performance (as the whole Kelly-to-RT argument seems to allude).
  12. If the RG position wasn’t such a liability (thus far this season), I wonder if anyone would even suggest moving Conklin.
  13. The couple plays I noticed with Davis, he appeared to be quick off the snap and had good initial leverage - got his hands up quickly on the defender and got decent push. Could really be an asset to the interior run game.