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  1. Corey Levin was waived likely due to either Jones or Davis coming off of Covid list... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/tennessee-titans-waive-offensive-lineman-corey-levin/ar-AAO9VAZ
  2. Wow man...you must be fun at parties lol. So, yes...he knows where the Bills facilities are OK? Sheesh!
  3. He is on their practice squad... https://www.buffalobills.com/team/players-roster/
  4. Easy now...easy...Jamil Douglas now plays for the Bills & can no longer hurt you...
  5. Jeff Darlington @JeffDarlington 3h I’m told Dolphins coach Brian Flores just addressed his team regarding recent reports tying Miami to a possible trade for Deshaun Watson. Sources say he told players and staff that Tua Tagovailoa is “our quarterback” in a brief but poignant endorsement of the QB. (quick thread) 113 998 2.6K
  6. I would guess the Colts given Ehlinger's injury & Wentz's history of them (assuming he clears all of the Covid protocols first).
  7. But, given Hill's recent designation....doesn't their placement on IR mean that they are, also, lost for the season?
  8. I wouldn't say that either. Especially if they sign him to their PS which means they still value him but realize that he needs work.
  9. You are correct as is the case with Hill who the Titans just placed on IR...
  10. As funny as this is...this idea IMO might have some merit. As, if they decide not to keep Kinsey...his production in the preseason might well yield a vet TE which I still see as a need. Which may well be a long-shot but, hopefully, Jrob is working the phones & selling as high as he can to those WR needy teams who are/can be sold on his potential.
  11. Given his level of play during the preseason...I would be surprised if Kinsey made it to the PS...
  12. Just my opinion but I don't think that there is anyway that Batson does not make this team. As, I think Vrabel values his intensity/level of play on the field & given how well he has performed over the 3 preseason games, I don't see that changing.
  13. Here is an article I found from July regarding kickers that might be targeted after roster cuts. Seemingly, the Titan's will have some options, especially, IMO, given the kicking situation in Jacksonville among some others. https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/07/23/kickers-ny-jets-target-roster-cuts/
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