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  1. What a game by Fitz Magic...a 43 to 17 drubbing of the 49ers...wtf...
  2. From reports...Dak suffered a serious ankle injury...
  3. I completely agree especially when you consider their current WR situation & how pathetic the Titan's D has looked so far...
  4. I hate to say it but, if the Titans D doesn't play much better than it has up to this point...the Bills will likely "smack" them as well...
  5. Even though he has underperformed...can you imagine how bad the Titans D would be if they hadn't signed Clowney. I mean...even though it's early yet...it's quite possible that Beasley's former level of play may never arrive...
  6. Especially with Pittsburgh coming to town...
  7. You do realize that their next game is against Pittsburgh right?
  8. Sadly...if was known from the previous time he played for this team...
  9. Not certain this should make anyone feel easier about the matchup tomorrow lol...
  10. Not be be dismissive but, with his age & price tag (along with the emergence of Simmons) I think JRob was right in moving Casey. As, I would assume, he was, possibly, let go with the signing of JD in mind, which, took longer to happen then JRob thought initially. Also, not crazy about their draft either but, whereas, I questioned the value of Wilson at 1...the value of Fulton & even Jackson (where he got them) helped to temper my feelings overall...
  11. As others have said previously...it's strictly perception v. reality. As, despite, the incredible run the Titans had last season...many in the media still assert the Titans are a fluke team. Which will fall away, in time, with their progressed level of play on the field...

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