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  1. No...because he's had one more OC in his career than MM has or is likely to (unless the Titans don't keep him or Smith sucks & is fired or is hired away). Which, does mean he has had worst "luck" in that aspect, but, at the same time, proves multiple OC's are not the death knell that some here claim it will/to be.
  2. Yes...I'm aware of the comparison but...just saying, that Smith has had even worse luck...
  3. Uh...didn't Alex Smith have like 6 OC's in his first 7 years?
  4. Nice to see that the article gives props to the B.J. Jarnagin who first suggested he would be a good candidate. As, hopefully, it will stop PK from trying to take credit for it...lol!
  5. Yeah...good call, but, sadly, it makes just too much sense...
  6. Which only proves that there is a touch of "BS" to every PK report...lol
  7. It is weird! I mean...why not announce/promote him earlier (if it was what they had planned all along) so that they could have spoken to Wade Harman (as Oldshool suggested before he was hired by Denver) about taking over?
  8. Lombardi was a former (but not flashy) OC in Detroit for 2 years...
  9. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25805106/multiple-teams-interested-former-kansas-city-chiefs-rb-kareem-hunt
  10. I actually think that it might be Kromer from the Rams or Kafka from the Chiefs.
  11. Sadly for fans, given the Titan's secrecy regarding this hire...all we have are these "less than ideal" sources...
  12. I mean...do any of us even know for certain if the interviewing/hiring process has even, seriously, begun just yet? As, I too am somewhat leary of his declarations regarding those the Titans might/might not be considering given that he has provided no/little substantiation for his claims. Other than the continuity for Mariota that JRob mentioned as important.
  13. The article does say that reports are conflicting...
  14. The article below reports that the Titans did reach out to Helfrich but he declined the offer to be interviewed... http://sportsmockery.com/2019/01/mark-helfrich-quietly-declined-job-opportunity-to-stay-in-chicago/
  15. Likely the premise/reason why he was interviewed &, perhaps, got the gig...
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