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  1. I realize that but why not hope for the best...
  2. Let's just hope his appeal on August 22nd goes well...
  3. Well then Nostrodamus...you better get out ahead of the rest & call for Vrabel's head now. Cuz God knows...no one here is tired of your endless "I told you so" ego driven narratives lol...
  4. Since the team is poised to "win now" I think it's likely that (if he proves to be a capable back-up) the Titans will re-sign Tannehill & (because of his experience as a starter) could have interest in Brissett...
  5. A little off-topic as this doesn't pertain to how they "practice" but rather provides some perspective on their careers up to this point...Winston & Mariota versus Wentz & others... In other words: while we think we know a lot about Mariota and Winston — two quarterbacks who admittedly seemed to have plateaued more than grown — it’s worth remembering that most quarterbacks are not finished products by the time they are 25 years old. Winston has spent his entire NFL career under Dirk Koetter, which may not be a good thing: we should find out more this year with him and Bruce Arians. For Mariota, as he enters his 5th NFL season in 2019, he will have his 5th new offensive playcaller, and that sort of inconsistency can stunt a young quarterback’s growth. For both quarterbacks, 2019 will be a huge year, but studies like this help remind me of how young these two are. By way of comparison, Aaron Rodgers (who is 10 years older than both) had won 6 games in the NFL when he was the age that Mariota and Winston are now. https://www.footballperspective.com/comparing-jameis-winston-and-carson-wentz-by-age/
  6. Turron recently reported that Smith is an intense & detailed coach who has gotten on players for running proper routes & other fundamentals. So, given his approach plus his "flexible" mind-set...I think he will be everything we, as fans, expected from LaFleur and a whole lot more...
  7. Yeah, because it isn't ironic at all for you to be calling out others for this lol. Which is not to discount the many great (and correct) comments you've made nor those that you've made that have been less so...
  8. Um...just providing some of the information from the link...so...anyway...thanks for your concern...?
  9. https://www.idpguys.org/khalil-hodge-a-well-polished-linebacker-in-the-2019-nfl-draft/ NFL comparison Roquan Smith. If that does not get you excited then I do not know what will. Both come in at 6’1” 235 lbs and have a very similar tape. Collegiate stats that tell the story 2018: Tied for fifth most total tackles in FBS (143), second in the MAC 2017: Second most total tackles in FBS (153), first in the MAC 2016: 13th most total tackles in FBS (123), second in the MAC
  10. I hate to wonder if, maybe, the Colts do?
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