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  1. Especially with Kerry Coombs's kid (Brayden) available who coached the Lions to #4 in special teams this past season...
  2. Even though I think the job may well go to Downing...one has to wonder if their increased success this season might give Vrabes pause regarding his past "advancement through the ranks" mentality. As...as appealing as the continuing notoriety may be...his want to build upon this season may well compel him to go with someone like Tim Kelly. Whose experience, considerable accomplishments (especially within the division) & his knowledge/history in working working with him (like Midget) may make him too attractive of an option (assuming he doesn't become the Texans HC) to pass up./ignore.
  3. At this point Orchard is nothing more than a journeyman whose best days, seemingly, are behind him. It's kinda crazy how guys like him are constantly "recycled" yet those like Perry & this kid who play & show promise in the league are rarely heard about/from again. But, maybe they/their agents simply aren't doing enough to sell/promote themselves in the league who knows... https://www.palmbeachpost.com/2016/12/08/how-miami-dolphins-lb-mike-hull-rolls-sell-out-on-every-play/
  4. Ah...the lure of ex-Patriot players...will it ever end? Cordy Glenn or Justin Britt would have been better signings...
  5. I think Justin Britt might be worth taking a look at. As he has experience at center, right tackle (& played left tackle for 3 years in college) & has spent time at left guard too. He was a salary cap cut by Seattle earlier this year... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/source-seattle-seahawks-release-starting-center-justin-britt/ar-BB13eN0w
  6. I think Tony Jefferson would be a great pick-up/add to the team. As he has similar measurables to Jayon & made an impact (albeit as a safety, with both the Cardinals & Ravens until getting injured in Week 5 of last year) So, titanskick....after my endorsement of your suggestion of FA Desmond King a few weeks back (who the Titans did sign), let's see if lighting strikes twice huh lol...
  7. The way he played...he will be going back to his job as a package deliverer very soon!
  8. Always has & sadly...always will. Like Beasley & Joseph...it just puzzles me what the Titans see in some of these players & how it factors into their decision to sign them.
  9. LOL at some of you. As trading for King was mentioned as a viable/valuable option in a thread last week...
  10. Simmons was Casey's replacement other than that...I agree
  11. From his wiki... Desmond King II (born December 14, 1994) is an American football cornerback for the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). He earned All-Pro honors in 2018 as both a defensive back and a punt returner. He previously played college football for the Iowa Hawkeyes.
  12. Given his age & talent...trading for Desmond King (as proposed by titanskick above) would be the smartest/likely the cheapest option...
  13. This was/is the photo of the kick I was alluding to that was posted yesterday by Makaveli...
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